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  1. I had one. I think it was number two: I recorded an album with it, and it sounded very good.. Very good guitar, but "rare" and "desirable" aren't necessarily the same thing. Agree on the $1500 being realistic.
  2. Wrote it at breakfast, finished mixing around 1pm. Uses being trapped in a spaceship that can't return to a plague-riddled Earth as metaphor for shelter-in-place, love, and various other things. Was trying for a Bowie-meets-Floyd-meets-Failure vibe. I'm sure I'll fix a few things if we do the EP, but this is a fairly polished demo...
  3. All the albums are strong. Sky Full of Holes is my favorite, but it's pretty heavy on the melancholy and sad, not as much happy witty stuff. This is a good concert that has songs from all the albums. Pick one that you dig, and reference back to the album it came from, maybe?
  4. Yes, I think it's the mutated monster cousin of "Haven't been gigging, getting bored, let's buy stuff." But I'm so darned happy with my meager little collection, I really can't think of anything I want!
  5. I actually loved their last album best. Great writer, and kind of an inspiration for all us office drones who loved melody and knew we could never be rock gods. The melancholy of this song is so appropriate.
  6. 8pm Eastern https://facebook.com/iamarocketship You just go to that address and wait for the video to start. Some new ones and old ones and a cover we just started today.
  7. It looks like one thin pass of color, no grain filler or base coat. I guess in theory that might make for a lively guitar, like how an guitar with just oil or wax is lively.
  8. Thanks for doing better research than me on the guitar I think Landers usually just used a Studio with EMGs, so this is not that radically different. I'm still kinda shocked I like the sound, but I think the 60 and 81 are a little mellower than the usual 81 and 85 combo. As you can see in the snaps below, it's a little... unpolished looking.
  9. Guitars I've gotten straight from makers have been shipped tuned to pitch, and I'm guessing they have some experience in shipping and track breakage. I imagine the box was dropped bang straight onto one end or the other from a pretty good height. Shit happens. Maybe after USPS finishes, you can get it re-set. Like Murkat said, that's so clean you could get it fixed so it looked and played like new. Might end up as a good NGD!
  10. It's kind of weird to have gotten a guitar in the last two weeks, but our jobs are secure in anything less than full Mad Max collapse of society and I have sold a ton of stuff over the last year. Finally, I had been looking for this guitar literally for years, and for no rational reason. It's a Paul Landers Signature Les Paul. He's one of the guitarists in Rammsteain, and part of my weird damaged psyche loves that band. The guitar itself was only made in 2012, and while it's rare, I don't think it was a big hit commercially and I doubt if it's "desirable". Maybe in Germany. It's a mahogany Les Paul, bound maple top, 50s neck, some kind of funky fretboard wood with only side markers and no binding. Locking Grovers, black Corian nut, medium frets, TonePros tailpiece and bridge. Electronics are interesting: chrome EMGs, a 60 in the neck and an 81 in the bridge, with one master volume knob moved closer to the bridge. It's matte black all over. Silver logo, and the binding is sort of grey, silvery. It's a mixed bag. The wood bits are good. It's very resonant, strings are not off center, the woodwork all seems very precise, the neck is dead straight, action is nice, nut seems cut just fine. I really like the sound. It stays in tune wonderfully. The EMGs are very clear and I don't get the "sterile" thing at all. The neck pickup isn't as boomy as I'd expected from such a big ol' slab of guitar, the bridge unit is good and rockin', and it sounds great clean. The finish is... weird. I can understand a minimalist, real rocker kind of industrial approach, but it looks like my kid and I painted it. The top is fine I guess, a very thin nitrocellulose coat that shows a bit of the grain under the flat back. The binding isn't particularly neatly done and has a couple bits of black paint, which i scraped off with an X-Acto. The edges of the fretboard - the actual wood - are pretty rough and not precisely shaped to match the curve of the neck. And the back and neck are also a single coat of black, but on mahogany with little or no filler it's kind of... wood shop. Like a rattle-can of Krylon barbeque paint. The finish doesn't bug me exactly. I guess if Gibson was pushing to control costs, I'm glad they made a guitar with a great neck that sounds terrific and is sturdy, but kind of lacking in finesse... as opposed to a hunk of junk with great paint. It just makes me wonder about the decisions made in the company, and how the employees feel: I'm guessing they'd love to be able to deliver a product that looks great, and are just resigned to "Spray it. Any bare wood? Okay, next."
  11. It's tricky. I'm very fortunate in that my job is relatively recession-resistant (wealth management: rich folks like us when times are good and really need us when times are bad) and a partner, and we did stress test on finances last year... unless it's full Mad Max, no one gets laid off. Missus' job runs on grants that already have cleared for the next couple years and we save like misers. We've kinda settled on some local businesses we want to try to support, so have ordered a bit more restaurant food (picked up curbside) and hardware (same) than we really need. Since Missus works in a lab, we have a decontamination routine with 70% alcohol and where "outside" stuff sits, where it's decontaminated, and how we clean that area. And finally, while 2019 saw me buying a few guitars, I sold a LOT more, to the point that I just had the five electrics and two acoustics I couldn't see getting rid of, out of uniqueness and just pleasure. But yesterday a local guy had an "under the bed" condition Paul Landers* model Les Paul on Reverb. I contacted him, asked him to come down another $500, and he drove it over. Nice guy, has about 60 guitars and never played it. I honestly don't know the market value on them as they made so few and I think they were a commercial failure but we both were satisfied. I guess as long as the zombies aren't looting and my job is secure, I'll cautiously still shop but I think a lot of people not as luck as me are gonna be in a world of hurt soon, so I suspect I'll be spending more on donations to the Atlanta Food Bank and other charities. *Rammstein. Yes I know they're ridiculous. Don't care. So is Night Ranger
  12. Ya'll sound GREAT. You out some real heart into that.
  13. Keep 'em coming. Love seeing the HFC doing what they do.
  14. But that's a damn fine guitar. I really am at the point where I own everything I want, and nothing I don't want. Someone will be very happy with that instrument.
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