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  1. Thanks, I have never seen a headstock like that before. Intoxicating! I am having trouble looking away. How am I supposed to function at work today?!
  2. Oh, I thought that was just reflections. I would love to see another picture of the headstock form a different angle.
  3. Markus, of course, we understand!! We all love Hamers as much as you do! You have come to the right place.
  4. Beautiful guitar! Great price! Continental USA only?! Too bad. Some Continental American is going to get a great deal, though.
  5. Ready for a second? Sunburst 3-holer in Germany (seller says orangeburst, but this looks like cherry sunburst to me). No affiliation. https://reverb.com/item/49161460-hamer-usa-duo-tone-in-orangeburst
  6. Yes, welcome! The 3-hole Duotone is a great guitar! You will love it! Good luck with the search.
  7. No affiliation. https://reverb.com/item/47674209-hamer-chaparral-elite-flame-maple-green I love this ad. Yes, I laid this guitar in the grass, and no, I did not check for dog sh!t first, but there is probably none underneath. The seller says, "This example has led a hard life, and has some issues that I will mention in detail," but then he doesn't mention any. Oh, what tiny feet you have! But who cares, when you have Boomers!
  8. Here it is! Only one owner! Complete with machine gun case! https://reverb.com/item/47419765-hamer-californian-elite-usa-1996-black
  9. One scary picture! How did this happen, if you don't mind my asking?
  10. Yes, of course there is a huge difference. The point is the huge percentage of refund, and so in my opinion, a $1500 refund would make the deal much more attractive. Why not just buy cmatthes' bass instead? It already has the 50% discount!
  11. Yes, it looks to me like a case of surface finish cracks from cold weather. This bass is currently in California, but obviously it was shipped from a colder place at some point. (This is not exactly stunning detective work... because at the very least, we all know where this bass was made!) I had a Hamer import shipped to me that looked like this: I ended up getting a $160 USD partial refund on a total sale price of $315 USD! What a deal!! It plays great, though.
  12. Yeah, those look like Fender saddles to me. Here is what the G&L saddles are supposed to look like:
  13. Wow, you only started twelve years ago?! And only three years of experience with guitars? I would have guessed with this brilliant level of work that you had been doing it your whole life!
  14. Hi Eli,

    I'm in Canada.  Do you happen to have an Eclipse or Eclipse XII for sale?  Maybe a Cruisebass first edition?  Please let me know what you have.



    1. Eli


      Hi Andris,

      I have a Archtop GT in Black with mini humbuckers in it.  I also have a Newport with TV Jones pickups and a bigsby.  I have a bunch of guitars of other brands as well.  No cruisebasses though.


      Let me know,


    2. HamerCustomEr


      Hi Eli,

      Okay, thanks for the reply.  I will keep looking.


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