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  1. I'd talk to them. Probably can do a bit better if you're not buying through Reverb
  2. I'd love to trade this bass for something I'd play more often like a six string electric. I could do 3K Shipped if you used Paypal and you're US based. No, I'm not going to require something dumb like F&F. These typically for for mid 3K. https://reverb.com/item/78782019-rickenbacker-4001v63-1999-mapleglo Please note that I don't check in hear every day. You can always reach out to me on Reverb and mention that you saw it posted on HFC. That alone is enough for me to check back here.
  3. https://reverb.com/item/77397646-hamer-usa-mirage-electric-guitar-1995-flamed-koa-w-ohsc-kinman-pickups?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=ad&utm_campaign="US"-NBA-CBO-10.12.22&utm_content="US"-NBA-CBO-10.11.22-MI.3.0&utm_term=From+essentials+to+top-tier+gear+weve+got+you&fbclid=IwAR39-RDCc28HNyMKzlPkjO5EBK05KSzq8Mx30mf5ASDemhp62pSk67A0OpE I like the mods. Just hoping I might be able to cut a deal with them off Reverb.
  4. Different tailpiece but I'm pretty sure the bridge is stock as I think you're suggesting. A lot of what people think is wear looks a little odd to me. I suppose it could be wear but I think it's nitro reacting to something combined with wear.
  5. I got this locally on Craigslist. All of the damage is to the finish. None of it goes through the guitar. I don't mind wear but that finish seems to me like the nitro bubbling after being exposed to something that outgassed a chemical. Part of me wants to: Refinish Updates pots to 500K (3 our of 4 pots are original). Swapping in pickups (currently has Duncan stacks Swapping out brass nut for Graphite or Bone. Locking tuners (personal preference).
  6. I have two of both already so I'm not inclined to buy more. I'll say that his stuff is as good as any of the boutique brands out there: https://reverb.com/item/66567319-cmatmods-signa-drive https://reverb.com/item/66485479-cmatmods-signa-comp-drive I believe they haven't been made in a few years after his basement flooded. I'm of the opinion that sooner or later people will catch on to how great these are and the prices will go up. But, hey, what do I know?
  7. This is another one that I'm going to see if I can sell. The evidence I have that it was used in tour are pictures of a previous owner playing with Slash on tour. The guy I bought it from knows him apparently, as he's originally from this area. But other than that, there's obviously going to be no COA. I can show you threads on MLP where the builder posts pictures of the guitar being built and of Bobby playing this guitar with Slash. If that's not enough, I get it. Obviously I'm willing to accept offers as I'm trying to pay for my Father In Law's medical treatment. The price I've got it up for is in line with what the only dealer I can find selling Meyer guitars has them up for. https://reverb.com/item/66487387-meyer-custom-t-style
  8. Looks like the Firebird sold to someone famous, or at least the name used matches that of a famous player. And someone who donated a lot of time and money to a non profit I care about. So If I have to lose a fine guitar, I can't think of a better way.
  9. Thanks for the well wishes. Like I said, I can probably survive without selling as guitar gear is really the only luxury I spend money and have an emergency fund capable of sustaining us for months without work. But... I figure it's better to be prudent so if anyone makes me an offer I'm more likely than ever to accept. Also, I'm heading to Nashville Mar 10-12 if anyone's out that way to deal with stuff for my dad. My dad, thankfully, is okay just old.
  10. My wife's father is in the hospital in the Philippines recovering from a stroke. We're still gaining clarity on his exact state but it looks like they're telling us he's going to require brain surgery to both deal with hydrocephalus and find out more. While not quite into fire sale territory for me as I have a pretty good emergency fund, it's at least worth trying harder to move a few extra instruments I have to ease my wife's concerns about paying the bills: https://reverb.com/item/65177414-guild-newark-st-collection-x-175-manhattan-with-original-hard-shell-case https://reverb.com/item/64977143-knaggs-severn https://reverb.com/item/66222822-fender-special-edition-set-neck-custom-telecaster-hh-fmt-2003 https://reverb.com/item/65435006-gibson-firebird-v-hp-2016 Costs are about 2.5K USD for treatment so far and brain surgery apparently costs $3-4K. Make me an offer on Reverb and I'm more likely than usual to take you up on it.
  11. Looks like you're just a few hours away from me. If you ever get out to STL, let me know. I'm interested.
  12. Someone's going to get a killer deal. I'm interested but can't pull the trigger to January due to travel.
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