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  1. Look at the size of those drumsticks!
  2. Okay, I'll have to give you guys the scatting thing, but five decades? They were done by the mid-nineties. A new tour announcement by VH carries no more relevance to a kid these days than one by John Kaye's Steppenwolf. I've got a 15yo girl. I expose her to a ton of music, and while she digs a lot more things than some of her friends, a LOT more is met with rank indifference.
  3. Van Halen hit 41 years ago. You think Diamond Dave in 1978 knew who made some of the biggest hits of 1937? Names such as: Teddy Wilson Shep Fields Hal Kemp Sammy Kaye Now, I wouldn't make that bet against Eddie, but Dave?
  4. The exception to this are most of the el84 amps. My Lonestar Special runs pretty hot, and the DC-3 goes through el84s like nobody’s business. Not sure about the 20/20 though.
  5. This happened once in my last cover band. The band leader brought dude up to play a couple and he wouldn’t leave. If you’ve never heard anyone blues solo 100% of the way though the B52’s Private Idaho, then you’re a luckier person than I.
  6. It as 30 bucks and a tiny bit of change. I was surprised it was that much, but It's been a while since I shipped anything. I'll have to get our PP address from the missus. Here's the tracking number:

    1. mudshark


      pp address:


      hope the speaker fills the bill for you.

      Ricky Storm

  7. All, Thanks for all the replies and PMs! My mutt of a 4x12 is going to bring the RAWK for sure!
  8. Man, that's a hella speaker, but I think I'm covered on speakers now. I wish I had a 1x12 to put that bad-boy in though!
  9. Looked on the side of the box and there it was: it's a Legend GB-128.


  10. I've got an Eminence speaker that I''ll never use that you can have for the price of shipping. I think it's a 65-watt speaker, but it's been so long ago that I don't remember. I bought it from Craig M. Roeder, but I don't remember his HFC handle. His phone number n the label is 215-453-2248. Sorry about the memory drain, but I'm 68 now so I guess it's okay to be a bit senile. Good luck getting back to playing again; its good for the soul.


  11. I kinda lost the desire to play this past year after dealing with my daughter's recovery from leukemia (she's doing great now, thanks!), but now I'm trying to see if there's any spark left to try and reignite. To that end, I've just bought an empty 4x12 to use with my Mk IV head that I've only put half-hearted effort into selling the past year. What the hell, right? I've got a couple of 8 ohm Rola G12-65s already, so I need two more 8ohm 12" Celestion-y speakers. I'm not a fan of V30-type speakers with Mark series amps, but any others are fair game. I don't guess they have to be Celestion-ish speakers since Mesa was known for mixing speaker types in their cabs, but the Rola 65's kill with this amp. Gonna pay by PayPal and I'll either add the 3% or do F&F. What ya got?
  12. Great looking Jazzmaster! My 62RI had a Mastery bridge, but I never had an issue with the stock tremolo other than the floppy arm.
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