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  1. This reminds me of the joke: lute players spend half of their time tuning the instrument, and the other half playing out of tune.
  2. I miss the days, it seems not so recently, when you could pick up almost any decent pedal for $100 or less!
  3. I used to use the Bose L1 Model 1, and I thought it was overrated. I sold it in favour of two QSC K8.2 powered loudspeakers, and I love them. You do not need a separate P.A.: they have everything you need (except you can use a mixing board if you like). I went to the store thinking that I would go for the K12.2 or the K10.2, but to my ears, the K8.2 sounded the best. Too small, you say? How small do you think the Bose speakers are in the line array? And the QSC are loud! There is a reason that Bose will not publish the wattage of their line array speakers, and obviously, it is because it is so low. In the end, I thought the Bose was a hassle to carry in and set up, and not loud enough. The QSC are easy to carry, easy to set up, and only two pieces, plus tripods to hold them up. As a bonus, they can also serve as wedge monitors. https://www.qsc.com/solutions-products/loudspeakers/portable/powered/portable-pa/k2-series/
  4. Respectfully, I do not agree. I have an Artist Custom, and it is noticeably lighter than my Studio Custom. Sure, they are similar sonically, but I reach for the Artist more than the the Studio. If you want an Artist Custom, then that is what you want.
  5. I have a brand-new one that I just ordered. Please send me a PM.
  6. I was thinking the same thing about the fingerboard...
  7. $16,500 + Shipping Sure, asking is not getting, but please explain to me, how does someone even have the balls to ask this much? Just a few years ago, everybody would have assumed that the seller had made a typo and included an extra zero at the end.
  8. If I were a fellow member on the HFC, I would want to hear what I am about to tell you: I had a negative experience with this particular seller on Reverb. He misrepresented the nut width on a Phantom XII as being a shade under 1-3/4". when it was really 1-5/8". He was rude and disrespectful. Even after I sent him a photo of me holding up a tape measure to the nut, he said I was not holding the measuring tape properly! (By the way, I had my wife measure it independently.) The guitar also had some minor damage that was not disclosed prior to the sale, but after seeing the guitar in person, I could see a hint of the damage in his photos that was not noticeable to me from the photos alone. Reverb eventually ruled in my favour for a full refund, but it was a headache.
  9. In today's market, that is a very good price. Buy, buy, buy!
  10. From the ad: "If you know anything about these, you know that they’re super hard to find not totally modded and ragged out by some white hi top wearing, jean jacketed, aquanet addled rocker." Hmm... Put up your hand if this description applies to you.
  11. These are great bags! Somebody in the Lower 48 should buy this immediately. Later versions came with a dull grey bumper, not this cool reddish-orange that pops visually and reminds you of rubber boots.
  12. I tried out the Blues King, but it wasn't my thing. I am probably not a Bluesbreaker guy. I love the VFE Scream, Pale Horse, and the Alpha Dog, and especially the Dragonhound.
  13. Way overpriced at $4900, although VFE pedals are awesome. I have nine of those eighteen pedals myself!
  14. In my opinion, you should probably make this a general life-rule and not just a one-time thing.
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