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  1. If I could buy any amp to compliment my Mk IV it would be the RA. Brit flavor, but with the girth of the Electradyne, what’s not to like? I had hoped at one time that the Stiletto Deuce II could become my “Brit amp” but it was seriously lacking in the cahones department. Maybe if I had been in a two guitar band it would have made more sense. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’m in IT, but I’ve never had a problem figuring out the Mk IV and getting a good sound out of one. It’s my favorite of them all, including the Mk V. I love the clean tone of the V and the upgraded Ch2, but Ch3 ju
  2. I had a few questions with this SG, like, it's a 2018 which came with the small pickguard, but this one has the large. And it has a Maestro vibrola, which was stock on at least one 2018 SG and some dealer runs, but none of those are like mine. Taking the various plastic off when changing the strings today answered all those questions. It's a 2018, which did come with the smaller pickguard, that the PO added the tortoise shell batwing. I guess he wanted the look of the late-sixties SG when he added the Maestro vs the mid-sixties look with the smaller one. Too bad that involved drilling a
  3. That looks great! I missed the other thread, but I wish I had seen it before buying my last SG. I was just looking at my spraying material the other day when cleaning up in the basement.
  4. I haven't puled the pickguard yet, but the bridge pickup seems a little lower in output than what I remember a 498T being. They might be those newer SG '61 pickups. They both sound nice in any case. The neck is what Gibson calls the SG rounded profile that they put on all the large pickguard SGs these days. Its definitely fatter than the slim profile necks, but it's a tad smaller in depth than the one on my SG Classic, and even more so compared to the 2016 SG Std T I used to own, which was 1.06" at the 12th fret.
  5. ‘Preesh! I knew within 30 seconds of sitting down with it I’d be taking it home. This one has the same look as those ‘68-71 SG Stds without the 1 9/16” nut, which I detest. That sucks, too, because those SGs are one of the few vintage Gibsons I can actually afford and are fairly well-regarded, but that narrow nut is just a dealbreaker for me.
  6. Petsafe Yard Max https://store.petsafe.net/yardmax-fence-kit The included wire is too thin, but a trip to Lowe’s or Home Despot will take care of that. I ran 14g just over an acre and haven’t had any issues. The collars are tough, waterproof, rechargeable, and last for months. Correction ranges from just a beep to “WTF???” which is where I leave it. We have two hard-headed dogs, a beagle and a borzoi, and both respect the fence line enough that they can go weeks without their collars before they start getting curious and begin testing the edges of the yard.
  7. I’ve been on the lookout for a reasonably-priced “rock”guitar, and since I had the day off I thought I’d go visit one of my favorite haunts, Highland Music. Some okay guitars, but nothing really said “buy me” until I went back to the black SG on the top rack. Just seeing a black SG Std, I missed the coolest thing about it, the Maestro vibrola. All I really know is that it’s a 2018 with a Maestro, roller bridge, locking Grovers, and it plays and sounds fantastic. I’m not sure if it’s stock, or not, but I don’t care. It’s bad-ass and the price was right. I really dig the M
  8. I think this body, with the all-maple neck of the the sunburst one that have for sale, would be the stuff.
  9. Brooks! Living the dream everyday. Do miss playing music with my friends, which is a welcome change from the last couple of years. Hope everything is well with you and yours!
  10. Yep, and there are even compromises with the Mastery. Since adjustments are per three strings, you either like the height and intonation of the A and B strings once you’ve set everything else, or you don’t.
  11. Of all the guitars I’ve ever sold, I miss my ‘64 Junior the most. Sold it in a down market, too, because I needed a more versatile guitar for the new cover band. My Classic, though... I usually used either my Jazzmaster or Newport for shows. Comments afterwards were along the lines of “You guys were great and sounded fantastic.” The times I used the SG the comments became “You guys were great, sounded fantastic, and THAT guitar sounded REALLY good!” Too bad the bandleader preferred the other two.
  12. I’m that 2k market all day long. Plenty of fantastic SGs, sig/RI Fenders, and others in the sub-2k market. No reason a proper Hamer couldn’t be built for that. I got a WTB for a beater because that would be a cash purchase, but if I could put a new one for 0% on my Sweetwater card? In a heartbeat.
  13. I thought about it, and considering the only offer I've got was for one of two nineties Specials, one with humbuckers, maybe I should reconsider. Mucho love for the thought, but I do have a partsocaster and a SG Classic, either of which I could get a fat, nasty humbucker of some sort for. I was just thinking of some bad-ass back-in-the-day Hamers. I think most on this board are either like you and me and down to a couple, or collecting Shishkovs
  14. Sold my last Hamer a Newport in 2018 to buy a M3 when I had a family medical emergency and had to use that $ plus sell most of my other stuff. Anyway, things are starting to turnaround and I actually feel like playing the guitar these days vs the past two years. I think the next thing I want to do is another Teh Br00tAlz band and want a Hamer for it, but finances are still a bit in what could be best described as a rebuilding year. However, when I was talking with her recently about it, LockbodyWife uttered the words “Then why don’t you see if someone has one for sale?” Challenge ac
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