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  1. I went to visit my grandkids in FL a few years back. we all went to the park/playground... it's all padded... no dirt. I looked an my son and asked... wheres all the broken glass? somehow I feel this is part of the problem. I could be wrong
  2. wonder if it has a bone nut? did he use tone bones for the build?
  3. yep Pauloweenie wood is the lightest, and it's getting used quite a bit. I bought a blank body for a project and wow it's light, but it "self relics" just handling it. you could scratch a hole through it with your fingernails. the body I got had a nice maple top though. I soaked the wood where the neck attaches with superglue & put in a few pieces of ash for hard points because the softness made me nervous. I thinned it and drilled it from the back side, then covered the back with 1/8" Baltic birch ply. 2 buckers & a Wormoth T- neck. it weighs 5 pounds. don't know that I'd do that aga
  4. ha ha.... made you look! right???? just trollin' right??for funzies???
  5. call me a knot head, but I like it.....
  6. .... show me the diagram. I'll put it in my library. thanks!
  7. what I'm getting at is you can choose to do some of the combinations mentioned, but not all (at the same time) right? or am I wrong the switches shown are SPDT, they probably need to be DPDT to phase switch. and it would be easier to do series as well. I've recently been experimenting with the 5 way Superswitch (4 poles with 5 throws) on a couple builds with humbuckers. splitting coils and odd parings. simpler to use than toggles (on P-Rails for instance) and gives good options on a 2 pup guitar. I've done a couple guitars with P-rails and rotary switches too. I haven't experimented
  8. guessing those 3 little switches change the polarity of the pickup so you can go in/out of phase on each. bt... dt
  9. gwadamm... thats nice.... too bad they put the neck on backwards. dang...
  10. my cat???? I got a cat named Dweezil
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