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  1. mc2

    Hi. Can you send me pics of you fretless V-C? Curious to see your's.

    I own a few V-C basses. Have had seven but sold two 8-strings and a fretless that was boogered.

    I have a local friend on LI (now a bass dealer/collector) who also has had a good number of them. When I was over there a couple months back he had a one-off V-C Harvey made for a famous player, who recently passed away that was pretty interesting.



    1. polara


      I'll snap a couple shots this weekend. I got it absolutely beat to hell 12 years ago for $575. Had a Badass bridge, a hole in it to ground the bridge, and the guts had been switched to a Bartolini preamp. I sent to to Joe V, and he connected with Harvey C to scare up a NOS bridge, tailpiece, and strap buttons. Cue, Joe's painter, stripped it and repainted it flawlessly, patched the hole and the extra hole where the toggle had been, and even fabricated a new control cavity cover. I still can't find a case to fit it (it's in a Fender case with towels) but it's beautiful and sounds great with tapewounds.

      Oddly, even though I guess the refin and non-original electronics make it less "valuable" I kind of like having possibly the last bass they ever collaborated on, and it's a cool story.

  2. Hamer Studio in BC https://www.kijiji.ca/v-guitar/delta-surrey-langley/1995-hamer-studio-aztec-gold/1228283979?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
  3. My friend mike has been chatting with you. Mike he is serious about the bass. We wanted to come down there.

    Let him know. Thanks.  Bass looks hot!

  4. Yeah, I'll be up at some point. Waiting for my electric to get straightened out.
  5. Oh....you're right by civilization and Halifax. My place is down near Barrington in the infamous UFO crash town....I think everyone in town is really a lobster fisherman or something related to it...or an extraterrestial. Funny mix, lobstermen and E.T.
  6. What part of Nova Scotia? NS Power emailed me around 10 days ago to tell me a truck took out the telephone pole in front of my place up there.....tore the power line, the mast, the entire meter pan and meter right off of the house....and I'm not even close to the road. Crazy. Maybe it was a giant lobster?
  7. Yeah, that is one of those that found me after I missed out on it when you first let it go. Actually, all three of these 8-string Standards I missed the first time but they eventually found me. Definitely not for small stages 😀
  8. Do Futuras count? Korina 8-string Futura Bass, ex-Tom Petersson. 8-String Standard Basses......
  9. Love the new neck! When you posted the first shot of it on the grey body my first thought was "HUH?!?!" I did a web search to make sure there wasn't a sudden world shortage of day-glo paint 😀😀 is the new neck a direct spec copy of a Cali or some subtle changes?
  10. mc2

    P.S......my direct email is mc2@usa.com


    jon (mc2)

  11. mc2

    Hi. Can you send some pics of your 4 digit?

    Direct email is mc2@usa.com


    jon (mc2 on HFC)

  12. Actually, I did notice that - I paid for that bass about 15 years ago, but somebody spooked the LA-based seller about shipping it, and he didn't complete the transaction and returned my $$. Pissed me off royally, but glad that it's in a good home now until Chromium feels like selling it to me. Definitely NOT me. I suspect it was Tony Babylon, he had something going on with the seller, trying to do one of his third party sales, just before I got it.
  13. Maybe there was an earlier Kahler version on the bass that needed the hole to be adjusted? But now it is just a leftover, obsolete mystery. ......Sort of like a human appendix or tail bone. Or it had a B-bender on it.
  14. Glad to see those two from Casa de MC2 reunited!!They look killer together......although I never had a wagon wheel. i'm surprised no one caught that there are NO INLAYS on the Standard. That Kahler on the B4S Is factory original....although I could never figure out what the hole in the tail of the bass body is for??? Maybe chromium will have more luck in figuring it out. I asked Jol and he didn't recall either. NICE SHOT !!
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