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  1. Big Duh on this.... I asked a question about the going price a while back...just asked it again... Better question is: Are used prices for the vintage stuff going up or down these days
  2. One reason, I have flipped a lot of guitars over the years... I can always move a Gibson or Fender quickly... I've had some nice Hamers over the years and selling them can be challenging at times... things like Hameritis and the fact imports look very much like the USA models haven't helped the cause much either.. I've always gravitated towards unusal and unique guitars... Now I just play what I can turn if I want to.
  3. Rumors I heard: Mott the Hoople might do a reunion... I think Ian Hunter is in his 70's and supposedly Mick Ralphs is on board to to do it.... that would be a must for me.. also heard the Kinks might go out again.. I saw their them on their last tour but I didn't get as much out of that as I would have liked.
  4. Thanks and yes that's kind of the case, but actually I did the restoration on the amp and built the new baffle board duplicating the original 68' board.. they are very simple... except getting the baffle screws out. I would have to back the screws out towards the grill cloth and then dremel the heads off and then bring them out the back side. I should have built it with for per speaker and just left holes for the remaining screws...duhhhh!!!!! I'll probably just do a removal and suck it up.
  5. Real longshot here. These are the only speaker I've ever liked in this amp. Problem is that I still have the 8 screws per speaker mounting setup, Celestions have 4. This is a 68' Twin so there is no removable grill. I can attempt to back them out and then cut heads but what a pain. The studs also have a reverse "locking thread to hold them in place. Sometimes folks drilled the frames on there Celestion to get them in a Fender and can't get rid of them because of the mod. If you have a set of those you'd like to part with I'd be interested. A pair of regular 8ohm V30s would be cool t
  6. 1x12 Switchblade or a 68' Twin Reverb... I'm kind of re-thinking the Twin these days, don't use it much anymore but I've had it such a long time that it stays. The Twin seems to hate any O.D pedal I put in front of it but the cleans are spectacular.
  7. Going to Dave's house is more fun than going to GC....he has cooler stuff
  8. Nirvana didn't really do anything new...it just caught on with them.... and then it got ruined.. there were a lot of cool bands cruising under the surface in the 80's like the Replacements Husker Du, Pixies and a bunch more who couldn't get mainsteam airplay... Nirvana made all that stuff suddenly cool for the masses... I don't think anybody ever listened to their first album... I remember telling some people that Nirvana was going to be huge and they laughed, 6 monthes later you'd thought they invented them. Lot's of people think of the 90's as the period of alt rock..., I think that'
  9. Butcher, thanks for the great pics and sharing the adventure.. mods, thanks for not sending this post to the outer circle and letting everybody see these..
  10. Our thoughts are with you.. Remember, I'm just down the road if you need anything..
  11. Am. Std. whole different thing... The original vintage type trems will stay in tune just fine if they are set up right.. no locking tuners, graph tech saddles ..anything.. The split tuners in the vintage trem system will lock the string if you do it right. The bent steel saddles won't hang if lubed, the cast ones will. If the original nut is bone or something of that density that nut sauce stuff will work just fine. Some of the bent steel string trees work fine with lube, the machined ones don't. If I had a Am. Std I might go with locking tuners and graphtech saddles(only for the c
  12. Check out Kinman's website on Strat tuning.. I have a vintage trem setup on mine. A little nut sauce, good string stretch in and winding the safety tuners correctly, the thing is flawless... I'd put it up against a PRS for tuning reliability.. On a vintage setup the tuner winds are crucial..
  13. and weighs about 2 pounds..... That one isn't a real tough call as a play out guitar..
  14. Was that the "Sparkle Strat" you have? That's a really good sounding guitar...
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