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  1. Yeah, everything about that guitar seemed good. Another guy walked in after me and went straight to that guitar, too. He asked how much it was and thought the owner said $795. He started heading for the counter and reaching for his wallet, no joke! I’d have a hard time paying that much for a Diablo. I guess I’m still stuck in the early 2000s where $1195 would get you a Cali Elite or Studio Custom.
  2. Wow! I just went through this thread, and what can one say that hasn’t already been said? You are truly a master of your craft! Man, I thought I was hot stuff a few years ago when I just refinished a ‘75 Strat! I’m in awe of your skills.
  3. No. There wasn’t anything wrong with it I could tell. I didn’t plug it in, but it didn’t look like a mistreated guitar.
  4. Stadium logo baby! I was visiting my favorite haunt today and saw the Diablo. It looks to be in pretty good condition. Highland Music, ask for Don - 205-254-3288
  5. Hmm, I’ve sure had a 36th Anniversary in my Strat for a long time if they didn’t work in the SG. Yeah, can’t go wrong for ninety bux. I’ll pm you. Been there, done that on the B&G pickups! I sold the ones below to Austin back in the day. You didn’t get those from him, by any chance? Thanks, I think I’m going to try JGale’s High-Order pickups. Those Gravelin’s shouldn’t last but a minute here if you put them up for sale.
  6. Thanks, but I’m really looking for something other than Gibson, although I wouldn’t kick a 500T out of bed.
  7. I haven’t heard much about those. Let me do some reading. 9.7k is right around where I was looking. Pickups have to be pretty dark to be dark in a SG.
  8. Thanks, but I’ve had the 498T in a couple of other SGs and they’re not for me.
  9. All, I’m looking for a covered bridge pickup for one of my SGs with a little more oomph than your standard PAF-type. It currently has the stock SG-61 pickups in it, and while the neck pickup ain’t that bad at all (really!), the bridge pickup leaves a lot to be desired. SGs are funny beasts, though, because pickups that are too hot ruin the vibe. No JBs. I can PayPal, or I’ve got some mics, 6v6 tubes, etc I could trade https://bham.craigslist.org/msg/d/graysville-misc-gear-mics-midi-tubes/7565440944.html Thanks!
  10. ‘Sup all? It’s been a while I was perusing Facebook Marketplace and saw a local ad for a PA-STK1 for $100 shipped. I tried to copy/paste the ad, but no luck. Search for “Seymour Duncan Blackouts” in marketplace. Dude is in Springville, AL.
  11. Is it painted? I had one that looked just like it that I always thought was paint, but then seeing that one makes me think some came that way.
  12. I need a dual Humbucker pickguard for my Shell Pink Strat. Yep, that's just what that guitar needs.
  13. More pics of the Firebird. I'm all Fender. I could really use a Firebird with a Maestro.
  14. Ouch, not that bad when I had it. That's new. Fingers crossed.
  15. There was chipped paint on the back of the headstock when I got it from Jay. I confirmed with him that it was missing when he shipped it.
  16. Almost word-for-word what happened to my Vector.
  17. Thanks mang! That means a lot coming form you! Anyhoo, after a few failures to get the next people on board to receive #5 and a small (read: major) emergency at work that kept me from being able to get it out the door last week, #5 is working its way to SC and Steve Hayne. As I told Gene more than once, I felt very lucky to be able be a part of this, had a great time playing it, but really regret not being able to meet any fellow HFC'ers face-to-face to hand it off. Such is life. I threw a small trinket in the case to document its time in Birmingham, and challenge everyone who gets it to add something from your town so Gene has a small reminder of all the great places #5 traveled.
  18. Aww, shucks. It wern't nuthin' I was hoping to get a decent take of our instrumental version of "White Wedding", but the recording I got was a clamfest and not to be posted. I'll try again at practice on Tuesday.
  19. So I'm first up. Let me just say how honored I am to be a part of this, and Gene (BTMN) is one cool individual for allowing us to share one unique man's vision of his guitar. I sold my last Hamer a couple of years ago to focus on a few core guitars, but strapping Wyldbil's Special on instantly brought back everything I love about Hamers - how effortless they play and a thick, but cutting tone. I had an '81 Special, but it was nowhere near the guitar in tone that this one is. You can hear it below. Unfortunately, we don't have a show until April 5th, but we started learning a song last week that fits in perfectly here, as it's a song by an early Hamer adopter, "Kid" by The Pretenders. It's just a quick one using my iPhone sitting on the mixer so you don't get to see the other half of the band, but you do get see whats important, and Wyldbil's guitar, too. Signal path is: guitar, Carbon Copy delay, '74 Fender Super Reverb. Of course, I flub the solo in front of all my Hamer brethren, but what can you do?
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