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  1. That Novo pushes every button I have.
  2. UPDATE: Put the Seth in tonight. It works just fine, with the volume and overall sound working well with the Phat Cat. Overall, the Talladega now has a kind of friendly, not too edgy sound I really like. It seems I'm not the only one who noticed (see my NHD post) that the pickups did not line up. Removed the bridge pickup ring to find two extra mounting holes. I'm guessing someone measured once, drilled twice. They then figured the neck pickup was close enough, as 2mm would have been a bear to correct. Hamer... they overcame pizze day and Hameritis but still I had to correct a nut slot cut too low, carefully cut away a glob of finish that was over the end of the nut (it had been trimmed off on the other side) and the "d'oh!" of the pickup rings (which I also took a little angle off on a sanding block, as they were angled for a Les Paul, which had them sloping pretty steeply and really close to the strings). And why the assortment of odd-sized screws holding the pickup rings on? It supposedly came with Custom Customs from the factory, but maybe not. All's well that ends well. Great neck that is arrow straight, light weight, stays in tune, lovely color, cool bridge. I guess the build quirks with every last Hamer I've had, are just part of the charm.
  3. We'll be performing the album start to finish at the Oakhurst Porchfest in Atlanta, October 9. Prob'ly be playing the Talladega if anyone wants to try it out.
  4. Mostly shot on my iPhone, since I shoot a lot of video that I think I can someday use for the band. Dotter (age 14) shot the footage of missus Poilara and me. Recorded in our Barry Patch studio, Aston Origin mic into Audient id44 mixer to Logic Pro for the vocals. A bunch of third-party soft synths and samples for the beats and strings. Guitars were a Music Man St. Vincent and a Fano Alt de Facto TC6 with Supertrons. Just used my live pedalboard: Origin Audio Cali76 compressor (no compression plug-ins were used in post), and Beetronics Royal Jelly for distortion. Mic'd my Goodsell Prince-Tone amp with a Sennheiser 609 into the Audient mixer. Added some reverb in Logic. The whole album is kind of dark and heavy, I guess.
  5. I ordered a Seth for the bridge,and it should come this week. Played for a while last night with the Phat/Custom C combo and it's still... Neck Phat Cat: like it. Fair bit of treble, solid low-end, not tons of mids. Interestingly, this is what the Seymour Duncan EQ grapic says for the Phat Cat. Bridge Custom Custom: badass with gain, really cuts with no shrillness. but clean is plunky, like a rubber guitar. Not a lot of zing or boom. Once again, Duncan has their little chart showing reduced highs and lows and a big mid emphasis Both: Not bad, actually. I could live with it, pretty lively. Makes sense, as they each fill in the gaps in the other. Still, I'm going with past experience with Seths and with the fact that I usually play either clean, light Britpop breakup, or doom-fuzz. Never classic rawk sounds. Tone update soon. I want this to be a versatile guitar for all situations, and I think a big single-coil in front and a vintage-y humbucker in back might work out.
  6. I liked my old Special with sustain block n Dimarzio 36th pickups. It’s not the brightness I dislike, and the neck pickup sounds good. That CC bridge pickup seems to have a reputation as ah, having an unusual voice though.
  7. Interesting... this is good input. I don't think I need any more brightness at all. It's just that in my (limited) experience the Custom Custom is the bee's knees for a rockin' mid-gain Van Halen kind of sound, but clean it's so mid-focused it sounds almost... rubbery. The idea of a mini-bucker is intriguing... while the RATIONAL thing is probably just another Phat Cat for the bridge, but there is an appeal to a nice humbucker with some clarity to it. Keep the ideas coming!
  8. I'm still wrestling with the tort-bound Talladega I bought. Great neck. Light. Feels great. But it came (from the factory, employee-ordered) with Custom Customs in neck and bridge. Way too mid-rangely and murky n the neck position, so I put a Phat Cat in its place. I'm quite happy with it. Nicely loud, balanced, good pickup. The CC in the bridge is so focused on mids though. It sounds GREAT with distortion, but clean is kinda honky and muffled. If I jack up the highs on the amp to brighten it, the neck pickup suffers. I'm thinking, from having a guitar with Seth Lovers long ago, that this would be a good match to go in the bridge. Below are the deets on what I'm after. Maybe @zenmindbeginner would have insights. I reckon Josh could whip up something too, but I have to believe Duncan has something off the shelf that would work. Guitar: Talladega (chambered mahogany, thick maple top, maple neck, 25.5" scale, Sustain Block bridge). The acoustic sound is pretty open and balanced, not dull but not Strat sparkly. Amps: Two Tweed things, a Goodsell 5F2A with a 12" speaker and a Swart Spacetone. Also on the "balanced" side, not that bright or bottom-heavy. The sounds I want: I need some nice lively cleans. Not jangly trebly Byrds cleans, but enough chime up top to be "pretty" in a post-rock way. Think Interpol, Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Sigur Ros. We do a lot of stuff where we go from pretty to hitting a fuzz and doing filthy sounds. Pickups I've liked: I have a Jaguar American Professional with "v-mod" pickups. Fender guys said they were too hot and mid-rangey to be true Jaguar pickups, which is why I like them. Also my Fano has TV Jones Supertrons I like, and those also are hotter and more mid-rangey than the usual Gretsch sound. So I tend to like pickups without a big emphasis on any one frequency, in a "vintage-but-a-littel-hotter" range. Seth Lover? Antiquity? A second Phat Cat? Thanks!
  9. Yeah, I have a soft spot for them largely because when I was 17 there was an art contest to draw or paint Eddie, and the band would be at the local Record Bar to judge and give the winner... something. Obviously I didn't win. I barely knew who they were and just liked to draw, but I talked with Steve Harris for a while afterward and he was a really nice guy, so I saw them that night open for .38 Special, and bought a couple albums. The one with a different singer (debut album or EP? Killers?) and I think Number of the Beast, but I was already getting more into The Clash and kinda losing my interest in metal. Still, I always respected their purity of vision, I guess. I heard their version of the Rime of the Ancient Mariner on a radio station late at night, and thought it was Spinal Tap, or Weird Al, it was so comically over-the-top. Coming form a bunch of English guys in Lycra and basketball shoes who earnestly sang a history lesson on native Americans, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised, but still... at least it was earnest and ambitious and kinda rocked. Those two above seem like they're created by some people who are just tired.
  10. Not quite to their highest standard, but they still know how to write and produce an ABBA song.
  11. Ordered a Phat Cat for the neck. The SH-11 neck sounds so woofy on the headphone amp - no matter the settings - I'm just gonna go for a lower-output (well, lower than the CC) single-coil with an A2 magnet.
  12. I had the pleasure when he came by to take possession of Ultimate No. 21. Glad it found a good home.
  13. Just playing through the little headphone amp I have with me, it is all mids. Mid-heavy like a sleepy brown bear at dusk: surprising with all that maple and the long scale. We'll see when I get home and plug into a real amp, but a magnet or pickup swap may be in the future. Still, a lot can happen with adjusting pole height and pickup height: who knows? On the positive side, the tiniest droplet of superglue mixed with baking soda fixed the setup. Very slinky, easy to play. Is it just me or is it just weird how I've come to expect a Hamer to have some build irregularities? The pickups do not line up. Eyeballing, then confirming with a straightedge, the neck pickup is ring is about 2mm too far toward the bass side of the body: it’s not centered with the bridge pickup. You can see that the poles on the neck pickup are a little offset to the bass side under the strings, so they’re about 2mm to the bass side of center Doesn't make a bit of functional difference, and I only noticed because in my (now only occasional) design duties I have to spot tiny flaws. Just part of the Hamer experience: I've owned great-feeling guitars with Hameritis that looked like leprosy, separating binding, and a flame maple top with waves in it like a BMX track. Interesting that these quirks don't seem to be the norm on any other brand I've owned.
  14. This one was a custom order with the CCs from the factory. Kyle's dad worked at Hamer, and actually sprayed this one himself and I spec'd it. Kyle's played some nice pieces including Rick Neilsen's lightning bolt guitar, and his brother apparently has another impossibly badass Hamer (I'll let him speak for himself if he wants). Post-Hamer, Dad has also done some finish jobs for Mike Shishkov, so this guitar has some cool provenance, I guess. This top is insane... I really haven't captured it well yet. I'll be curious how the CCs sound. I loved it in the bridge position of one guitar I played, and have no idea if it works well in the neck.
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