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  1. Two different concepts, two good guitars.
  2. The antithesis of every guitar I usually play. This prototype unites an ultra-lightweight body made of maple and rosewood with a bolt on 5 piece wenge-maple neck, sheesham rosewood fretboard, reverse headstock, 27.5"-25.5" multiscale, self built bridge, Hipshot tuners and active EMGs. I know the bridge PU angle looks weird, but it works. The woods are just oiled/ waxed. This axe cuts through the mix! This guitar ist completely hand-built by a swabian luthier, no CNC-machine or something like that was used.
  3. I always try to use Paypal, it's the safest way. No issues. I'm sure you will get your money back.
  4. You see my friends beautiful Sunburst with a massive issue - wrong parts on the sustainblock bridge. To set the intonation is impossible. Where can he get the matching parts for its bridge? Thanks for your help/ advice!
  5. The grail. Expensive but worth it! One of just a few that I bought new. And the only one of the new guitars that I didn't sold after a short time.
  6. I love my Korina Special jr. What a phantastic guitar. I never thought that a P90 would sound that good even for metal.
  7. Hmmmmm. Found this on IG. These are not my cup of tea. What do you think?
  8. Wow really cool. What is it on the right? Centaura custom order? And onthe left? Are them from THE BOOK?
  9. Wow, Alice in chains? I looooove it, unfortunately I never had the chance to see them.
  10. Hahahaha, I am on your opinion. The guitar spoke of despair and melancholy.
  11. Dream Theater 1992 Images and Words Tour Berlin. Absolutely incredible, they sounded 100 % like the record plus a stunning extra-solo of every instrumenalist. Nearly 100 % of the audience were musicians. No one danced or freaked out just looking - no one wanted to miss a single note. I'm not sure, if anybody ordered a beer during the show or risked a walk to the toilets...The whole "musician police" was overwhelmed by this perfection, what is nearly impossible in Berlin. Magic.
  12. My second Pantera concert. The first was in Berlin 1992 or so with Megadeth as headliner - epic. The second was perhaps 1994 as headliner also Berlin. Unfortunately they confound the german beer with lite beer and were very drunk, Phil threw some beers to the fans and then accidentally hit the mixer. It needed 2 hours to go on, and they drunk a lot more during this time, smoked weed with the other bands and fans and surprise: after the repair Phil was too drunk / high to perform like he should, the guitar sound was way too quiet and the whole show a huge disappointment. At this time I was a p
  13. My first thought: wow a Special with a nice top! Second thought: The price: ohh nice too! Then : What is this on the back OH NO! Sad but no.
  14. Terrible. I lost a close friend in the same way 3 years ago, 49 years old. My thoughts are with you.
  15. The best not-LP but LP sounding I played is the Hamer Special FM that I could not afford in the 90s but 2 years ago. The big advantage for smaller hands like mine: double cutaways for better playability. Had a very good Heritage H140 and a Floyd equipped Heritage Chicago Rocker, but playing highest notes sucked as well as on the Gibsons of my friends. The Hamer FM are absolutely underated in my opinion. Never sell mine.
  16. I recomend a Gibson V 90. 24 frets, Floyd, a integrated Steinberger construction to play sitting, huuuuge sounding and very comfortable playing even to the 24fth fret. Coil split. Neck PU is a single coil but sounds great. Not easy to find. My white one I could dig last year I play very often cause it's so phantastic. If you can live without a Floyd defenitively buy a Hamer Vector Korina (and then mount a Floyd, but don't show it here ) Serious: the Vector brings the tone you need.
  17. I neeeeeed a new guitar to my specs. Tried multiscale neck, and the new one has to be featured with. I play extreme downtunings but my hands are too small for 7 strings... On a 6 string guitar downtunings cause intonation issues, so I have the perfect excuse for a new guitar:)
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