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    Steve Stevens II, I hope to get more Hamers
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    Friedman Smallbox 50 wildwood, Bray modded Marshall plexi, Marshall jmp 50thann. 1 watt combo, Marshall Class 5
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    Fulltone fd2, Fulltone Clyde, Fulltone dejavibe, other stuff too

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    50’s Les Paul Juniors, Charvels from the original factory years, plenty of other things.
  1. Just fyi (No affiliations)... If you go to the direct site or search hexhider on Reverb... You can get two of them (with free shipping) for about the same price as one (after shipping) from fu-tone.com https://smallstage.co/
  2. Its a very enjoyable show...especially for a guitar gear head. Top musicianship all around. The great Reese Wynans on keys. Anton Fig on drums. A pair of killer Aussie backup singers. Joe always has multiple 59-60 sunburst Les Pauls on the road...and its great to hear those cranked up loud in a concert venue. There’s usually a 55 hardtail Stratocaster & a 51 NoCaster that sound fantastic as well. Have fun.
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