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  1. I absolutely love tube amps and have built a couple myself. Nothing better then just sitting down with just your guitar and amp and enjoying great simple tone. i have discovered some great pedal makers that have really moved me away from the desire to buy or build more amps. I am getting very close tones to some Marshall amps I have always wanted. company is Lawrence Petross Design if anyone wants to check them out. as much as I love the purity of amp and pedal I bought a Helix last year and it’s really killer. There is something to be said to really get any tone and any pedal combo you want in one unit. guitar has come a long way from my horrid Harmony les Paul! I’m loving all the new cool options we have
  2. Man that guitar is freakin awesome! That Carr amp looks very cool, those sound really great but the costs are high. what a great gift to your son. That Austin area is such a great part of the country for live music
  3. Prices at Dave’s are really great. This sure is so bad for those of us with low self control. I clicked on the link earlier today and it was available. So glad it sold as I was thinking of wow I could find money
  4. I can’t post a pick due to size limits
  5. Hello fellow Hamer lovers just got accepted into the forum and have been a very long lurker. I bought my Hamer, a 2001 Studio Custom back in 2003 used off of eBay. I had finally purchased my dream guitar back in the early 2000’s. It was a 90 Les Paul standard that I was so excited to own as I dreamed about through my high school years of the early 80s. Wow, I truly grew to hate the les Paul. It just never stayed in tune and the intonation was spotty and don’t get me started on construction. Long story short I sold it and searched for the replacement. I bought the Hamer for about 600 thinking it would be a great interim guitar. Good Wow. I fell in love with the tone and quality of the guitar. I live in New Hartford CT so it gives a little more attachment to the brand. Thanks for letting me join the group!
  6. Registered a while back but never got an approval email. I have a 01 studio custom that I love! Live in the 2nd home of Hamer New Hartford CT. Love reading this forum so want to be on the inside thanks
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