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  1. mc2

    Hi. Can you send me pics of you fretless V-C? Curious to see your's.

    I own a few V-C basses. Have had seven but sold two 8-strings and a fretless that was boogered.

    I have a local friend on LI (now a bass dealer/collector) who also has had a good number of them. When I was over there a couple months back he had a one-off V-C Harvey made for a famous player, who recently passed away that was pretty interesting.



    1. polara


      I'll snap a couple shots this weekend. I got it absolutely beat to hell 12 years ago for $575. Had a Badass bridge, a hole in it to ground the bridge, and the guts had been switched to a Bartolini preamp. I sent to to Joe V, and he connected with Harvey C to scare up a NOS bridge, tailpiece, and strap buttons. Cue, Joe's painter, stripped it and repainted it flawlessly, patched the hole and the extra hole where the toggle had been, and even fabricated a new control cavity cover. I still can't find a case to fit it (it's in a Fender case with towels) but it's beautiful and sounds great with tapewounds.

      Oddly, even though I guess the refin and non-original electronics make it less "valuable" I kind of like having possibly the last bass they ever collaborated on, and it's a cool story.

  2. My friend mike has been chatting with you. Mike he is serious about the bass. We wanted to come down there.

    Let him know. Thanks.  Bass looks hot!

  3. Love the new neck! When you posted the first shot of it on the grey body my first thought was "HUH?!?!" I did a web search to make sure there wasn't a sudden world shortage of day-glo paint ?? is the new neck a direct spec copy of a Cali or some subtle changes?
  4. mc2

    P.S......my direct email is mc2@usa.com


    jon (mc2)

  5. mc2

    Hi. Can you send some pics of your 4 digit?

    Direct email is mc2@usa.com


    jon (mc2 on HFC)

  6. Beautiful work MIKE !! Congrats to all the lucky recipients. Chris.....you should have had small packs of Shishkov logo'd tissues enclosed with the case candy for the first run
  7. I asked that seller about the white po striping on the front a. Couple weeks back and he said they are removeable....think he said they were stick on.
  8. These are not in France or Europe but they are both near mint and the seller is a reputable dealer. Not unfair prices for ones this nice from a collection. I have dealt with this dealer before and he is very good and also knows how to pack and ship guitars safely. He recently got in this SSI and the SSII from the same collector. You may be able to offer him less.....he DOES deal. Also, I am fairly sure they also have the original cases. http://rocknrollvintage.com/search.php?search_query=Hamer&Search=
  9. Henry cannot fire Himself Just one of MANY dopey Gibson ideas. But I guess over 100+ years you are allowed a few. I have a couple stamped Gibson Protoypes from the Grabber Bass period. They must have had a surplus of bodies, so some bozo decided to saw off the lower horn to make them semi-teardrops!! Hahaha Obviously, never issued as an official model but they had a few prototypes of it.
  10. Tobe....I don't think that is the same one but not sure. I have a pic of the one that was at Hamer somewhere...will try to dig it up.
  11. Wonder if Hamer would have ended up continuing its shredder guitars longer if Vai had gone with Hamer instead of Ibanez? I think the most surprising Hamer prototype that used to sit at the factory was the Hamer with the "Monkey Grips" on it that was done for Vai. If it wasn't for the Vai Floral JEM my guitarist bought back in '88 that SUCKED SO BAD that the store finally took it back, she wouldn't have ended up with her killer custom Snakeskin Hamer Chap from the trade credit. Found out years later Ibanez had a run of bad ones from using soft maple necks that bent and went out of tune when the
  12. I'm now noticing that the date in the Gibson HENDRIX Strat story seems to be 2009.....and another story saying Gibson pulled the model from its website back then. So....anyone know what happened to those boxes of HENDRIX Strats in the photos? Gibson doesn't seem one to just toss out already built guitars. Did they throw them into flood waters or let Obama's FEDS seize them, so they could write them off in an insurance claim? Henry J. sure has some balls sometimes, considering how he sues anyone who even thinks of making anything close to a Gibson design.
  13. Jeff Beck Group -- I Ain't Superstitious was my first thought and the tasty little wah bit in Hendrix' version of All Along the Watchtower makes that solo. And THIS.....In A Gadda Da Vida.
  14. Man, that is one gorgeous Virt !! Virts and longscale TLEs are my two personal fave Hamer six-strings. BTW.....that is NOT the Snakeskin Virt from the Hamer catalog !!
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