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  1. if the poster can be sent a message, send a simple one that includes a small image that is hosted on a website. most webhosting allows logging - which records what IP address is viewing any images it hosts. name the image something that can easily be located in a long list. such as HHHHHHHHHereItIs.jpg. then copy and paste the IP info into one of the websites that track their location.
  2. haha. I almost started chatting with rechts, think he had posted again this weekend.
  3. Don't you have lunch with Buzzy everyday? well... if you want to get technical. let's just say that my last post is a rare statement that will be perfectly accurate no matter how far into the future you read it. I hope.
  4. buzzy's already confused. anyway, I had lunch with Buzzy just today!
  5. and don't ferget the jealously guarded socialite must_do: lunch with buzzy.
  6. hey pam! what days are you in town? I'll look around at the rest of the calendar and see what's happening that week. wax cylinder? geeze, that almost as bad as 16 bit, 44.1 k. -f
  7. hopefully these are not of denise giving poe his birthday whacks. cheers fellow!
  8. hey david, take care. it sounds like you've been getting pictures pretty regularly, so this was caught early. that means the world with this. be well.
  9. its a full stack. its just height-challenged.
  10. the underpinning of this question is the feeling that being unknown in the mass media = doing nothing of value. I've considered this over the years as it informs the other age old questions "where are they now?" and "what happened to...?" I think this says more about our culture than it does about a particular career in the peforming arts. someone who has a fruitful career in music and then moves on to other pastures may well be expanding their horizen and not simply accepting a consolation prize in life.
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