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  1. Shankyboy, My pleasure, holy crap, man I am getting old! I forgot about the Bill Kaman Futura as well....that's really sad. Hamerica
  2. Regarding the USA Futuras, there were the prototypes, one which was stolen from Frank U from his car showing dealers, ( I believe that unit has never been found). Then there were originally 36 of the Korina RN models made for the "Live At Budokan" 20th Anniversary. There were some additional RN models made after the original run. Besides the RN model, there were maybe a dozen additional non RN USA Futuras. One board member here if I recall correctly had two custom Futuras made. Then there were the ones made for Japan. Chris "Not Steve" Matthes had posted the marketing piece for the Japan models which was a great read. "#40" was posted by Pete Flynn on Reverb not too long ago. Hamerica
  3. Wow, glad you caught this and continued improvement. Good to see your home and back posting. Hamerica
  4. Excellent "When Dallas Rocked" had some nice stills of Freddy King meeting Peter Frampton and various other tidbits about Freddie. The upcoming Vaughn Bros movie has Jimmie referring to Freddie King and the dinner/bars they used to play in. Some of my favorite Buddy Whittington performances are Freddie King covered tunes. Good stuff! Hamerica
  5. Currypowder it correct, it's at Daryl's House. That is one of the Vintage Mandocellos. You can see it recently here as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sIIxWEUJlQ Hamerica
  6. "Cry for You" - Andy Timmons "The Class of '57" - Statler Bros +1 "Cat's in the Cradle" - Harry Chapin "The common thread seems to be getting older and realizing one's youth is long gone." Biz Prof With the exception of the instrumental by Timmons - exactly.
  7. Hamerica

    Eric Otten

    Wow, so sorry to hear this. My condolences to Caddies loved ones, family and friends. He will be very much missed on this board. Brian
  8. First a shout out to Mr. BCR Greg for introducing me to the music of Halestorm almost two decade ago....where does the time go?! A couple of weeks ago, I took the family to see Alice Cooper, Halestorm and opening act Motionless in White. They have a few more dates in the USA before they head off to Europe. MOTIONLESS IN WHITE Motionless in White is not the kinda of band I'm going to go rush out to buy their latest single nor go to see in concert as a solo act. For those that didn't get enough Marilyn Mansion, this band is for you. Their songs are "formulamatic" - no surprises. Frontman, Chris Cerulli does a very good job, knows his audience, plays to them. To those that are not his audience, he knows how to get the attention. Bass Player Justin Morrow was absolutely entertaining. His schtick is - he has been hung by the neck and doomed to play bass in a goth band, wait maybe that isn't his schtick that is his current "after" life - excellent performance, let's face it, your not getting Billy Sheenan here. Set List Rats Broadcasting From the Grave Everybody Sells Cocaine A-M-E-R-I-C-A (gotta love a Dr Seuss Song) Brand New Numb Reincarante Untouchable - Sounds familiar can't quite figure out where they lifted the guitar and keyboard riffs but know the progressions from somewhere. Voices (no, not Cheap Trick) The Good Entertaining The Bad The sound guy only got 1/2 a twenty. The vocals were so buried you would have though the lead singer was really dead for more than 1/2 of the show. Guitarists - they were on stage but nothing to write home about...N-O-T-H-I-N-G (hey, I think there is a song there!) Heavily production backing tracks required. HALESTORM There have been a couple of reviews of Halestorm. LZZY Hale is the real deal. I do wonder how long she will be able to do what she does with her voice? The maturity of her as a performer is impressive. Joe does excellent job with the lead riffs. Band was on from song one to end of the set. Set List Do Not Disturb Ms Hyde (Perfect with an Alice Cooper Show) Dear Daughter/AMEN Uncomfortable Black Vultures Freak Like Me I Get Off Love Bites (and so do I ) Chemicals I Miss the Misery Good set list with a few new songs from their latest release thrown in. The Good Everything The Bad Set wasn't as long as I would have liked. ALICE COOPER Disclaimer - saw AC earlier this year in May front the Hollywood Vampires at the Joint in Las Vegas. The wife and I were in-town for a wedding and had taken her family "formally dressed" to see "O" the Cirque du Soleil show at the Belliago that night. We got out early enough to rush out grab an Uber and purchase tickets for the floor second reserved section. We were the "best dressed" people there - LOL . You should have seen the stares - priceless. Talk about screwing with their minds...the typical audience attendee wasn't prepared for Ozzy and Harriet to show up. Now back to the current tour. Well "Ol' black eyes is back!" Set List Feed My Frankenstein No More Mr. Nice Guy Bed of Nails Raped and Freezin' Fallen in Love Muscle of Love I'm Eighteen Billion Dollar Babies Poison Guitar Solo - Nita Strauss Roses on White Lace My Stars Devil's Food Black Widow Jam Steven Dead Babies I Love The Dead Escape Teenage Frankenstein Encore Under My Wheels School's Out (with Lzzy Hale) Now granted, I know AC from back in the day with his greatest hits. IMPO one of his best songs is Poison, fits his character and stage show perfectly. Showcases Nita Strauss perfectly as well. I was not familiar with AC's current band so two weeks before the show I had to do some research. Ryan Roxie, great guitarist. Absolutely love his style, tone and performance the entire night. Really good stage presence. Tommy Henriksen (also performs in Hollywood Vampires) is another rock steady guitarist. Nothing flashly here just go to work and do your job - thanks! One thing about Alice, he knows how to surround himself with good if not consistently great musicians. Hamer Performance Team Member Kip Winger was once in the AC stable. Glen Sobel on drums, Chuck Garric on bass keep the bottom end down and great musicians as well. Lead guitarist is Nita Strauss which most people know from Iron Maidens. Strauss had a guitar clinic the night before which I was able to attend. There are four things that impress me about Nita; #1. She is genuine. If you listen to her videos and attend her guitar clinics she knows the business and understands how to communicate to her audience. #2. She is all business - don't kid yourself. Her business is building her brand and business is good! - Respect! #3. She is gracious and witty. God, I love an artist who appreciates the fans. Killer smile and funny. https://twitter.com/hurricanenita/status/1159111891400175619 #4. She can play. Holy shit can she play! At the guitar clinic she played some practice tips, a couple of Iron Maiden shorts and her encore was AC's "Poison". She has a her signature Ibanez guitar out and gave a shout out to Andy Timmons and Vai as well as other Ibanez stable mates. AC is about performing and the art of the rock and roll show. Many have followed but the original shock rocker still knows how to throw a party. The tone of the guitars was spot on. Wall of sound with three artists at three different octaves and not bleeding over each other. The Good AC - Stage Presence Stage Theatrics The Guitarists - Thank you, thank you, thank you, for doing what you do. My faith was restored in guitar driven rock. Talk about playing a set list. No banter just kick out the jams! Lzzy Hale on the encore for Schools Out The Bad Wished I had seen AC 30 years ago. Bonus - When Strauss started Poison at the show she spotted me and at the end of her opening riff, she threw me her pick right to me. Those that know me know I had a sheeeeet eating grin. Thanks Hurricanenita. Hamerica
  9. IMHO, Korina sounds brighter and warmer than Mahogany. I also believe/agree there is an acoustical quality in most of the Korina guitars that are not chambered you don't find with a Mahogany guitar. If you are looking for that '70's tone with some snap, then I think a Korina built design is what you are looking for. Hamerica
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