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  1. got this from my brother.... Kalamazoo Model One, similar to a 5F1, made between 1965-67,,, I believe this is a 1967. I haven't plugged it in yet... it needs a checkout. has all the original tubes and mostly looks un-used. brother got it a yard sale for the princely sum of $12. hard to see but the hang tag says $49.50
  2. so unless I'm wrong... what you get with these NFT things is a picture, on your computer. really? dang... I'm in the wrong business
  3. what kina "grass"? I have an Ovation VXT... how close is that one? made by Hamer I;m told
  4. ha ha,, I'm drunk but I;m not stupid... fuvk your non funable toking, only a dumbass would bite on that foolishness. you get burned ha ha,,, I get to wash my car with your tears
  5. why not get an Echotone? pretty affordable in the 4-500 dollar range. they play nice & sound good even with the stock pickups
  6. agreed.... way too many teeth for a hockey player (how do I know these things wonder if he crapped his pants yet
  7. sorry for the mixed metaphors.... its Upiss doing the shipping on this one
  8. yeah... anything leaving here goes to straight asia or Louisville. they are still doing the "hub" system. airplanes fly between hubs. bean counters figured out that the cheapest way to haul people and stuff if fly hub to hub. its kina like hitch hiking.... you go out of your way because its cheaper than having to pay for a direct ride. all the airlines did it. the cheap seats do it. anyway, anything shipped in USA that goes east of CA, WA, and OR goes to Louisville no matter the destination. my new guitar had 2 stops in Kansas, then to Missouri, then Indiana, then to Louisville. that took 4 days. it left L-Ville this morning. flight to Anch took 1/2 day.... its here.... sitting in the warehouse. they say Tuesday. as an aside, I bought a T51 Hamer a few years back. it was in NJ. they shipped it with Fred's Ex. FX picked it up and it sat a couple days in the NJ warehouse until USPS picked it up (they contract USPS). USPS shipped it across the states (I tracked it) to Seattle in 2 1/2 days to Fred's warehouse... where it sat a couple days. then, it came north to Fred's warehouse where it sat another couple days... until USPS picked it up delivered it to my door same day
  9. don't have it yet..... I'm here in the nether regions. AK is apparently like shipping to Mongolia (except for the fact that Anchorage is the fifth largest air shipping hub in the WORLD, and both U-PISS and Fred's Ex have their largest west coast facilities here) just tracked it.... maybe Monday
  10. so, turns out it wasn't half price. maybe that would be close to half off the Fender asking price, but it's still under about 70% the street price. I've been watching them for a more than a couple years & this is the best deal I've seen. used ones are going for more than I paid (1700 & small change)(delivered)(to Alaska). I played Strats for over 25 years . had 50s 60s Strats I bought in the 60s when they were just old guitars that sold for 125-150 bucks. I wore out my last one ('57) (real one). sold it to my brother too cheap in the late 80's when I switched to Hamers. I've never been that interested in another Strat until I ran into reviews on the EJ. Eric is one of my heros & his tone is epic. demos & reviews rate this guitar quite high and more than one reviewer has said that this is in effect, a custom shop guitar. I shouldn't have bought it, I'm too old. I rarely gig any more... whatever. I don't care... made in USA, bitchin' good lookin', good soundin' guitar... gonna give it a shot. who knows.. I might end up in 1970 again
  11. I know I shouldn't have but could not resist.... new, EJ '57 made 1/22. comes with all the original Fender goodies, from a Fender dealer. cracks in the nitro make it approximately 1/2 price. made in USA, arpx 1/4 the price of a custom shop
  12. the epic "This Is Spinal Tap"
  13. ha ha... good one. We hope Richards will grace the cover every hundred years until the end of time... I wonder if robots will eat Wheaties?” Keef and "healthy choices"?? it is Mad Mag you know
  14. I buy them is the 6 pac. been using them for decades on many guitars. no problems. kina like em
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