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  1. The information on the SB-77 Reissue is in the book on page 156. Those are great guitars. Don’t see them come up for sale that often and when they do - grab it. Hamerica
  2. Hey Tommy P! , Don't believe so...I think the Blitz is a Butcher creation. He knows I'm a huge Cheap Trick fan so it was a natural acquisition. Butcher is selling some really great guitars both listed here. If your looking for something, you need to PM Butcher here on the board or call him.....DO NOT TEXT. Butcher is one of the good ones. And for those that don't know how Butcher got his name, he needs to post that story here. Salt of the earth that guy. Hamerica
  3. Welcome Boss Hogg, Man.....I think I have what you are referring to as Transparent Orange, which I thought was natural but I have seen some that are Naturals and they look almost wh but I hate to post this picture cuz Kiz is going to give me so much grief about the pickup arrangement in this shot. I do believe this was the way it came from the factory, I don't believe the pickups were ever changed..it must have been Pizza Day! ;^) Nice Special there! Hamerica
  4. Hey Foodermon, I thought about you and Cajun boy this weekend. It's been a while. Best wishes, Hamerica
  5. I'll keep this short. Butcher was thinking about attending the DIGF (see related thread) and since he was selling some guitars, I purchased one of Butchers that I thought might match an amp I have. Butcher decided to he was going to attend and brought said guitar, (Thank God, have you seen the prices to ship something now days?) I think its perfect! I wanted something that would work on "Gonna Raise Hell".....I think I found it. Hamerica
  6. History - A short primer of the Dallas Guitar Show For those whom are uninitiated, this guitar show is billed as the "oldest and the largest" guitar show in the world. The current show is nothing like the original - Wirz’s "Greater Southwest Guitar Show". It has morphed into a marketing, money making, and promotional event that P. T. Barnum would be proud of. Charlie Wirz of Dallas/ Charley's Guitar Shop has been credited by many as the man who started the establishment of the "vintage guitar" movement in North America. I believe the first one was held at the Sherat
  7. While I’m a fan of Living Colour I was not a fan boi per se. This 1993 album went back in rotation this past week. It is Deep, dark, pessimistic, and heavy. I still personally believe Living Colour is one of the greatest underrated bands ever. The lyrics, theme, and LC’s ability to move and blend genres is mind blowing. Vernon Reid has become more out spoken in the social political issues but then again maybe he always has been and I really wasn’t listening. Stain is worth a revisit in your rotation in 2021 if your in to the heavier side of Rock.
  8. The rumor is Joe Walsh's password is "I Like Big Tits". Who knew? Hamerica
  9. Hamerhead thanks for the reminder! Hamerica
  10. "The moral is don't put a lotta weight into what you read, especially on message boards and social media. Try everything to find what's best for you tonally, what's best for you life-span wise, and what's the best middle ground." - Jeff R. ^^^^^ "Church" - Skinny Pete
  11. Happy 77th Birthday to Dave Edmunds, one of the members of the Hamer High Performance Racing Team! Dave is a classic rocker and this little diddy is a classic! Enjoy! Rock on Dave! Hamerica https://duckduckgo.com/?t=ffnt&q=Dave+Edmunds+&iax=videos&ia=videos&iai=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DIPI8RHfL5UY
  12. Hey Tommy P! Not sure about must sees but here are the https://www.theguitarsanctuary.com/ https://www.austinvintageguitars.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Guitar-Resurrection-505567149460009/ For the unusual and sometimes unique finds, mostly abused equipment definitely not boutique and not what I would call a guitar store. https://www.facebook.com/Robot-Monster-Guitars-140657762711367/ Of course depending on when your arriving. - there is always the Dallas International Guitar Festival. https://www.guitarshow.com/ One thing to be mindful of, they might
  13. Hi Vector, Biz Prof is correct it is a Chap. Both are in the book, pages #91 and #108. Hamerica
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