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  1. Still with me. That looks like a picture of Peter's! Is that its provenance?
  2. How's it going Tom! Remind me, aside from the Princeton, did you sell me a b/w graphic Special too?
  3. I think Antony does his own work. The above b/w special is in player condition with a thin neck. But probably too original/rare/not cheap enough to be torn apart.
  4. The color is definitely not a detriment. It is missing the original OBL humbucker though, which won't affect it too much either.
  5. I sold a blue '87 just like this one for $1500 + shipping on this forum two months ago.
  6. What's up player, I have 2-3 guitars that may interest you, among them this 1981 black and white Special with a slim and narrow neck. I am in Canada. If you don't mind paying the 400 lev or whatever it will end up costing to ship, se nd me a message !
  7. Some players Phantom GT candy apple red Phantom A5 blue Phantom A5 ferrari red
  8. How about this big ol' baby: 87 Floyd OBL ebony boomahs, minor buckle rash, checking, no breaks or repairs, has a transparent film in guise of p/g, ohsc in unbelievable shape
  9. HamerCustomEr, it was a pleasure dealing with you. I do have more I'd part with but that I haven't gotten around to listing yet (two Phantom A5's, one GT, Chap Custom, B/W graphic Specials).
  10. Just like the one in the listing below except for a limited time I'm slashing 50% off ($97.50) https://reverb.com/item/14370138-hamer-usa-blitz-explorer-bass-hardshell-case-1980-s?show_sold=true The catch is that I am in French Canada and this is as yuge as it gets.
  11. Hi Gus,

    I'm in Canada.  Do you happen to have an Eclipse or Eclipse XII for sale?  Maybe a Cruisebass first edition?  Please let me know what you have.



    1. GusS


      Hi Andris,

      Sorry for the late reply. No Eclipses but I do have a Cruisebass first edition in white w/ OHSC! 
      Please write me at nimurug@gmail.com and I'll share pictures.

    2. HamerCustomEr


      Hi Gus,

      Thanks, I sent the email.


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