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  1. and.. IIRC.. that standard's color is based on / inspired by the @cmatthes dark greenburst custom standard from some years before. Naturally that is one of my all time favorite Shishkov's ! Metal dome knobs w green MOPish tops... not stock. Stock knobs were amber tophats.
  2. for me it was a Hamer by a slim margin. one of the greenies .. a special standard. custom order that I acquired off the HFC.. one of the last (to my knowledge) off of the floor before they closed the doors, complete with an old school spec (e.g. 4D spec headstock), and later equipped with Shlabotniks.
  3. yup. plank o my favorite wood, and a parts project in progress.
  4. growing up.. it was Cash, Page... and there were a few pickers on my dad's side of the family that would show me how to play a few things on their guitars.. great memories of working out first chords and tunes on my godfather's (down here we say Parrain) gretsch and a close cuz showing me how to play Over the Hills and Far Away
  5. I'm not gonna remember the exact years.. but here goes. Queen, early 80s.. Gulf Coast Colliseum. Opened up w Flash Gordon.. amazing performance. Alice in Chains. Baton Rouge. early days. '91. as backup to Van Halen. simple stage. that was a treat. Rush. 79/80.. that led to me seeing pretty much the rest of their tours. First show i was fairly close.. blown away. Cheap Trick.. correct. Thibodaux LA. early/mid 80's. They played a small outdoor venue .. it was like a massive party. Doobie Brothers.. early 70s.. blown away .. first concert exp
  6. for the longest time I was of the attitude 1) no way I'm gonna pay more than X for a bolt-on, where X is <1K and certainly <1.5k.. AND.. 2) no way in hell would I buy something that was purposely "relic'd" (completely different topic/thread!). After all I love my G&Ls and all of them are played quite a bit. A few years ago I broke #1.. which I thought was an insane decision at the time.. but ultimately that lead to breaking #2.. which I thought holy crap this is double stoopid.. I was so satisfied w the latter (a T style) that I did it again.(a S style). oh.. and both only c
  7. Emerald, Kerry, Gator🐊 perhaps a new greenie coming home in a few..
  8. I recall earlier hearing a green one will emerge. and it will drive me insane.
  9. SSSSSSSHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.. I don't have enough underwear to endure this!!!!!!!!
  10. Wow!!!. That subtle blue burst is amazing!
  11. Is the 'waist' narrower on the Ultimate (compared to a Standard)? It almost looks as if someone grabbed both points and pulled. Not much, but enough that it looks.......different. In a good way, like it's a slimmer, trimmer Standard. agree.. looking at the comparison pic the waist appears a tiny bit more narrow.. or perhaps it's just a bit more sharp and tight in the angle of the waist which makes for the trimmer look. definitely not the same look if I cinch up my belt a notch or 2. in any case, that is one cool Ultimate. (like all of them!!!)
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