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  1. It’s funny: I guess Django49 is a financial advisor, so I hope he’d agree, but this talk of doubt about instruments’ investment value is funny because an investment is a bet placed because of risk. Without risk, you’re not paid a reward. If instrument prices tank because the prevailing wisdom is that guitars are dead, the people buying them prior to a new wave of guitar music dominating popular music will be seen as geniuses. And if no such wave appears and the market vanishes entirely, they’ll be seen as fools.
  2. Yeah I buy to enjoy and they sell for whatever the market says. Even at peak prices my little collection of toys might buy me three months of retirement. Or my kid can open a museum of odd mid-tier instruments when I’m gone.
  3. This is one of those things that makes people go nuts on The Gear Page, but maybe we’re slightly more rational here. I bring it up because with this band we do a “nonstop” kind of set. No pauses between songs, maybe just some feedback or synth noise vamp by Missus Polara. We like how it makes us SEEM more like a polished, big-time act. But it means no guitar changes and minimal tuning breaks. Obviously if something goes crazy wrong we break, but we try to be seamless. Tuning stability is thus my absolute top priority. And the engineering of Fender-style guitars, with strings going in a pretty straight line over the nut and then angling slightly downhill to the tuner, is probably why they tend to not go out of tune compared to Gibson-style: strings make a sharper turn running over the nut, so more friction. Any of y’all have favorite tips on getting the Gibson approach to stay it tune well? With my Monaco SuperPro, if I stretch the hell out of the strings, occasionally lube the nut, and tune the D and G strings to pitch, then bend them super hard, retune, repeat... it’s okay. The Music Man is easier: pull the string through the locking tuner. Tighten. Snip. Tune. Done. I can minimize the issues on a G-style by doing every little thing right, and maybe that’s the answer. There are no shortcuts. But what has worked for y’all?
  4. Yeah, I was kinda surprised that the tolerances were not 100% crazy-perfect on the St. Vincent. It doesn't bother me in the least, but they make a pretty big deal about their CNC capabilities. The Vigier is built tighter in every way.
  5. I don't think it makes a big difference. My EBMM St Vincent has a little air (maybe paper-thin) on each side of the neck. Clearly the wood is not touching. But it resonates like crazy. My G&L has a super-tight neck pocket but isn't so vibe-y. I reckon the wood makes more difference, as long as the neck is screwed down tight. Now I guess if you had two guitars that are perfectly identical apart from that tolerance there might be a difference. So many factors in how a guitar sounds, I wouldn't dare try to break it down.
  6. Three fine guitar purchases. The Monaco SuperPro I got at Guitar Center is really lovely and plays like champ, for less than what a new Indonesian mass-produced guitar goes for. The Vigier is a fantastic Strat, built like a brick house. The EBMM St. Vincent was the biggest surprise. It was brand new at GC, marked down to under what the used prices were on Reverb. Figured I could try it and return in the 45-day window if necessary. The darned thing does it all: sounds like a Gibson on the bridge pickup with some dirt, does a decent Tele impression on the bridge+neck position, and the all-three-somehow-out-of-phase position makes a surprising Strat sound.
  7. That was bizarre. I honestly only know of "Girls, Girls, GIrls" and that Vince Neill was on a reality show? But that was just bizarre. I guess at a certain age you just become a sentient pile of scarves, hats, sunglasses and mascara. Johnny Depp Syndrome.
  8. I agree maybe he would be great as David Lee Roth... the one-man show, the legend who's matured into some kind of Tom Waits growly road warrior sage with a suitcase full of wild stories. But still trying to be DLR ca. 1984,? That Diamond Dave was a 20-something, swaggering, SoCal horny Lycra rock dude. It's not a good sound or look when you've had your AARP for fifteen freakin' years already.
  9. Lots of nice touches: the scoop behind the body at the high frets and the body carving, the nearly-straight pull of the strings over the nut, the finish. Never heard of Sully before, but looks like a really nice instrument. Congrats!
  10. I may not sell anything, but I'm starting to get a better handle on what I really like, and the others are just curiosities. I guess my goal is to gig enough to gain clarity into which guitar really is "me." I still cannot imagine needing a new amp or pedals since going Fractal. 100% satisfied there.
  11. Well... you might want to try the above video. I've seen them live four times, and I've seen everyone from Dio-era Sabbath to Sigu Ros to Ramones. Muse is freaking amazing live. More like a hard rock band covering their own radio stuff.
  12. I've posted a couple Muse videos before, even though every album engages me less. They're a pompous, comically overblown mash-up of mid-tier Queen, Bends-era Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, and whatever pop star is big at the moment, and the lyrics are middle-school-level sci-fi twaddle. But damn they can rock, and talk about putting guitar front and center most of the time. Good to see about a hundred thousand Brazilians (let the jokes begin) largely 30 and under, going nuts for aggro stadium rawk. This is a really good concert, even if it's heavy on the last album, which was kind of a mess.
  13. That one's been owned by a few folks here. When I bought it, it had no pickups or knobs, so I put the Dimarzios in. The bridge was made by Hamerhead, and it's a super nice unit. It always stayed in tune, looked rock 'n' roll, and sounded FANTASTIC but the neck was a challenge for me, so I sold it to a banned HFCer, who (despite me telling him the history) was trying to resell it as all original. I happened to see it listed again (the listing you reference above) by the guy who bought it from the banned member, so I shot him a polite, friendly email about the history, and he was really cool about it: he didn't want to misrepresent. Here I am playing it in 2012... Non of this is to detract from your sale: it's a really cool guitar with a lot of HFC history. And the sound (to me) was out of this world. Hope it finds its ideal player!
  14. Yeah, as Hamer always followed some 8th dimension logic on naming (Standard Custom, Prototype, Sunburst) the same color could be amberburst, 59 burst, diaperburst, or transparent black in their catalog I reckon.
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