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    Eric Otten

    If there ever was someone you could count on to make you laugh! Memory Eternal!
  2. The '61RI you got from me? Taste, style, and setup vary, of course, but I thought that one was a pretty solid guitar. Still, it's a SG with a 60s slim taper neck. Not a lot of wood, or weight. What was your expectation with them? Was it like a first-time Studio owner expecting it to sound like a Les Paul, then finding out it didn't?
  3. Maybe it’s a north/south thing, because if the guys who cut down our’s had quoted $6500 I would have told them to GTFO. Up until the crane was lifting the trunk over the house, I enjoyed watching the guys work. They had a cable hooked to the trunk that led to the whisper chipper, so when they cut a branch it slid down directly into the chipper. So cool.
  4. $6500? Wow! We had a 100 year old oak that the PO of the house built the home's deck around that started dropping branches on the roof, so it had to go. The tree service had to rent a crane to lift the trunk over our house, and I think that was "only" $3000.
  5. Can't go wrong with Callaham for six screw trems. I'm on my second SuperVee, and I love everything about them except the feel. Maybe the steel block option will add that missing something.
  6. Add me, and I think AdmiralB maybe. I think he put in the Air Classics.
  7. I think those might be the Dimarzios I put in. If so, it’s a Breed bridge and... umm... What a great guitar!
  8. The gold top Newport I had with TV Jones was a bad-ass guitar, but truthfully, the 'trons were just a shade too "polite" for my tastes. So, as someone who's two favorite guitars are Strats and SGs with P90s, I was excited when the stars seemingly aligned and I was able to sell my Newport to buy an MIII. Then, my kid got sick and that money got spent. No regrets there, of course, but I sure regret missing out on that MIII because I doubt I'll be in the position to buy another one anytime soon.
  9. You know what they say, backdoor friends are the best
  10. I bought my first Hamer, a Cali Elite, from the store shown on the original receipt.
  11. This hasn't sold??? Do you want a EHX B3 pedal, by any chance? A Blue Bluebird condenser mic? Uhh.....
  12. High-end or not... I buy guitars to play them, and nothing is more frustrating than missing out on a sale, then years later see the purchaser selling it saying something like "Man, I bought this and never even played it."
  13. Same here. The only time my guitars ever see the inside of a case is if I'm taking them somewhere to play.
  14. Same error trying to edit post. Logged out and back in, no change.
  15. The mini is perfect for set-it-and-forget-it people like me. Use the TonePrint function to find a cool sound, more or less of it with the knob, and GO!
  16. Keeping my Mk IV and selling my LSS. Red tolex in excellent shape. I switched channels and solo boost with my G-System (which is absolutely seamless, BTW), so the footswitch has never even been stepped on. Always covered. NOS rectifier. I have the shipping box, but even though this Mesa won't break your back like so many others, this should probably be a meet-and-greet to buy. I'd drive halfway up to two hours from Birmingham, AL. Not looking for any trades, thanks. *edit to add pics. I’ll include that Rola G12-65, which KILLS in the LSS, if someone buys it before I take it out. Once it’s out, only the stock speaker is included.
  17. Thank guys! All the credit goes to her. There were some very scary times, especially early on, but, as we learned, the kids take control of their health, our job was support.She's done with chemo, in remission, and we just scheduled the removal of the line in her chest. Things are slowly returning what will be the new normal. You can just see her eyebrows growing back in that pic, and she has the slightest fuzz on her head now! It looks way darker than it was before. We'll see if it grows in differently. Her school can't wait to have her back, and she can't wait to go back (8th grade art kid going to the Alabama School of Fine Arts). We're just happy to have her home! After her first round and she learned she was old enough, she didn't want us spending every night with her in her room. I didn't call our house "our home" until she was back.
  18. Thanks! I had my hearing tested a few years ago and it wasn't bad at all. This time, not so much. And what's a for sale post without pics? The kid who was so strong and never knew anything other than... well... in her words "I was over it the first day when you guys said I was going to live. Why are you still upset?"
  19. Thanks. She's home now after five months in the hospital for chemo, and hopefully can restart school sometime in the next few weeks. I thought wanting to play music and record would probably return once things got back to "normal", but with my hearing getting worse, there's no point in recording.
  20. My old cover band used to cover “Green-Eyed Lady” and the B9 absolutely nailed it, and many other B3 Hammond tones, too. $140 shipped/pp conus. No power supply, but takes any ol’ 9v boss-type.
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