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  1. I couldn't do it. My Eclipse has a small knot on the front of it which bothers me a little, and even that pushes my limits.
  2. I have a Neo Ventilator and a Mini Vent, and I can attest that they are awesome! Good luck with the sale.
  3. I can prove it! I recently received a Hamer USA guitar in the mail, and check the box: no B.S. (Look at the big logo right under the white sheet of paper.)
  4. Love the grain! If I didn't have so many Strats, and if I didn't have a preference against red guitars., and If I hadn't just bought two USA Hamers recently.. oh, wait, what am I talking about? I just can't afford it! Good luck with the sale!
  5. Great! Now you have inspired legions of HFC fans to start tugging their knobs... to check for coil taps.
  6. How about the self-titled album for Tom Scott and the L.A. Express? It features Larry Carlton, and I think that Robben Ford plays on it as well. (No, that is not either of them on the cover.)
  7. How about the UK version of Electric Ladyland?
  8. The guitar certainly looks like a Hamer USA (to me) from the pictures, and it says so in the title of the listing, but here are the specifics in the ad, saying that the guitar is of Korean origin:
  9. Not even this poorly made sticker on the back is "American Made". Maybe the last letter coming off indicates that any US buyer will be "American Mad" after buying this forgery.
  10. On my baby-version of your big-boy advice, I picked up this Paul Desmond box set off Amazon for about $12.50 USD: I like it! I had never really listened to Paul Desmond before, and this collection is worth it. Desmond's lyricism and sense of melody remind me of my favourite saxophonist: Stan Getz. I might work myself up to going all the way with your advice... especially since I grew up in Toronto!
  11. This is how we know that we are getting old. Consider in the 1970s, just when Hamer was getting going, how recent 1959 Gibsons were.
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