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  1. Absofrigginlutely!! EE is the king of the short and sweet solo
  2. Beth Hart kicks ass with or without Bonamassa Sass Jordan (check out S.U.N. - Something Unto Nothing) Alison Mosshart - The Kills, The Dead Weather Adele Joan Osborne Betty Lavette
  3. Yeah - I saw it here on CL and at the time really couldn't afford it, but as soon as I put out the PSA I regretted not making it happen . Glad someone here got it though, maybe I'll be able to get it back someday ...
  4. I had a Seafoam Green T-62 and sold it - D'OH!! (didn't put it on my list because I already had one)
  5. 1 - Rick Nielsen Limited Edition 2 - Artist w/ Boomers (THE one that got away!) 2 - The Punisher
  6. After lurking on the forum for about a year I bought this Korean RN Signature in about 2001. With a Pearly Gates in the neck and a Custom 5 in the bridge this guitar is a rocker. I'd probably only ever sell it if I was able to obtain a USA RN signature
  7. You are SO right! I replaced the speaker in a Rivera R12 with an Alltone and it really brought it to life.
  8. Wow, didn't know so many guys play guitar while driving - isn't that more dangerous than texting?
  9. We had a record breaking high temp today in Denver and I just couldn't resist rolling down the windows and turning it up full blast! I'm still amazed at how great this record is, I never get tired of it. Another go-to, Rite of Summer album is Candy-o
  10. I NEVER should have let that that one go, damn! Ok, so besides the white artist with boomers... Rick Nielsen Signature Korina or The Punisher Standard Special K Jr.
  11. Yeah, thought BCC album was good but BCC 2 totally kicks ass. Great rock album. Too bad they didn't come to Denver, missed out.
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