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  1. For what it's worth, my MIJ Crews SG-02 has a big neck that doesn't wobble, is precisely made to vintage specs and can be had around a thousand bucks. It's better than any Gibson SG I've tried, if you're not set on the brand.
  2. I reported the eBay one, too. It wasn't even close... spot it from across a room.
  3. That makes a ton of sense. They can combine distribution channels and a lot of operational functions. No cannibalizing one another's lines of business, and both have strong legacies. With good management and marketing, it could work well. I have no idea of the financials involved, so that could blow it all up.
  4. I found (and this may just be confirmation bias) that the sound of vocals when using the Audient iD4 was more clear and balanced that with the Scarlett. Not night and day, but I didn't have to do much EQing of the vocals when using the Audient. There's a bit more flexibility with being able to do a bass roll-off or pad down the level with a hardware switch. The BIG change though, is the dedicated 1/4" instrument inputs on the Audient. The preamp on those made a big difference when recording guitar or bass direct. I'm not savvy enough to know why, but it immediately sounded more like an amp.
  5. Earl Slick was selling some gear (accompanied by letters from him that he was the owner) at a shop near his house. I did a bored "white guitar" Reverb search because white guitars are RAWK. This was one of the results: I don't generally care who owned something but it looked beautiful and the reputation for Framus quality is great so I put in a low offer, which was accepted. It's a Framus custom shop Tennessee model made for Slick in 2009 when he became an endorser. I guess when Framus' custom shop is told to make a guitar for Bowie's guitarist, who is the new face of the brand, they do g
  6. THAT is a hard lesson to learn, but once ya do, yer playing, recording, and attitude toward life transform. Still working on that myself. I guess most of us are...
  7. I Am a Rocketship is the first time I've been the engineer, producer, arranger, whatever. Largely because we have no particular ambitions beyond playing our songs the way we want, and getting occasional play and reviews and gigs. We're starting our fourth album and I was tracking guitars today. I'm learning a lot doing this, and am curious from others if they have similar stories, and maybe we can all talk a little about what worked and what didn't work. The late 1980s I did an album and a single that got some honest-to-goodness airplay, recorded in the best studio Tallahassee, Flori
  8. Spot on. Ticks all the boxes and they keep their value well, despite big buxx for an Indonesian build. Strandberg understands branding, supply and demand, and copyright law. But they're also cool guitars. I bought one off the Starndberg site, enjoyed it, and sold it USED for a freakin' PROFIT.
  9. My wife is also my bandmate. I guess her musical gift to me has been her partnership in writing and releasing an album and an EP this year. Yeah our gigs were all canceled but something will change in time. For our anniversary on the 23rd we went to the bank and paid off our mortgage. It’s a weird feeling to have no debt and still many years until retirement. Going back to music, that feeling of relief may have triggered a recent torrent of song ideas.
  10. The board is a 24x12 West Coast Pedalboards, built like a heavy suitcase with lift-off lid. It has Telecaster-style input and output jacks on the right side, so it's really easy to set up. I got it because I wanted something sturdy and cushioned since we're trying to reschedule our UK/EU gigs for post-COVID. That's why I picked that power supply: it can run off 240v. Uh, it's Petersen tuner > Origin compressor > Meris Enzo chaotic noisemaker-thingy > Mad Professor fuzz > Mad Professor OD > Cusack Tap-a-Whirl > Cusack Tap-a-Delay > Earthquaker Afterneath. D'Addario DIY
  11. By and large, yes to all. You need a brand... when I lecture on branding, I define it as "The expectations and experiences associated with your product or service." If you're a scruffy nondescript dude named John Smith doing vaguely Chicago blues, you're a commodity. If you have a look, a name, a hustle, you are now a brand. Bill Wharton was The Sauce Boss, because he sold homemade BBQ sauce at his shows. It should be authentic like Wharton, but take your own loves and qualities and make them big, distinctive, and consistent.
  12. Hmmm. Well, I wouldn't want my daughter to ever find any online guitar forums, because navigating seventh grade is tough enough without so-called adults acting out like middle schoolers in social media. That was the point I took from the article. For example, she's a big fan of BTS, and their online community is really welcoming. I wish playing a guitar didn't so often become an alpha boy pissing contest. I don't think it encourages participation unless you're into "Boo-yah! You owned him, dude!" culture. I definitely didn't get into music as a way to be a badass and make others feel like shit
  13. I'm genuinely curious about the people saying this article was garbage. You think the electric guitar community is NOT obsessed with gear and tribalism over stuff like EVH versus Vai? Really? Sure, we in the HFC may all be paragons of welcoming warmth and hospitality (cough, Hellrider) but I agree with the author: TGP, Harmony Central, and the comments section of any YouTube video are like a flashback to 7th grade, where if you didn't have the right shoes and hair and couldn't sink a three-pointer you were unworthy and ostracized.
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