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  1. Look at the size of that logo at 2:14! Stadium is right!
  2. The Studio in Inglewood looks good at first blush, especially for the price, but it has some issues. Who cares about the Hameritis, but look at this finish cracking, and the thing is swimming in the tweed economy case.
  3. Oh, my god. I never saw thread until today. What an awful, awful thing. My heart goes out to the Matthes family.
  4. I really like mini-humbuckers in my Artist Korina P90. That reminds me, thank you, to start an NGD thread.
  5. Maybe Steve Stevens from Billy Idol hit this guitar with a hammer... thus breaking the neck. Seriously, it sounds like a good price, and yes, you will get the sustain block, which is worth quite a bit on its own, but even more when attached to a Hamer guitar.
  6. The eBay listing was a flat-top case also. Oddly, it was listed as new, and it didn't even look like my GC-1 cases (the ones that fit Studio, Artist, and Eclipse guitars, among others).
  7. From the seller, "Also, the guitarist from Cheap trick played one just like this. Just a multi necked guitar." Uh, I think that Rick Nielsen's guitar had electronics.
  8. I like the big headstock too, not the shrimpfork. From my old Dean E'lite from 1980: That neck was THICK, and the nut width was only 1-5/8", but it was a real Les-Paul killer. All the attitude of an Explorer prong, but without that big lower bout to knock into your mic stand or your bass player.
  9. If I were you, I would ask for detailed pictures of the scalloping from the side. Some home jobs can be brutal.
  10. Oh, I should have mentioned the good news. The Boblen teardrop case (the manufacturer for TKL) is an exact fit, and it accommodates the tilt-back of the headstock well. All for less than $100 USD! Dimensions: 40.75" (length), 13.5" (lower bout), 11" (upper bout), 2.75" (depth). The bad news? It's a teardrop.
  11. Dimensions of the MF case: MGMELP Molded ABS Electric Guitar Case Specifications: Interior length: 39.75" Interior body length: 17.5" Instrument body depth: 2" Instrument lower bout: 13" Instrument upper bout: 9.75" Dimensions of the TKL 8825, similar to the GC-1 that fits Studio, Artist, Eclipse... It seems that the MF case might be a little too short, a bit loose in the upper bout, and possibly a little narrow front to back. The width and lower bout fit should be fine, though.
  12. I contacted TKL myself. Believe it or not, they no longer have the dimensions of the GC4-0 on file! I was hoping that they would have a CAD file all ready to go, and could just pop out another one for me. No such luck. They want me to measure all the dimensions myself on a template, and then make a tracing by hand on a piece of paper from which the Custom Shop can make case for me, in any coverings I want, or with any lining I want. They do have an impressive array, but the prices are steep. At any rate, I told them that I wasn't comfortable with that, and this was the response: Hi [HamerCustomEr], I was likewise hoping that we would have CAD drawings on file but unfortunately, that isn’t the case (no pun intended). When we produce cases for guitar companies, they often supply us with body blanks so we can dial in the fit before sending the samples back which is most likely what happened in this instance, particularly as we started making Hammer [sic] the case in the mid-2000s when CAD was in use, but not as widely as it is now. On the bright side, the electric guitar dimensions sheet is fairly straightforward. I’m sure you can handle it! Just make sure to have the guitar strings running parallel to the tabletop when you are taking the measurements as that is how we dial in the proper support of the neck and heel. The tracing can be a bit intimidating I know. I can give you a few tips though that will make it much easier. It’s always easier to get a good tracing if you lay the guitar face down on the paper. I would always use a pencil instead of a pen. You can even cut, or sand a pencil in half lengthwise and run the flat side around the permitter of the guitar to get a tight fit. We use the tracing to make a laminate that we can then use to check against the contours of the padding. We also always check the dimensions provided against the tracing as a failsafe as it were. As far as pricing goes we usually wait until we have the shell requirements sorted before issuing a quote, but I can tell you that the base for a Durahyde™ case is $800, and leather starts at $2500. I’m happy to help you in any way I can to get the tracing and dim sheets filled out. We can schedule a call if you would like me to walk you through it. Best, Gordon French Sales and Business Development Manager The TKL Family of Brands gfrench@tkl.com 718-877-8652
  13. Great performance, bur I can't imagine how much my neck would hurt after six to eight hours of bending my head back to sing into a suspended microphone. Thanks for sharing!
  14. Yes, you should have bought it then, but hindsight is 20/20. You should probably buy it now before the price soars some more!
  15. Ordered, thank you! In this day and age, you can't beat that price! (Legally.)
  16. Hi everybody, I know that this is a longshot, but I am looking for the OHSC for either a Monaco Superpro, Monaco, Monaco III, Newport, or Talladega. This was TKL GC4-0. My Talladega never came with one. Please let me know if you have one that you are not using. I am willing to pay handsomely. Thanks, HamerCustomEr
  17. I tried a QTron+, but I was not impressed. I am not a fan of the build quality of EHX at all. I have an original Subdecay Prometheus, and I really like it. It sounds great, and has a much smaller footprint than the QTron.
  18. You need the book! Only $38.39 USD. I thought that it would save me money by allowing me to drool instead of buy... but it had the opposite effect! https://www.amazon.com/Ultimate-Hamer-Guitars-Illustrated-History/dp/0764343521/ref=sr_1_2?crid=3B7JJDAB99X7U&keywords=hamer+ultimate&qid=1684681726&sprefix=hamer+ultimat%2Caps%2C217&sr=8-2
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