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  1. Uhhhh. Too many. Ceci Domino (unique) Hinnant custom (unique) Vigier Expert Fano Alt de Facto TC-6 (Dennis-built) Ernie Ball Music Man St. Vincent Dream Alain Johannes Sparkler Gibson Paul Landers Signature Les Paul '81 or so G&L F-100 Manson MA-EVO Floyd Sustainiac 80s Fernandes Tele 1950 Gibson ES-125 1935 Biltmore archtop Larrivée LSV-11 Crews Maniac Sound Key to the Rock SG Thing is, I love 'em all. Dammit.
  2. Yeah, definitely a specialized sound. Like how people either love or hate Scandinavian salty licorice. I think I got so caught up in the energy just seeing a video I never noticed the phones, and forgive them some... well. Excess
  3. Total freaks, rocking like it's the end of the world, and the audience is so on fire... not a phone in sight, and it's interesting to see the Charlotte Gainsbourg lookalike in front being groped by her guy during the 10-minute psychedelic freakout in the middle. Definitely not for everyone but I love this stuff. There is so much new rock out there, if you dig a little and go past the mass media...
  4. I had a “65 AV Jazzmaster. It was wonderful but I sold it as the finish was incredibly thin and if I chose to gig it I knew it would be a relic in a year. I don’t find them quirky. They sound great and play great though mine came with a mastery as a spare bridge which worked well, and I put locking tuners on just cos I like them. Great instruments.
  5. Thank you! You picked up on what we were going for. The whole EP we wanted to do the least double-tracking, detuning, pitch correcting, and overall trickiness possible. Just tried to give the songs some room to breathe, and also go for an overall warm and immediate feel. Our second LP I did tons of "stuff" on but the last one I backed off, and this one I just wanted to give it some room. It's just NASA public archives and some stock stuff except for the stuff in my neighborhood that I happened to have on my phone and seemed to work for the "abandoned Earth: black and white bits. I had a
  6. Man, I'd love to tour Georgia. I have friends there, and the food is EPIC.
  7. Hire a publicist. We went from getting 30 plays on our videos to thousands, and even having some international (albeit indie) artists contact us about opening on tours. It is a relentless job though, you need to work the social media every day and schooze a lot. But getting in front of bloggers and getting some reviews helps. And make a good website... https://iamarocketship.com/
  8. Nice review... https://amplifymusicmag.com/2020/10/23/i-am-a-rocket-ship-re-enter-orbit-with-shooting-star-single/
  9. I think there's a chance they could find their unique selling proposition from a) What did Hamer have design-wise that's unusual? plus b) USA made at a decent price point like the new Harmony guitars So cheap USA semihollow archtops in about four basic colors and with sexy pickups like Lollars would be my choice if they hired me as CMO. But I wouldn't take the job: terrible margins on making American guitars.
  10. That's nice. I wish them the best. Makes me wonder what is a guitar brand. Is it the people? Well, no one who was making Fewnders in 1954 is still doing it, and Leo left in the 60s. Dennis left Fano (and they were even built by Grover Jackson for a while) to form Novo, but Fanos are still good. I happen to own a Dennis-built one but the newere ones are cool, too. Is it the designs? Is it the philosophy? The logo? The target market? I don't mean it in a negative way, but what do we collectively think a Hamer is?
  11. I'd bought both of these a couple years ago because in my band we have no drummer and it's way easier to get a good live sound by going direct into the PA. They both sound great and are pretty much flawless shape. But all I need is one amp and basic effects, and I enjoy twiddling knobs to make ambient and noisy stuff live. The Fractal is way overkill and not easy to just grab a knob to make a delay self-oscillate. The Fly Rig is actually an incredible bang for the buck and can be twiddled but it was just for a backup and I figure my resurrected pedalboard is reliable enough, with a cheap SansA
  12. I'm doing that this week. I've really liked my Fractal AX8 but I only use one amp and cab model + two distortion stages, a tremolo, and a delay. It's like using a spaceship to to go the grocery store. So I got a DSM+Humboldt Simplifier and am hooking my pedals up. It'll be more suited for my minimal needs, and still go straight into the board.
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