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  1. Nice guitar! Good luck with the sale. I hope you get what you are asking, but for reference, I bought a 1996 Artist Custom with OHSC on Reverb just last year for $1899 in excellent condition that could have easily passed for mint.
  2. I am always saddened by sellers that part the OHSC case and the guitar. I do not like buying the guitar without the OHSC. Unless it is super rare, why should I bother, when I can wait for the same model with the case? The fact that expensive Fenders come with gig bags now makes me want to barf. Cheap, cheap, cheap!
  3. No affiliation with this spelling-challenged seller who actually spelled Hamer in his ad as "Gamer"! No child left behind, indeed. https://reverb.com/item/44674339-hamer-monica-koruna-special-2020-corona-natural "Gamer, Monico Koruna, Solid Body Les Paul Jr. Style" Also, who knew that SKB made a "Custom Semi Hard Padded Case" that is actually a cheapo gig bag? Don't worry, only $800 to support your local stoner!
  4. Maybe this is just me, but I doubt it: I wonder how true it is that the majority of us here on the HFC board are much more likely to be found cleaning a guitar than cleaning the toilet. If this applies to you, then AliExpress has you covered: https://www.aliexpress.com/i/1005002619713297.html
  5. These 40-year-old Engelmann spruce tops are only $50 Canadian each, or both for $80 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. That's only $62.50 USD! https://vancouver.craigslist.org/van/msg/d/vancouver-luthiers-englemann-spruce/7383053111.html
  6. This seller should take his high prices, and go jump in a lake... or at least, his own pool.
  7. There is no such thing as "bad gig face"... only "Guitar Face". What's bad about it? Check out this video: For a good laugh, check out 1:09 of the second part of this series:
  8. Gotta love any Hamer Artist! This one is a particularly good bang for the buck.
  9. Looking good! And I'm not just saying that because I own a home in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada either. I love VFE pedals!
  10. Well, if there is enough demand, why don't we commission a special HFC-member run of these? How does $3.50 per boob sound? Instead of Boomers, we can call them Boobers!
  11. I have seen Japanese stress balls in the shape of boobies. https://www.amazon.com/Boobs-Stress-Balls-Set-squeezing/dp/B000FBWI4K The photographic evidence:
  12. Wang and Wong are actually the same name. "The Pinyin (standard transliteration for Mandarin) spelling of 王 is "wang". The Jyutping (standard transliteration for Cantonese) spelling of 王 is "wong"." Huang is the same name as well!
  13. From the DGS copy, "A mid 80’s Kahler locking tremolo has been installed" I guess you see what you want to see. I initially read this as "A mid 80’s Kahler f*cking tremolo has been installed"!
  14. No affiliation. This confused seller says "Black Les Paul Hamer (USA) bought in the early 90s!" I'm still waiting for the Les Paul Hamer! https://reverb.com/item/44360458-hamer-usa-lp-standard-early-1990s-black
  15. This reminds me of the film Escape from Alcatraz where the prisoners built dummies to make it look like they were sleeping in their beds during the hourly bed checks!
  16. I love the peephole so that you can tell if the guitar is still in the case without opening it!
  17. No affiliation. How deep is your wallet? (I have How Deep Is Your Love running through my head right now, although this song has probably never been played on a Scarab before. Anyone up for the challenge?) https://reverb.com/item/44299091-1984-hamer-usa-scarab-white
  18. I agree that is probably a bad pot. I just tested my Newport Pro (with the Seth Lovers), and the volume kicks in at 1/10, and then gets progressively louder. My Artist has Phat Cats, and that also has a smooth onset and volume increase. Jakeboy is right, in my opinion: change the pot! By the way, with my Artist, I notice no ice-pick sounds at all, but then again, I was raised on Stratocasters.
  19. No affiliation. I am not sure how a guitar which was repeatedly shot with a BB gun can merit Excellent Condition, but that is the state of Reverb today, I guess. From the ad: "The previous owner shot both the stock pickups and the back of the guitar with a bb gun... Maybe used it as a shield at band practice? Which is why the pickups were upgraded. Who doesn't like a good guitar story? " Uh, me for one. https://reverb.com/item/43907772-upgraded-fender-alternate-reality-series-meteora-hh-2019-candy-apple-red
  20. Oh, God, I think I'm in love!! Where did you find her, and does she have a sister?
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