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  1. Monday morning price drop bump-age.
  2. Yes and she's a real bitch! Sorry for the delayed reply...
  3. It's the regular Fender Modern C shape...not too big, not too small.
  4. Jeez...thanks for the heads about leaving out the most important info lol. Now added.
  5. I have owned and gigged more Gibson LPs, Hamer Monaco Elites, Dean Solteros etc than I can even remember. The Friedman definitely hangs with all of them. The pickups are outstanding and Grover and Dave just tweaked a few things here and there I really like. The neck joint for one. Neck shape feels a hair bigger than a 60s LP and the 10-12” compound radius is icing on cake. I know many do not relic’d guitars but I do. I keep telling people this one is like your favorite pair of well worn jeans — just feels like I’ve had it forever.
  6. Love my Friedman Metro D and my Friedman JJ Junior with cab.
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