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  1. I love that album. not a bad song on it. yeah, you play it now and it sounds a bit dated but dayum... that was my favorite in about what, '70-71? I still play Only You Know and I Know, especially if I can get others to chime in. I always liked "Shouldn't Have Took More Than You Gave" too but never learned it. like I said... not a bad song on that one
  2. another shout out for the Strymon El Capistan. the Flint is pretty good too & a must have for amps without reverb
  3. I often search Hamer USA... found an empty case for a doublecut. made in USA. looks a little road worn, 225 buxks & free shipping. I have no affiliation
  4. how about a 650? light weight, fat neck, double truss rods, Schaller bridge, mini buckers I got one.....
  5. Rickenbacker still makes them. a used one is 2k minimum gwad the Newport 12 is pretty!
  6. I've built several Hoffman "kits" (uhhhhh, actually 4) and they sound great! he a good guy & sells top quality stuff and great turnaround time too. again, no step by step exactly, but there are good instructions on his web site with pictures. and also a very active forum. unfortunately, he is downsizing and no longer stocking most of the transformers. but his boards (and stuff to build boards) are still available along with complete component kits. for trannys I like Classictone, but I hear they are lingering on the edge. Hammond is good for trannys too and they aren't going away. anyw
  7. yeah, I watch to see from time to time & they seem to be rare with the P-Rails. sometimes when I look there aren't any being listed. and yes, you're right, I've never seen another with a top like that. nice looking guitar you got there
  8. ... and that is the humbucker version. nice lookin' rig. mine is the way more rare P-Rail version, with active electronics. very very few were made with P-Rails. and, this also has the premium flame top. it's one of only a hand full ever made. I have 2 more Godins, and 2 more P-Rail guitars (among the 14 guitars I own). I can duplicate what this one does (pretty much) and the only reason to sell it is I am Jonesing for a certain spruce top Hamer for sale on this forum & need to move one for another. I am entertaining offers. I know I'll lose money but thats never part of the equation whe
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