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    (USA Hamers) 1 Standard, 1 Studio Sunburst, 1 Studio Custom, 1 FM Special Custom (pic), 1 Korina Vector, 1 25th Anniv,
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    Crate BV120 H Head & BV 4x12 Slant Cab
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    An occasional Slide or Capo. Does that count?

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    Bristol, CT
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    Hamer Guitars, Naked Women and the time to enjoy both!

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  1. Jerry L

    Jerry L

  2. Awesome! I actually enjoyed that.
  3. Ok! I'm sitting here with that Dog look. You know, head up, tilted to the side and the look on my face that say's " What the hell ????"
  4. My 1 Cent? If you can't play nice with the other kids, pack up your toys and go home. There's no need for any disrespect on this or any board. I enjoy the joking around and different topics that we discuss on this board. When the criticizing and insults start, it makes any and all of us who post here look bad. Don't think so? Look at the top of this page, The Hamer Fan Club! That's you and me! I have no problem with moderators pulling posts if they feel they're a personal attack on someone or things are becoming hostile. I realize this particular board is/was suppose to be for all other topics other than Hamer Guitar posts, but I feel we should still be civil and respectful of reach other. Ok? Now group hug!
  5. I got 2 of the Slammer Series Korean sunbursts. Very good guitar for the $$$.
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