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    (2) '81 Hamer Specials trans red consecutive #s, '05 Goldtop Studio Fralin P-90s
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  1. Saw him in Seattle in 2009. FANTASTIC show!! Been a big fan for decades. Party Lights!!
  2. Rest in peace, KTB. Always enjoyed his eclectic sense of humor. -Rich
  3. My box from Josh is here!!!! I'm SOMEBODY now!!!! Woo-Hoo! Josh, you are great to deal with, no more screwing around with bozos for me! Thanks a ton! -Rich
  4. That's so great!! There's some first class quarantine parenting.
  5. A friend of mine, who is a well known local guitar slinger, was really sweating about having to do both wrists. End of career?.... etc, etc. He got through all of it, healed up pretty quickly and is playing better than he has in years.
  6. As I am old enough to remember the Beatles from their very beginning, I always thought that John Lennon's Rickenbacker was cool. Last year, I finally gave in and bought this '87 325 JL clone. Close enough for me, at half the price of a real one. Some interesting history and in really nice shape. The short scale is tough to play, but I'm glad I got it. Did not help my lack of talent, tho...
  7. Bump to say thanks to Jakeboy! Good deal and great guy to work with. -Rich PS- Mark, you know anything about a $99.99 charge on my account from "JB's Tube of the Month Club??" 🤣
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