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  1. One that I let get away.. the Blue one on the bottom left.. It was blue before the lacquer turned yellow..
  2. My current Les Paul stable includes 2 Gibsons, 2 Hamers, and a fantastic Guild Bluesbird. All different, but all satisfy the "Paul" itch. Lucky to have all of them..
  3. One of the best guitars ever. I kick myself for selling mine!
  4. Syl was a friend. I used to work on his guitars when he lived in Atlanta. He was a very sweet man, and loved to talk about the early days of The Dolls. He was crushed that Arthur died before he could see the reunion tour they had put together to completion. I'm so glad I had him sign this for me to hang in my store. RIP SYL...
  5. Music will have a tough time recovering from 2020.. RIP Leslie...
  6. Very sad... RIP... 2020, the gift that keeps on giving..
  7. A good day for a string change, a little polish, and a bit of RnR!
  8. Damn, I can't believe they put a Kahler/Floyd on it....
  9. I sold that one to a friend, and it was stolen, I'm afraid. He had a clear pickguard made for it. It looked really cool.
  10. I'm really surprised that the tree fiddy offer hasn't crept up to at least four hunnerd by now, Steve. You know, inflation and all.. 😉 I remember the early days of the Fan Club, and all the people that were offended by the inside joke. Good to see that there are still some of the old school Hamer guys still around.. Here's a better pic for you..
  11. Luckily, I still have these two. They aren't going anywhere...
  12. I can't believe I once owned these Hamer's, and a few more that didn't make the photo. At least I still have the '81 Special on the bottom right...
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