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  1. On 12/27/2022 at 10:49 AM, JustKid said:

    Looks like a headstock break between 3 and 4 tuner. New piece of wood added and whole headstock front repainted to cover the break. The back of the neck resprayed with more amber tint to it. That’s what i think. 

    I may be wrong but the Neck Grain disappears before the Floyd Nut Screws so perhaps the neck was cracked near there or the over spray from 3 and 4 tuner fades the grain out.

  2. I asked a couple manufacturers about their bass strings how to tell if they are knockoffs or real as they come in open plastic bags or card board box with stamped series or inserts.

    They're not friendly about any facts about their strings so I'll buy direct for now on.

    If anyone has any thoughts on Juststrings.com please let me know. 



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  3. On 11/16/2022 at 10:03 PM, HamerCustomEr said:

    Hi everybody,

    I am not looking for a 4-digit, or a “bound and crowned”, just any old Hamer Standard in decent shape.

    Korean or Indonesian Import okay.  Truth be told, I bought an import Vector as a placeholder to stop me from shelling out thousands and thousands for the real thing, and this is exactly the same situation.

    Please let me know what you have and your asking price.  I would rather avoid the XT models, thank you.

    If you can give me a deal on a USA mahogany version from the 1990s or later, I would prefer that over an import, obviously, but my max budget is only $1800 USD plus shipping, and maybe you would rather try to find an insane buyer on Reverb.

    I live in Canada, but I have had really good experiences with USPS shipping from the States to Canada.  No FedEx or UPS, please.



    Not affiliated. 

    This one says it is XT but it is not on headstock. All the XT's I've seen has XT on the logo. Appears to have a nice headstock carve not an oversized one like most. Closer to banana or hockey stick. You can see the high E string outside the headstock. Most Asian build headstocks covers the high E string. Made in Indonesia so probably not XT. Those seem to come from China.

    $699 + $150 + import fees. FedEx doesn't seem to collect them nor post. Plus there is a make an offer. Maybe start at $500.


    I would buy it for a project for myself but have interests else where.

    Just an idea. Let me know what you think.

    Put Schaller tuners, SD pickups or your choice and your ready to rock.


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  4. On 10/20/2022 at 10:11 PM, rickrock999 said:

    So I have bought many guitars on Craigslist without an issue, but today was different.

    Found a Hamer USA on Craigslist, after talking with the guy by text (of course he wouldn't answer the phone) I decided to take the one hour ride to go see guitar.  Like many who advertise on CL the pictures were crap so another reason to go see it. I get to the guys house, check out the guitar and we negotiate a price of $1650. I had to go back out to the car to get the money. I had taken $1500 cash out of the bank and had another $100 bill and some twenties in my wallet. I took the $1500 and the $100 bill and 3 twenties from my wallet (I was going to give him the extra $10 as there was nowhere to get change. )

    I go back in and count out the money for him. He takes the money, I look down to inspect the contents of the case one more time when he suddenly says there is $100 missing. I count it again and yes it was missing. (this was after I counted it out) I go back to the car to check and of course it wasn't there. I go back in and he won't even look at me. I am in his house so what can I do. I'm not about to start a fight in his house. So I just walk out without the guitar. Man am I pissed. So I learned a $100 lesson (plus gas and time) always count out the money, then make him count it in front of you. This is one more reason to meet in a public place. (before now I liked to go to the house to play it) Be Careful out there when dealing with CL. Thanks for letting me vent.

    So what Hamer guitar or bass was this?

    Is the add still up?

    It would be fun to call him to ask if he found the $100 he dropped during the sale from everyone here. lol



  5. On 10/21/2022 at 4:04 PM, LucSulla said:

    Yeah, there is definitely no "type."

    When I used to work at an absurdly huge wine, spirits, and finer foods retail establishment, our loss prevention guy was a former cop and a bit set in his ways when it came to profiling. In trying to find out why nearly $1,000 worth of booze had vanished one afternoon, we found on the security footage that our LP was so busy following around a young, black male with saggy jeans that he completely missed the mid-aged gentleman in a three piece suit stocking a cart full of high end scotch and tequila and pushing it right out the front door without a peep from anyone. 

    One shouldn't let such things make a cynic of them, but my experience is that a thief will definitely exploit expectations to their advantage. 

    However your losing the $100 came about, I'm sorry you're out the money.

    They were working together!

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