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  1. Yes case is included as well. I think it’s original but it does not have the Hamer logo. Also includes the term bar. I will add a pic later today
  2. This guitar is in pretty good shape but has certainly been played over the years. Pics are from prior owner but are good view of the guitar and a couple of dings. I just can’t bond with the Floyd so time to move this one along.
  3. Selling a Centaura I bought here on the boards. Have it posted up on reverb For 999 plus ship but will sell here for $850 shipped.
  4. I have one of these Kirn Tele’s with pretty much the exact specs. This is truly a great guitar and one of the best playing guitars I have. the neck is definitely chunky but not in a bad way. I don’t know what Ron does to these but this is the best playing neck I have ever had. Buyer will not be disappointed good luck in your sale
  5. I’m pretty excited about this set of pickups. You have to love being able to work on something totally different. The build is just starting so these won’t be installed for a few months but I know they will be epic. I’m only sad that my skills won’t do them justice...,
  6. 25.5 inch scale. I just bought one and it’s fantastic. That’s a good price if the condition is as good as the pictures show.
  7. I have been really lucky this last year to add some Hamers to my collection. I started out back in the early 2000’s with my #1 a Hamer Studio Custom. I paid around $600 on eBay to replace my dream guitar a les Paul that I sold for $1,200. The Hamer is just flat out a better guitar but being younger and I guess stupid at the time I never bought another one in back then. Raising kids and not having much money contributed to the lack of more Hamers but I also didn’t give them the proper respect way back then. This last 12 months being in a very lucky better financial position I
  8. I’m in for a set of Charlottes. I love these in my studio and have a future build in mind...
  9. Thanks. This is still my favorite guitar and it really has never left the house. Replaced the stock pickups with some from Mr Josh G. Last year. All I can say is wow. Guitar truly sings with the change.
  10. Sorry to hear it. Sending positive thoughts. Fight hard is all you can do. Keep the faith
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