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  1. You didn’t buy that ‘64 from a fella in Canada, by any chance? I had a ‘64 that I sold in a moment of weakness (and down market, unfortunately). One of the better playing guitars I’ve ever owned, with a P90 of the gods.
  2. What about the steel block? You ever tried it? I hate to mess with a good thing with the unknownium block, but I’ve thought about ordering one.
  3. My Mk IVa has pretty much gone unused since 2018. I know if I sell this one I’ll never have another one, but they’re going for stupid money these days. Same for my Ludwig drum set. Speaking of Mk IVs and Triaxis, one of the biggest amp mistakes I ever made was trading a Mk IV combo for a Triaxis and 50w tube power amp, then selling my two halfback 4x12s for two EVM-12L Thieles. It sounded nice and all, but meh.
  4. I’d be all over that if it was local. I keep looking at my 4x12 knowing I’m never going to be in a band again that’s just gotta have a 4x12.
  5. God timing on this thread. I just turned down the first chance to be in a band since 2018 last night. When my daughter got sick in 2018, I lost all motivation for being in a band and playing guitar. Poof, gone. Three plus years later, I’m feeling maybe I might want to start up, or be in another little punk band, when one of my friends asks if I’d like to play in their band. Awesome. Except now, due to psoriasis on my fingertips, especially my right thumb, it’s difficult to hold a pick correctly, and I can barely feel it so it slips out constantly. The longer I try to play, the worse it gets. And on top of that, while both of my ears lose high-end at 8k, my right ear now sounds like a broken speaker and has no low-end or high-end. Doubtful if I’ll ever play in another band again, but I’m seriously wondering if it’s time to sell the rest of my stuff.
  6. It as 30 bucks and a tiny bit of change. I was surprised it was that much, but It's been a while since I shipped anything. I'll have to get our PP address from the missus. Here's the tracking number:

    1. mudshark


      pp address:


      hope the speaker fills the bill for you.

      Ricky Storm

  7. Looked on the side of the box and there it was: it's a Legend GB-128.


  8. I've got an Eminence speaker that I''ll never use that you can have for the price of shipping. I think it's a 65-watt speaker, but it's been so long ago that I don't remember. I bought it from Craig M. Roeder, but I don't remember his HFC handle. His phone number n the label is 215-453-2248. Sorry about the memory drain, but I'm 68 now so I guess it's okay to be a bit senile. Good luck getting back to playing again; its good for the soul.


  9. Is it painted? I had one that looked just like it that I always thought was paint, but then seeing that one makes me think some came that way.
  10. I need a dual Humbucker pickguard for my Shell Pink Strat. Yep, that's just what that guitar needs.
  11. More pics of the Firebird. I'm all Fender. I could really use a Firebird with a Maestro.
  12. Ouch, not that bad when I had it. That's new. Fingers crossed.
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