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  1. I recall earlier hearing a green one will emerge. and it will drive me insane.
  2. SSSSSSSHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.. I don't have enough underwear to endure this!!!!!!!!
  3. Wow!!!. That subtle blue burst is amazing!
  4. Is the 'waist' narrower on the Ultimate (compared to a Standard)? It almost looks as if someone grabbed both points and pulled. Not much, but enough that it looks.......different. In a good way, like it's a slimmer, trimmer Standard. agree.. looking at the comparison pic the waist appears a tiny bit more narrow.. or perhaps it's just a bit more sharp and tight in the angle of the waist which makes for the trimmer look. definitely not the same look if I cinch up my belt a notch or 2. in any case, that is one cool Ultimate. (like all of them!!!)
  5. Sad sad day. New, old , custom.. the Hamers I'm fortunate to own are all examples of incredible craftsmanship. Best of luck moving forward.
  6. Glenn!! Where y'at!! Back yawd after crawfish & beer. tis the season!
  7. ... been awhile. supplementary injection of green.
  8. cool. looking forward to seeing this one !
  9. just playing around for an idea... on an artist custom of course..
  10. I'm truly flattered, but part of why I ordered this custom was to create a "one of" from Hamer. BCR Greg and Hamer helped me and put up with all my pictures, mockups, questions and helped bring this thing together. Part of its uniqueness is its color and its name. I'd like to keep it that way. Any other green burst? no problemo. there's plentyo room in the green spectrum. would just like to keep "gator burst" a one and only. work with your dealer.. they'll be glad to help you create something cool and unique. what happened with that bright yellow to orange burst idea..? btw no offense meant to you or anyone here..
  11. I did the mock-ups myself. As for the wood, I specifically requested an oddball type of top.. some figuring that resembled lizard or gator skin. i.e. something that could pull off the gator thing. I said I was willing to wait.. and I did. Finally a piece came around and they passed it by me to see if it would fit the bill. I liked. It was worth the wait.
  12. april. cajun jam and zoo. you can maybe pet it.
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