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  1. Yeah, everything about that guitar seemed good. Another guy walked in after me and went straight to that guitar, too. He asked how much it was and thought the owner said $795. He started heading for the counter and reaching for his wallet, no joke! 

    I’d have a hard time paying that much for a Diablo. I guess I’m still stuck in the early 2000s where $1195 would get you a Cali Elite or Studio Custom. 

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  2. 59 minutes ago, JGale said:

    Just the neck struck me as dark. I had them in a Godin LGX. Acoustic bridge, string-thru body, "Mr. Fundamental" guitar. A F-spaced Maximus in an Alder HSS is currently BFF with a set of Duncan A2s. Another good wind for around a C-note is B&G Pickups. I have a pair of his HB sized P-90s I'm looking for a guitar for.

    Hmm, I’ve sure had a 36th Anniversary in my Strat for a long time if they didn’t work in the SG. Yeah, can’t go wrong for ninety bux. I’ll pm you.

    Been there, done that on the B&G pickups! I sold the ones below to Austin back in the day. You didn’t get those from him, by any chance?



    43 minutes ago, lang said:

    I have a Gravelin Hot PAF set that I never used.  Zebra uncovered though.  

    Thanks, I think I’m going to try JGale’s High-Order pickups. Those Gravelin’s shouldn’t last but a minute here if you put them up for sale. 

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  3. All,

    I’m looking for a covered bridge pickup for one of my SGs with a little more oomph than your standard PAF-type. It currently has the stock SG-61 pickups in it, and while the neck pickup ain’t that bad at all (really!), the bridge pickup leaves a lot to be desired. SGs are funny beasts, though, because pickups that are too hot ruin the vibe. 

    No JBs. 

    I can PayPal, or I’ve got some mics, 6v6 tubes, etc I could trade https://bham.craigslist.org/msg/d/graysville-misc-gear-mics-midi-tubes/7565440944.html 




  4. I have that cabinet and the 2x12 version as well and never thought to paint the grill. It looks great. Thanks for the idea! I think I might do one of mine red.

    Is it painted? I had one that looked just like it that I always thought was paint, but then seeing that one makes me think some came that way.

  5. RUT ROHH!!! WBPS#5 might have suffered a slight injury. :huh::o

    Tomterrific and Veatch alerted me to some paint chipping at the back of the headstock and it might be a reinjury.

    Veatch can share the shot he sent me and more if he likes.

    There was chipped paint on the back of the headstock when I got it from Jay. I confirmed with him that it was missing when he shipped it.

  6. bob, nice job on the pretenders tune!

    Thanks mang! That means a lot coming form you!

    Anyhoo, after a few failures to get the next people on board to receive #5 and a small (read: major) emergency at work that kept me from being able to get it out the door last week, #5 is working its way to SC and Steve Hayne. As I told Gene more than once, I felt very lucky to be able be a part of this, had a great time playing it, but really regret not being able to meet any fellow HFC'ers face-to-face to hand it off. Such is life.

    I threw a small trinket in the case to document its time in Birmingham, and challenge everyone who gets it to add something from your town so Gene has a small reminder of all the great places #5 traveled.


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