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  1. I played one Virage in a Guitar Center this year. It was a really good guitar, very sexy. Looks even better in korina. Nice!
  2. Sometimes if strings tend to move on a Jazzmaster bridge, it can be fixed with a slim cardboard shim under very end of the neck, to give it a stopper angle so you can raise the bridge and get the right angle. But mine came with a Mastery bridge: I run 10s and stays in tune and is a blast to play. I kept the stock tailpiece, but it was a USA one so maybe it's somehow different from the Mexican.
  3. You do the shooting, too? Damn. They edit and do the post-production, titles? Love the black background and t shirt and strap. You focus entirely on the guitar and hands. You really know your lighting and lenses, sir. Thanks for being one of a handful of demo guys who plays not only some fast passages, but throws in some slower stuff, full chords, twang, slide. And you don't go go full ENGL saturated gain. Shocking! You actually let the sound of the guitar come out. Objectively, I think Cort did a fine job on the length and any edits. I know you felt it was at risk of being butchered, but from the point of a consumer, that was enough to get me excited about the guitar, and if anything was long. People zone out after 3:00, sad but true. Pretty cool guitar. Wish they finished the back and sides in blue too, or even black, but I like the idea and lack of strong trees, switching.
  4. That looks like a wonderful guitar. Wow!
  5. I'm not that sure they ever really stood for anything. I don't mean that as a dis exactly, but when they stopped being Mister Crowe's Garden, who were a very good, jangly REM-Let's Active sort of band, to re-emerge a year later with a new name, long hair, bell-bottoms, and name-dropping John Lee Hooker and Robert Johnson, the reaction of the local music community was "What the hell just happened to Chris and Rich? They never gave any indication they were deep into the Faces and Delta blues. Huh?" Followed by, "Ohhhhh. Well, it works." I think they genuinely dug the new sound and Chris sure has the pipes for it, but I never got any sense they stood for more than rockin' out. I never KNEW them, but they went to a few of my band's shows. Rich seemed nice, and Steve super-nice. I never figured Chris out, but he was besties with our guitarist, who's a good judge of character. He sang with us at one rehearsal. I think they're being realistic about what most people want in any band: the big personalities out front are gonna sell seats. Deeper fans may care about the band, but as long as it's Mick+Keef, Steve+Joe, Chris+Rich, Ray+Dave, Anne+Nancy, etc... the rhythm section can be anyone.
  6. I'll cautiously say Yes he is not widely liked here I had two or three trouble-free transactions selling to this person before he was banned from the HFC When he then resold one of these items, he did not disclose in his listing the actual history of the item in question. His description was so completely contrary to my entirely factual knowledge that I would not trust his ad descriptions
  7. Loved him. Do you have that collaboration he did with Dangermouse? I think it was called Dark Night of the Soul... really good stuff. ETA: My Mac thinks "dangermouse" should be "dangerous"
  8. https://www.npr.org/2019/06/20/734141432/what-dropping-17-000-wallets-around-the-globe-can-teach-us-about-honesty
  9. I got a mapleglo '76 Ric 4001 back in 1982 and it was my only bass for years. Gigged it relentlessly and never had to so much as turn a wrench. I do regret selling it (with all my gear) in a fit of pique after my experiment with being in a signed band didn't end up being fun. Wonderful instruments, and more versatile than people assume.
  10. Deal of the Month there. Dang! And yes, to the strap button question.
  11. I'm sure it is this... https://shop.rall-online.net/Schaller-Tremolo-2000-black ...but branded as Vigier, with the press-in knife edges replaced by Vigier's innovation: a little hinge that moves on needle bearings. One nice Schaller feature is that the strings emerge from the block and then go over tiny rollers instead of a fixed piece of metal. It seems like German (over-) engineering but really well made, and stays in tune great. Easy to palm chug-chug, and love the Schaller/FR arm, which you can adjust to be fixed or floppy, easy to move or hard to move.
  12. Just passed away. She was a legend here in the A T L. She didn't releaser first album until she was 60.
  13. Man, the "Excellent" Monaco SuperPro form Guitar Center, and now this. I'm glad I sold off most of my guitars so I had enough in the slush fund for these two. I've always had a weird thing with Strats. I think I've owned four (including Strat-inspired guitars) and the ones that are SSS sound kind of springy and sizzly, while the humbucker ones are cool but don't have the jangle. Also I'm not a big fan of the angled output jack, of the usual controls (I know, and yeah I can use a soldering iron) and of the vibrato arms that clunk around. However I love the body shape and balance. If I had a brain I'd just get a Strat with P90s and be done with it. I'm not that smart, though. The Tom Anderson Classic S was pretty much perfect except I wasn't crazy about the sound. It was a lot of money to tie up in a guitar that didn't put wind in my sails in every way, and I wasn't crazy about swapping pickups in a damn Tom Anderson, which is such a work of art. Honestly though, I like to buy a guitar at a good price, enjoy it, sell it, and consider the loss my rental cost. So the Andersons went away, the B-Way went away, a couple others went, and then I saw at a local store a Vigier. I had a vague awareness they existed, and that was about it. It felt really good, the build quality was up there with... well, anything, but it was a little pricey for a "toy to mess with" purchase. We talked, and they came down low enough I'd have spent more on a new Indonesian guitar. And it really was "mint" with the tools and warranty card and stuff. It's a cliche, but the finish really is mirror-smooth, can't even see the seam in the two-piece alder body. Gibson-y fretboard radius with rolled edges, and medium (I hate jumbo) stainless frets every bit as well-finished as you'd expect for a top-end guitar. There are some cool touches, like the pickguard screws are tiny and countersunk, the output jack is a locking one, the bridge is a Schaller-made unit that locks the saddles in place and has tiny rollers for the string to pass over, plus instead of "knife edges" it pivots on needle bearings. The tuners are probably made by Schaller but unique, and locking. The string guides above the nut are like tiny loops mounted on strings, so there's no friction. There's a woolly caterpillar above the nut to dampen weird vibrations, and the nut itself is a six-piece zero fret (so you can replace any worn bit) with a teflon string guide. Pickups are kinda low-output by a German company called Amber. The switching is cool, because the middle position is bridge + neck. All the bits and pieces are super-heavy duty, even the pickup switch. The strap buttons are on machine screws that thread into brass inserts. Even the case is over-the top, a Hiscox. Anyway, it was so cheap I asked if it was hot, but they assured me it was not. Balances like a normal Strat, though I think the body is smaller. Like the balance and the satin-finished neck and smaller frets a lot. I can just go stupid-heavy on the vibrato and it stays in tune. Sound is way more old-school than I expected: I was thinking it would have a very modern Anderson sound, kind of hi-fi. Nah, it's very old-school, quacky and glassy and all those Fender words. I had to program a new set of banks in the Fractal to make it work: Deluxe Tweed model with some different gains and an op-amp Big Muff for the fuzzes, into a Fractal 4x12 cab model. Sounds really good now, very Smashing Pumpkins. Anyway, I have only one guitar that's a lifetime keeper, so I'll probably sell the Vigier once the honeymoon is over, but wanted to share that the Vigiers aren't just shred machines. I've posted the link for the ad on Reverb after the Music Zoo came back from NAMM. I dunno how many times it's changed hands, but I got it well under half the price in the ad. https://reverb.com/item/10847864-vigier-expert-classic-rock-anti-tobacco-burst
  14. That is one classy lookin' batch of music makers. I've never even touched a Suhr, but they have a great rep.
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