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    Owned Many over the years. My first Hamer was a Artist Custom in Natural. Amazing guitar. I bought an Eclipse after that, 25th Silver Anniversary, One Off Korina Artist with P90's, Bound Board and Wrap Tail, Salmon Blush 25th Anniversary, Should have never sold that guitar, and the only Hamer I have now is my Korina Artist Custom. Just a sweet axe
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    1977 JMP 50 Watt, Reverend HellHound With KJL 410 Cab, Yamaha / SOldano T100, 64 Ampeg Twin Echo, Boogie Tri Axis, Harmony 415, Mitchell Pro 100
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    too many

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  1. That he does!!!.......I can only imagine what he is like having a beer watching a game.....;-)
  2. Well after watching that wonderful "Hamer" DVD i was inspired to share #6 with you all........Obviously "Hamer Inspired".....This concept was also inspired by Johnny A......I was really into his "Sometime Tuesday Morning" disc. It actually took several years before it started getting play. I had seen him @ The Regency Ballroom in San Francisco. He was playing Les Pauls with Bigsbys and 2 Marshall 30th Anniversary Models that he had put into super cool wheat colored head cabinets.........anyway, he was off the hook!!!!...... I dug the Hamer Bigsby Monaco and I thought, I would build my own
  3. My wife and I are sitting tonight having some wine and listening to music.......Marcus King to be specific. We had the pleasure of seeing him February 7, 2020 at the Fillmore in SF. We got to be there for the sound check and back stage. What a great guy and amazing Guitarist, Singer, Song writer.....You name it he does it....... Its been 369 days since we have seen "Live Music"..........We all feel the pain!!! Who was the last live performance you saw before the pandemic ??
  4. What a great record. I think Carlos was still playing a Boogie at that time.......Just screamed!!!!!........and the Japanese audience is so respectful and polite..... I was 16 and worked @ Musicland....a mall record store in the mall. I was only part time but the manager loved me. Every once in a while she would say, go grab yourself a couple of Albums........I would say "Anything"?......she would always say "Anything"!!!.......we only had one copy of that record. It was extremely expensive, I believe $33.00 at that time.......about the 4th time she said go get yourself a few LP"s I grabb
  5. I forgot this amazing record........My mother had gone out and bought the album. It became one of our favorites. What a wonderful blend of Pop, Rock, Fusion and what ever else you want to throw at it......Recorded beautifully ~ Also have to throw in Star is Born....another one from my mother ~
  6. Finally found some time yesterday to fret this finger board........ Mahogany Body / Flamed Claro Walnut Top / Flamed Maple Neck / Ebony Board with Black MOP Thumb Nail Markers / Black Binding ~
  7. What a great Thread!!!!............just to name a few ~
  8. This one would be hard to part with. The build took over a year for me and it has “Taku’s” pickups....... still can’t believe he was killed by a drug addict out on parole.....let me think about it and I will reach out to you ..... Look up Taku Sakashta Guitars ~
  9. Thank you so much.......!!!!..... the SS was quite the under taking......I actually made a block of wood that matched the carve of the guitar top...I attached to a Makita 1” belt sander. The SS was proud of the top so I had to sand it down even with the body contours being ever so careful not to heat it up as then it would expand......so time consuming but worth the effort
  10. Hey all, So i was ready to move on with my next creation. I just loved the "Hamer Silver 25th Anniversary" guitar silver "Purfling" binding detail.... I had two of these lovely guitars and they are truly "Lovely"....... the only thing I didn't like about them was the silver tarnishing on the fret board. I thought, how can i duplicate without using Silver........?......Stainless Steel was the answer. Well how do i get little strips of SS 60" long for this detail......Well, my buddy had a water jet machine and i grabbed a cutoff of 040 thick SS and had him water jet strips for me......What
  11. It is me :)....... nice to hear from you. You know, building one a year is a fine pace. That’s really what it takes me....... I have one guitar for a friend that has taken a few years...... . Would love to see some of your builds.
  12. Thank you!!!........ Here is a close up of the infamous "Knot"......and few others from the build......wish I documented more of it ~
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