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  1. I still prize it to this day What Explorers?
  2. Mane! So much stuff I completely forgot about. I now remember that meeting but I don't remember the guitar at all!!
  3. Wow thanks for the warm welcome. Many familiar names but I have terrible memory. Rockola, I had forgotten about the dildo and the dimarzio. Was it a pay it forward? For what project? Zorrow, I stopped about 2-3 years ago, have we met? Tom I remember you as a very kind mustachioed gentleman. Did you sell me a Deluxe Reverb or a Princeton or something? Did I sell you something? Brooks, the handle is familiar but I don't remember much, help! Chris, you owe me a blueburst Standard, or was that your brother's? Was I lusting after a cool red Proto too? Is Peter still around? I'm extremely lazy but I hope to get around to list some guitars (Chap Custom, OG Cruise Bass, graphic Blitz I-6, 2 Phantom A5s SBT, Phantom GT, BC Rich Ironbird snakeskin ) For a non American the online gear marketplace is looking pretty bleak, what with the crazy shipping prices, ebay's fees & subsequent demise, CITES etc. Is US Fish & Wildlife still intercepting guitars with MOP inlays going cross border? I understand the rosewood ban is being lifted this week. Any other problematic common guitar woods like ebony, korina etc?
  4. Both my black standards, one custom and one mahogany, were lowly six-digits.
  5. Howdy, Long time to no post. Lost GAS 7 years ago and have not bought or sold anything or visited any gear-related sites since. I want to unload a ton of cool crap I've been hoarding, some of it somewhat obscure, with limited/no local appeal.. such as kewl Hamer guitars. I don't know what anything is worth anymore. Are the Reverb sold listings the only resource left? I get the feeling that the original asking prices they show in the "accepts offers" listings are nowhere near what most of those guitars must have sold for (eg. 1,800 for a Kahler Phantom A5, 1,500 for a 90s Special FM). Is this forum still a viable selling option for Hamer stuff? Any other forums still happening like TGP etc? Thanks!
  6. I'm replacing my tank because something is shorting out in the tank when the console is horizontal (it had been placed on its side for the past 6+ years). Gravity seems to be the cause. If I lift one side and tilt it past a certain angle it works. I can send it to you if it can be of help.
  7. you have got to be shitting me. I am about to order a 1AB1C1B for a Yamaha powered mixer from Accutronics Korea. --- Dear Sir How are you? Thank you for your enquiry of our reverb pan 1AB1C1B. When you want to buy this from us directly, please refer to the followings and inform us your confirmation by return. Then, we can deliver this product within a week after receiving your payment by Paypal. Followings ; 1) Unit Price : US$20.- 2) Shipping method : EMS US$22(Please inform your shipping address for shipping charge).- Total ;US$42.-(Notice : Sometimes change shipping cost depends on country and weight) or if you have any express account no. like FEDEX, UPS, DHL, please inform us. 3) Payment : By paypal : Address : belton@unitel.co.kr We are waiting for your answer with full mailing address and tel.no. for delivery. Best regards / H. Park P/S ; (1) For other information of our products, please visit on our web "www.accutronicsreverb.com " and "www.belton.co.kr" (2) The EMS service doesn't call to customer when they deliver, please check your product where it is with B/L. If it doesn't delivery to you in a week, you have to check it and call to your postal office. Because when the EMS visit your home, if there is no one, they don't visit again and they send it back to Korea. If it returns back to Korea, you should pay shipping charge again.
  8. dgstandard's can't drive 55 black standard
  9. At a time when "boutique", "vos", "relic", "roadworn", "r9", "master built", "hand wired" became guitar terms, and well before the hipster movement/white stripes/resurgence of old department store guitars, these guys came up with a guitar built like the danelectro amp-in-case guitars of the 60s, looking nothing like a danelecto amp-in-case or any other guitar for that matter, introduced some crazy finish materials, and paired them with strat necks with imo the best non-lawsuit fender-inspired headstock. And they sold direct from their then-excellent website. Next-level shit all around.
  10. I'm convinced the current Reverends are as good, if not better than the old USA line. They just lost the charm and individuality of the USA line. Just like those half-assed Eastwood "reissues" of Supro/Airline fiberglass guitars made of mahogany (i.e. nato) with bullshit tuneamatic bridges and covered humbuckers that play, feel and sound the same as a Les Paul copy, they capture absolutely none of the vibe of the original. Part of the brilliance of the USA Reverend line was how easily and cheaply they made these cool, unique guitars (e.g. no paint spraying)
  11. Remember when you could go on the reverend website, choose a color, pickups, hardtail or bigsby etc., pay $579 and you'd get a cool as shit instrument assembled in Michigan unlike anything else on the market? Their current guitars are such a boner killer. Just the same tired guitars that everybody else is peddling, just shaped a little differently.
  12. Cynic, Your post is like a waiter telling a patron that left a small tip that he didn't tip enough. Sometime around 2004 or so, HFCer rjoseph33 put the word out that there's a mahogany Standard in a local pawshop priced at the HFC "special" ($350) which he offered to get for a HFC broseph33, in case anyone was interested. Edgar Alan Poe (the HFC member) was first to take him up on this offer. I was one of the 20-odd runners up. About a year or so later, he had a big Hamer sell-off to fund a new Baker and put it up for sale here at the then HFC "standard" price ($900) for a 2-piece STDMAH. I bought it and enjoyed that guitar immensely until Sir Dan did the unthinkable and put BlackBart up for sale. An ebay $1 NR auction netted me $1100 - from a HFC heavyweight coincidentally. Brent is the best thing that happened to the used Hamer market since the big dogs (like the one who bought the aforementioned STDMAH) stopped playing. Y U B actin' like a brother done did somethin' wrong cause he got his game tight?
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