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  1. How about this big ol' baby: 87 Floyd OBL ebony boomahs, minor buckle rash, checking, no breaks or repairs, has a transparent film in guise of p/g, ohsc in unbelievable shape
  2. HamerCustomEr, it was a pleasure dealing with you. I do have more I'd part with but that I haven't gotten around to listing yet (two Phantom A5's, one GT, Chap Custom, B/W graphic Specials).
  3. Just like the one in the listing below except for a limited time I'm slashing 50% off ($97.50) https://reverb.com/item/14370138-hamer-usa-blitz-explorer-bass-hardshell-case-1980-s?show_sold=true The catch is that I am in French Canada and this is as yuge as it gets.
  4. Hi Gus,

    I'm in Canada.  Do you happen to have an Eclipse or Eclipse XII for sale?  Maybe a Cruisebass first edition?  Please let me know what you have.



    1. GusS


      Hi Andris,

      Sorry for the late reply. No Eclipses but I do have a Cruisebass first edition in white w/ OHSC! 
      Please write me at nimurug@gmail.com and I'll share pictures.

    2. HamerCustomEr


      Hi Gus,

      Thanks, I sent the email.


  5. "Guitar Shop" "https://www.aliyundaijinquan.com/" Contact us page: Contact Us * Required information Full Name:*Email Address:*Message:*
  6. Am in Canada and wish to unload Hamers and other guitars. Send me a private message.
  7. I still prize it to this day What Explorers?
  8. Mane! So much stuff I completely forgot about. I now remember that meeting but I don't remember the guitar at all!!
  9. Wow thanks for the warm welcome. Many familiar names but I have terrible memory. Rockola, I had forgotten about the dildo and the dimarzio. Was it a pay it forward? For what project? Zorrow, I stopped about 2-3 years ago, have we met? Tom I remember you as a very kind mustachioed gentleman. Did you sell me a Deluxe Reverb or a Princeton or something? Did I sell you something? Brooks, the handle is familiar but I don't remember much, help! Chris, you owe me a blueburst Standard, or was that your brother's? Was I lusting after a cool red Proto too? Is Peter still around? I'm extremely lazy
  10. Both my black standards, one custom and one mahogany, were lowly six-digits.
  11. Howdy, Long time to no post. Lost GAS 7 years ago and have not bought or sold anything or visited any gear-related sites since. I want to unload a ton of cool crap I've been hoarding, some of it somewhat obscure, with limited/no local appeal.. such as kewl Hamer guitars. I don't know what anything is worth anymore. Are the Reverb sold listings the only resource left? I get the feeling that the original asking prices they show in the "accepts offers" listings are nowhere near what most of those guitars must have sold for (eg. 1,800 for a Kahler Phantom A5, 1,500 for a 90s Special FM). Is th
  12. I'm replacing my tank because something is shorting out in the tank when the console is horizontal (it had been placed on its side for the past 6+ years). Gravity seems to be the cause. If I lift one side and tilt it past a certain angle it works. I can send it to you if it can be of help.
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