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  1. This guy was the original catalyst at age 15.
  2. I thought you were referring to something completely different ala Gene Simmons, Magic Johnson, or Wilt Chamberlain. But then again it is a guitar forum so I should have known better. Looking forward to breaking 100 myself (let the razzing begin 🙂 ).
  3. Aerosmith in '77 or '78 (can't remember - too many dead brain cells ago). I was so excited to see one of the bands that inspired me to pick up the guitar. They were horrible. I hardly recognized Walk This Way and it was one of my favorite guitar songs at the time. I know they've publicly admitted they were heavy abusers during that era and played many shows under the influence. I'm pretty sure the one I attended was one of them. Definitely the biggest disappointment of all the shows I've seen over the years.
  4. I just picked up the Aiken last week. I spent three hours Saturday running it at club level volumes with a '59 LP R9 through my 4x12 loaded with ASW Crossroads. It was a great sound and Aiken's work looks impeccable.
  5. I just picked up another guitar this week or I'd be pursuing this one. I think I could get past the victory inlays.
  6. If that's "Great Condition" then I'd hate to see "Good". I will say that GC's return policy does help ease some of the concerns with buying from a distance without personal inspection. Hopefully this issue was just missed in their inspection process.
  7. Will do. I'm newer here so not much history as most of my selling has been on Reverb and TGP but will list here as well when the time comes.
  8. DAYUMM!!!! If I'm being honest, this initially gave me the same feeling I used to get as a teen when the cheerleader actually smiled at me.
  9. Murkat, it's truly short-term. Never intended to keep them all. Just tone shopping and comparing with my own ears to find the one or two rigs I will take to the grave. Most will be sold locally within the next 12 - 18 months.
  10. That's a beautiful thing. Love redecorating with 4x12s. I'm hearing Michael Schenker in my head for some reason right now!
  11. Here you go. My favorite kind of wallpaper. Taken Spring '20. Two more on the wall to the right. Added a Metropoulos 12000, Aiken Intruder, Rockitt Retro RR50, Bogner Helios, and Mesa Dual Rectifier since then.
  12. Well I started playing at age 15 and went 42 years before owning my first full stack. It was a bucket list item for sure. Now I have 6 of them. As I tell my wife, just like your closet full of shoes Imelda Marcos that match certain outfits, each cabinet pairs with certain guitars and amp heads yielding a different tonal flavor and purpose. They are all LOUD AS HELL but fortunately I'm in a place where I can crank them without bothering the neighbors - with ear protection of course. And yes, it is a very happy place indeed.
  13. No affiliation. Local sale near Boston preferred according to post. He has a Nik Huber for sale as well. Neither look like they've been played much at all. https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/hamer-studio-p-90-like-new-1-750-barely-played.2235219/#post-32146859
  14. Glad to hear. I was just referring to the difference in the weights for the two that were posted on DGS here.
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