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    4 '79 Sunbursts, 2 '80s Prototypes, '81 Phantom, 3 '80s Special (incl. no SN Prototype), Les Pauls: '52 to '57 Conversion, '75 deLuxe, '92 CS Custom, '96 CS Standard '59, '03 CS Goldtop, '81 Flying V, '82 Telecaster, '79 Stratocaster, '78 Jazz Bass
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    2 '76 Orange Overdrive Fullstacks, '75 Orange Combo, '64 Fender deLuxe, '69 Dynacord MV17 "Toaster"

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    Frankfurt Main, Germany
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    Rock, Blues- & Southern Rock
    family, history, Hamers from late 70s and 80s

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  1. Felt in love and purchased another '79 Sunburst from a nice Italian guy living in Newcastle, UK: 9 0897. Great Condition but Brexit Tax: € 165,- πŸ€ͺ
  2. The bridge is weired. And the bridge PU seems to be a DiMarzio Super Distortion
  3. https://www.ebay.de/itm/144681364441?hash=item21afae6bd9:g:84UAAOSwQuNi-U55&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAkIqB8d8N%2BcoJT84od7ppd18asgTq2PqHLFTQTVoPyhp221P9xq1WqzIZN0Lfeqe6qvm4PMWml12vCHE9UXuZUeKSWEPChdr%2FVjodo%2FHuJjtsLY5h4jJBZmGLxjgpDjQD1LC0456cDsGOQGM81Do4LSf6ngjx22HFzX%2Ba4Pa2C6Y7PpXA0ImAZu%2FlxEqU9eFBeA%3D%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR8iOl4TVYA Looks great, bound and crowned. Which Year was it built? No affiliation
  4. 4 Sunbursts: 9 0680 , 9 0843 , 9 0939 , 9 1407 This one I bought new 1980 in Hannover, still my guitar for the island πŸ’–
  5. My first album, bought 1972 at my 14th birtday. Still listening. Meanwhile I would miss the cracks
  6. Fantastic album! Saw them severeal times, still great music and musicians
  7. Thank You very much. Great answers πŸ™Œ I think I got it once with a Gibson Les Paul at the neckjoint, a thin cracked line to the body. But as I just learnd: with 90s to 10th Hamers it seems to be more often, more 'typical'.
  8. ... got the same situation last autumn with my Vectors: love the 80s Hamer, but didn't play them. Not my body shape, So they left, both together to one new and happy owner
  9. When he is a Korg guy: Korg Kronos, the newer ones
  10. Awesome guitar! Please show leniency: What is Hameritis? I am from Germany, a new member and this term is new for me, couldn't find it in any dictionary.
  11. Thank You very much 😍 It's great in the HFC , the right place πŸ‘. And: Please excuse me, but I don't want to sell the Duotone any more. It is a great great guitar, I would regre. I hope You understand me With anticipation.... Markus
  12. I missed that thread, just discovered it. Thank You for Your input: very very interesting. And congratulation: Chicago were my heroes πŸ’– Did You try Kemper? Tried it with vintage HiWatt and Orange Profiles...
  13. ☺️ It was a humid summer in Germany πŸ˜‰Honestly, I'm annoyed with myself for discovering the site so late.
  14. Thank You, specialk! Really glad founding HFC: a really informative friendly and well founded site πŸ˜ƒ Reduction in price for HFC members: of course, a good custom. € 100,- less, so € 1.400,- plus shipping for HFK members. Oversea shipping rate: I am sorry, but I don't have any experience. Just starting to minimize the collection a bit...
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