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  1. Doug Kauer makes great stuff. I just picked up a V1 Banshee and it’s on par, if not better, than what Gibson is putting out.
  2. Nice. Much Mwahh could be done with that beast in the right hands. I’m barely competent on four strings with frets so I will pass.
  3. Whoa. That’s a beaut. Reminds me very much of the standards that Pete Willis and Steve Clark played back in the early days.
  4. Very nice. Good luck with the sale. I got rid of my Floyd-equipped guitars for the same reason. The only one I really regret is a Spector Blackhawk that I traded to a buddy.
  5. Stumbled on the tonight. No affiliation. https://manchestermusicmill.com/hamer-usa-kk-downing-vector-electric-guitar-red-used-x1365/ Not sure if the model is correct besides being a Vector but I’ll leave that to the more knowledgeable.
  6. I’m local so if someone were willing to pay cost + shipping, I’d facilitate. Lynn field is only about a half hour from here. Always happy to spend other people’s money. Heh.
  7. my bad. title updated. (i’m learning, albeit slowly)...
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