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  1. Yes. I’ve had my fill of both of these. Enough for the rest of my life.
  2. Yes. I agree. Tight low end. I loved the 1965 A&B cabs. Sounded really good & so much easier to toss in the car & take to gigs. This discussion is making me wish I still had that rig.
  3. I used to gig with one back in the early 90’s. I had the same head with a pair of matching 4x10 cabs...a slant & a straight...a full but smaller stack. It was fun. Both channels sounded good to me at the time.
  4. My ‘56 Les Paul Junior. I don’t name guitars...but this one came with a name. One guess what it is...
  5. Now also listed on Reverb. And the seller says that “LOWS BALLS OFFERS will be ignored like ur pea sized brain!” Hmmm...
  6. Not sure. I quit counting a few years ago. I believe there was around 80 guitars then. There’s more now.
  7. Exactly what I thought. G&L trem with the sustain block saddles. I would be tempted to buy it & Floyd it... But not for $1099.
  8. Doug Kauer builds fantastic guitars. That is one of only a few V’s that he ever built. I believe that finish is done with white grain filler & black dye. Some call it a doghair finish.
  9. 1950’s Les Paul Juniors & Specials are my favorite guitars ever. I have a flock of them. Single cuts, Doublecuts...(1956-1960). I love everything about them. Wraptail bridges. Lightweight slab bodies. P-90’s (although one of mine is modded with humbuckers). They just sound & feel like home. The perfect rock guitar for me. I like them much better than the typical carved top Les Paul. I really have not tried any of the new ones...but I have heard good things about the newest ones. I recently picked up a couple of 80-81 sustainblock Hamer Specials (after wanting on
  10. That was a really great band. I got to see them live once...that was probably 2014...They were touring with Blackberry Smoke. I became an instant fan. The first self titled record is excellent. I didn’t like the second & third record as much...the original drummer & one of the original guitar players were gone by then & the chemistry changed a bit.
  11. Wow. That’s cool. That would be fun to tweak around with. The snakehead esquire In his store looks nice as well.
  12. I love the looks of this. Based on the wear...I think it looks like original finish with just the lighting making it look a little weird. I would love to have a green Sunburst or Special.
  13. That is definitely one of the good ones. The ones from that era just have the right weight & thickness of the glass. In the absence of the label...you can spot those by the casting on the bottom. There is a 'W' in a circle and a two digit date. (Mine is marked '66') Its a great slide...but I'm certainly no Brother Duane.
  14. I saw that guitar on Reverb before it sold. Guitar looks to be a legit USA checkerboard logo Special...but obviously there is the changed bridge, pickups, and the headstock repair. My take is that the headstock was refinished at the time of the repair (hence the missing serial number as well) & they did the best they could at replicating the checkerboard logo & overlooked the USA part of the logo.
  15. I gotta recommend this checkerboard case from guitarfetish. (No affiliation) I got one. Price is not bad & the quality is surprisingly good. And its checkerboard. https://www.guitarfetish.com/PREMIUM-checkerboard-Les-Paul-Case-SUPER-Plush-OUR-BEST_p_11296.html And they currently have a 10% off coupon running. A Hamer Special fits well.
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