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  1. Great job Ernie! Listening now...great job! I'm old school, put me down for a CD as well. I also recommend you send a CD to KNON 89.3 in Dallas/Fort Worth to DJ Greg Smith on his Radio Blues Review show. Congrats on the album drop. Hamerica
  2. @santellavision, thanks for the information and the link. I also found something for the wife for Christmas. Hamerica
  3. Damn, this one hurts. The last sole survivor of the Million Dollar Quartet. My father was a fan of Jerry Lee's on all fronts. He had records back when he was a rocker, reel to reel when he was all over the place and 8 tracks when he went country. To the original "Killer", rest in peace sir. I think @Jeff R used to sport a specific Jerry Lee Lewis sentiment. A funny but honest moment was when Jimmy Swaggart got busted and someone thought it would be a good idea to interview Jerry Lee. Jerry Lee replied, "he and their other cousin Mickey Gilley never made as much money as that son of a bitch!" To his family, friends and fans, my condolences. What a fantastic musician and entertainer that man was. Hamerica
  4. The debate is over! I have discovered the secret to obtaining life changing "Tone" ! It has been right in front of me since the late 90's and I didn't recognize it. After decades of chasing "tone" I have discovered the missing ingredient - and I'm gonna share it for free. Is it the choice of guitar? Greenie anyone!?! Nope! Is it the choice of amp? Those early Fender Amps are hard to beat. But look at what Mesa Boogie has accomplished and many others. No sir. Is the amount of time practicing? 10,000 hours minimum? Nah, you can practice to your hands bleed and never have killer tone. Is the choice of cables? Monster Cables, Oxygen Free? Apparently not. Is it in the Fingers? Thick, thing, long, stubby. Oh...come on man! Is it the attack? Light, Hard, quick, "slow hand" - no sir. Is it the choice of strings? Any truth to heavier strings used by SRV creates more tone? Is lit light strings that Ted Nugent uses? Is the choice of picks? Any truth to early killer tone of ZZ TOp and the Peso? Is it choice of pedals? And on..and on..and on. I had given up. I had been beaten. That all changed Friday, October 21st, 2022 at 2120 Michigan Avenue. I was in the presence of one of the HFC Finest. But the secret of tone was - and I couldn't believe it "right before my eyes". I have witnessed this for literally for decades and totally missed it. The secret to great tone is - HABERDASHERY! Apparently the whole assemble is important HOWEVER, Nothing is important to the true Virtuoso than their choice of footwear! You want proof? - Crossroads Festival 2004, Joe Walsh Bright Yellow shoes. Stupid me, I even commented on them back in the day but it never clicked until this past Friday night. Any picture of Butcher decked out in impeccable fashion. (If anyone has a picture of Butcher and his shoes please re-post I couldn't find it.) I am changing my ways. Guitars are being sold to obtain the proper footwear. Hint - It had been literally decades since I last saw this guitarist, and it was a really privilege then to see this virtuoso perform years ago at Muse Cafe. An incredible player, very kind gentlemen who sold me a guitar. Many thanks to the artist who allowed me to take their "Footograph" and for indulging in my sense of humor. In all seriousness, regarding the man, the player and the footwear just a fantastic human being. Great to see you! Best wishes, Hamerica
  5. "There's no doubt Mars wrote some amazing riffs and the guy's a balls-out warrior for touring with that horrible disease he's faced for so long." @jisham ^^^^^ This Mick Mars is one of those guys who has paid his dues and then some. His "in studio" guitar work to the uninitiated is loaded with tedious nuisances which at first blush appears to be just a simplistic riff you have heard dozens of times before in typical formulation - how terribly misguided. If you like process sounds, Mick Mars is your man. While live Mars was generally more miss than hit, but in his early years he was at the top of his game. In the early 90's, I scored front row tickets on a Cheap Trick Motley Crue tour. I was on the Nikki Sixx side enjoying the female portion of the crowd entertaining Nikki. I got hit in the head by more panties and bras that didn't make to the stage than any other. The funniest thing I was wearing an old Uncle Dick approved Orange 5 neck guitar t-shirt and Mars came over during his solo, smiled, pointed at the shirt and gave me a high sign. So to Mr. Deal, thank you for the guitar lessons and the riffs. Much respect! I can only hope they find a cure for your condition and your physicians provide you with the best care possible. Hamerica
  6. Sweetwater - is my main new gear for me is primarily the staples of the electric guitar market; so pedals, picks, a cheap mic, stands and etc. Nothing MSRP, if it doesn't have a deal attached to it, I can wait. Hamerica
  7. @TNC2, Congratulations on latest acquisition. "Thought I'd light a fire on the site...Doesn't seem to be many people talking about the actual Hamer guitars over here anymore 😕" Agreed, but then again, there are some really funny observations posted here that have nothing to do with guitars. Touche, nice to see when one gets posted. Here's a band that knows a thing or two about Hamer USA Guitars. May you start a revolution, a blizzard of Hamer Guitar threads or at least a light snow fall. Hamerica
  8. Another Guitarlington, great to see @Currypowder again, you really should have gotten the Gretsch. Really nice job with the pictures. @Shankyboy, great to meet you. Hope to see you at DIGF in the spring. @HamStd - always great to see you, there is never enough hours in the day and THANK you Peter. Regarding Hamer Guitars, there were probably about the same number of Hamers at Arlington as they were at Dallas earlier. Interestingly, none of the Hamers from the Dallas spring show were at Arlington….not a single one. To my recall that has never happened before. I would see the same guitars one or two shows. Draw your own conclusions. I was anticipating seeing at least one 4D Standard based on the number recently on line. Didn’t see any or they moved between dealers on Friday. Currypowder is correct, this show is the one to see unique interesting guitars. Hamerica
  9. Congrats @Polara! Excellent review on the guitar. Yes, those Original Prototypes are more versatile than one would think. I should have never sold the one I owned. Hamerica
  10. I would have said this was the deal of the day but then he posted the Prototype. Again, Butch is the man! GLWTS! Hamerica
  11. Zorrow! Hell Yeah, As Vader would say "Impressive, most impressive!" Great job! Hamerica
  12. P.A., Nice Four Digit! If your not bothered by the modifications, play it, and enjoy it “as is” like @hamerhead suggested. When you purchased it what did you envision? Restoration sure and I agree when you’re ready to sell I would retop the whole guitar as @Dave Scepter recommends. However, I have seen some every nice matches made to keep the original top. I would reach out to @murkat about the restoration options for sure. Best wishes, Hamerica
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