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  1. Is this when you all unload your best Hamer gear at amazing prices? 😁
  2. Love that setlist! Edit: ....although you probably meant Weezer when I assumed this
  3. This reminds me, I can't believe Cleveland blew the opportunity to rename their baseball team the Rockers instead of the Guardians or whatever they are.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I edited the flowchart to add a choice that represents my typical course of action in life.
  5. Do Equitz guitars come with the matching fingernail polish?
  6. I am scared to clean or even look at this for fear I will screw it up (although I did muster the courage to take out the tuning pegs to replace chrome w/black and avoided disaster so far). My biggest concern is whether the horizontal and vertical lines I circled may get worse. Not visually worse, but start to flake off or something along those lines, especially if I bump the headstock etc. You may be able to see additional checking/lines, including around the logo, and I wanted ask the HFC experts if there is anything I can or should do to prevent deterioration/flaking/etc. Like, drop in some clear CA glue or lacquer or something along those lines. Or should I just roll with it. EDIT: On closer look these aren't as bad as I thought.
  7. I actually think the guitar looks pretty good from pics except for that white cover
  8. I learned something new today oops missed that @Willie G. Moseleyalready posted this
  9. UPDATE Tone before vinyl wrap: Tone after vinyl wrap:
  10. Maybe this will clear things up Before wrap: After wrap:
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