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  1. You are probably right about the limitations, but I have been playing D`Addario strings for a long time and love them. Hopefully more will carry 9.5-44`s!!
  2. I don`t play clean, so distortion tone is important to me. I try different strings and let the guitar, tone and feel speak to me. With that said, I have mostly settled on 9-42 strings on 25.5 scale guitars and 9.5-44 strings on 24.75 and 25 inch scale guitars. Mostly play D`Addario NYXL`s these days because I hate changing strings and they are bright enough. As far as tone goes, the strings matter, but I feel the pickup, amp and speakers are a bigger factor. That`s just my experience. I do have to say I wish I discovered 9.5-44 strings years ago and thank God they are popular now, many choices!!
  3. The Japan DK2M is a best buy used. I need to get one. It does seam though their prices have crept up though lately.
  4. I love USA Jackson guitars. I`ve owned a few USA Fusions, and just couldn`t play the skinny necks on them. If you like thin necks, the Fusion and Dinky are for you. Both bolt on, but the Dinky being 25.5 scale necks. Now, Soloists, that`s my jam!!
  5. I have 4 nice British made Celestion G12T-75`s, but I think they are 16 Ohm. I can check if you are interested. Jack
  6. 1993 is when the necks went form thin to medium. I have owned a bunch of both. Not sure exactly when they switched, but sometime in 1993. Very tricky year, especially for set neck models which this affects the most.
  7. Very cool. I can`t believe I never bought one of those!
  8. I hunt all over Pennsylvania. Ash trees are dying all over the state. That sucks!! So are Hemlocks, they have Hemlock Blight.
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