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  1. Saw this when it was running in theaters. Good enough to watch on Netflix and of course it is available on Blue Ray and DVD for those that just need to have Tres Hombres. Hamerica
  2. Now how cool is that?!?!? To "honorably borrow" a quote from Alpep from Facebook. "But are you Northfield buying a USA Hamer Shredder cool?" Killer, dig it! Hamerica
  3. Buyers should always beware whether it is an online auction site like ebay or Craigslist or going to someones house. Sometimes buyers even need to be aware of shopping from a "reputable" guitar dealer or store. As far as the seller with zero feedback and registered 3 days ago - that would stop many from placing a bid. Not receiving additional information or pictures, or the wrong pictures of a similar item from the seller with zero feedback would cause one to take pause. Following up with the seller to confirm the item, receiving the additional documentation to make a decision to place a bid? In the words of Mastercard - priceless! It will save you a significant amount of trouble. Someone with the tolerance for the risk might be making a score. Hamerica
  4. Mirrorimij, Man that is a tough post. I wish the very best for you and your family. Your guitars are different than most, you worked for the company, you had a hand in building them, participating in building the brand we love. I wish you the best all the luck as you make the decision. Hamerica
  5. Congrats to Team Shishkov and to HHB for the assist with the connection so Mike could build the guitar for Dustin. I "Thanks for helping to make this happen Bill- as a small builder, it’s not always easy to make the meaningful connections, and the grassroots support is appreciated more than you guys can know." - Mike Shishkov! People make it happen! What a great testament to not only Mike and Team Shishkov, but the Shishkov community as a whole. Very excited for Mike and can't wait to see his next build! Best wishes, Hamerica
  6. Regarding Honeyman-Scott, I thought it did as well. Whatever happened to the Honeyman Prototype?
  7. Thank goodness this sold, I didn't want to buy a guitar and have to hire a divorce attorney! Congrats to the seller and the new owner. Hamerica
  8. Hi Distruber, Sorry, I don't have any information on the current ownership of Hamer or their product line. What I posted was based upon my recollection of a conversation with Hamer ownership of the company during that timeframe. "So, the agreement is no longer valid with the new owners?" I have no knowledge of what is going on with Hamer currently. I can only speculate, "Gibson getting spanked in Europe...failed to enforce their trademark...something the current Hamer brand owners have in common." There is little doubt Gibson didn't send another blanket of "cease and desists" to guitar manufacturers, including the current owners of the Hamer brand. Current Hamer ownership failed to protect what they legally had rights too or they did not understand clearly what it was they had purchased, it happens all too often. Hamerica
  9. I had lunch with someone very familiar with the Hamer company several years ago and one of the topics of discussion was the "Pat Pend", trademark registration, Gibson's perception of their "IP" and the enforcement of trademarks. This conversation probably occurred before or during the infamous PRS lawsuit (time does fly) as I had an interest in the enforcement of trademarks. "As the story goes" there was a long standing agreement (or understanding) between Gibson and Hamer corporately. The agreement or understanding based upon a "gentlemen's agreement" (can't tell you if it was a handshake, verbal agreement or a memorandum of understanding) is originally all Hamer management had. Clearly, whatever was agreed upon allowed the production of the Hamer Standard and the Sunburst. Therefore Steve Haynies post is correct regarding the practice between builders during the 1970's time period. Gibson informed many guitar manufacturers of their intent to enforce their registered trademarks right after Henry Juszkiewicz and his team shortly took over (1986). I call this Gibson Enforcement Version 1.0. Hamer was on the list but not top of the list as Gibson had already acknowledged the "gentlemen's agreement". Sometime in the early '90's Gibson management met with then Hamer management to clarify the "gentlemen's agreement". The parties updated the "gentlemen's agreement" to include mirrorimijs understanding which was legal and binding. Upon that formal written agreement, Hamer Guitars was able to continue to make the Standard, Sunburst, V's, Juniors, Specials and et al under the Hamer brand. Everything was well in the Kingdom of Guitar Manufacturers until Gibson started losing sales to other guitar makers. Once again, HJ and his team looked at the tactics to increase protect their diminishing bottom line. Gibsons trademark enforcement resulted into the now infamous "Singlecut" lawsuit with PRS over the Les Paul Model. (Man, there was some great posts back in the day with this topic). Resulting to Gibson Enforcement Version 2.0 and 2.1 This was pretty significant as Gibson's legal team at the time decided to send out a "blanket you have been notified correspondence" to several guitar manufacturers which Kaman now the owners of Hamer once again was erroneously included. This prompted Gibson and Kaman management once again to meet and the end result was another legal binding agreement which allowed the continued operation of Hamer USA and the Hamer import line as agreed to at that time. The current "cease and desist" by Gibson CEO James "JC" Curleigh, the self proclaimed "modern day wizard of Oz" is an "Ode to Homage" to Henry J. and the previous Gibson team. The latest "cease and desist or I will take you to court" (I refer to to GEV 3.0 and etc.) is nothing new. Gibson getting spanked in Europe is sort of funny as they had no standing; they failed to enforce their trademark...something the current Hamer brand owners have in common. The ruling in UK has no standing in the USA, nor does shed any light on the outcome of the any future Gibson lawsuit acts including the one with Dean. As for me, I am just grateful I am the caretaker of some of the best quality musical instruments built by the finest craftsmen from the '70's, 80's, 90's, and beyond that all proudly have the Hamer USA brand on them including the OP's original post Hamer USA Futuras. Hamerica
  10. Very nice. Man, are ya'll sure that's not Kizanski with a wig? It's been awhile since I saw Kiz but his guitar playing and facial expressions remind me of Kiz. Hamerica
  11. Shankyboy, My pleasure, holy crap, man I am getting old! I forgot about the Bill Kaman Futura as well....that's really sad. Hamerica
  12. Regarding the USA Futuras, there were the prototypes, one which was stolen from Frank U from his car showing dealers, ( I believe that unit has never been found). Then there were originally 36 of the Korina RN models made for the "Live At Budokan" 20th Anniversary. There were some additional RN models made after the original run. Besides the RN model, there were maybe a dozen additional non RN USA Futuras. One board member here if I recall correctly had two custom Futuras made. Then there were the ones made for Japan. Chris "Not Steve" Matthes had posted the marketing piece for the Japan models which was a great read. "#40" was posted by Pete Flynn on Reverb not too long ago. Hamerica
  13. Wow, glad you caught this and continued improvement. Good to see your home and back posting. Hamerica
  14. Excellent "When Dallas Rocked" had some nice stills of Freddy King meeting Peter Frampton and various other tidbits about Freddie. The upcoming Vaughn Bros movie has Jimmie referring to Freddie King and the dinner/bars they used to play in. Some of my favorite Buddy Whittington performances are Freddie King covered tunes. Good stuff! Hamerica
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