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  1. It's the regular Fender Modern C shape...not too big, not too small.
  2. Jeez...thanks for the heads about leaving out the most important info lol. Now added.
  3. I have owned and gigged more Gibson LPs, Hamer Monaco Elites, Dean Solteros etc than I can even remember. The Friedman definitely hangs with all of them. The pickups are outstanding and Grover and Dave just tweaked a few things here and there I really like. The neck joint for one. Neck shape feels a hair bigger than a 60s LP and the 10-12” compound radius is icing on cake. I know many do not relic’d guitars but I do. I keep telling people this one is like your favorite pair of well worn jeans — just feels like I’ve had it forever.
  4. Love my Friedman Metro D and my Friedman JJ Junior with cab.
  5. Here's the build sheet.

    Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 6.18.22 AM.png

    1. Jake8773


      I saw your other post first... I like what Joe is building my main concern is used value.  I sold my T2 Severn for about 2K it has T1 Lollar pickups and a few other upgrades.


      The pickups are BKs but are they rebel yells? Also no etching on the covers from what I can see or is it the angle?

    2. jisham


      They aren't Rebel Yells in the SSC models...Just "SSC" pickups.  I'm told they are more vintage sounding than the Rebels.

  6. Are you looking for guitar trades maybe?  If so I have a mint Knaggs SSC for your consideration.  I am looking to add an R8 to my collection so thought I'd ask.  It's mint and has only been played in my music room.  I'm attaching a couple of pics but can get you more if there's any interest.  If not, no worries.  Thanks, Jaye

    Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 6.16.34 AM.png

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    2. Jake8773


      No worries, that's good news for you! Now you can buy mine with cash

    3. jisham


      I'm working on it but not sure I can pull it off.  Will be in touch if so.

    4. Jake8773


      I understand, I can't hopefully you did will (better than me) selling the Knaggs,

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