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  1. I love that one with the Floyd!! I wish my Studio Custom had a Floyd on it. I would trade mine for one with a Floyd for sure!
  2. I don`t care for pickguards, probably why I don`t own a Strat. I can understand why some do like them though. It`s pretty iconic on some guitars.
  3. I totally respect that man. They will make any body style or headstock style you want. In fact, I`m probably have an X-Bird made. A Firebird body with an Explorer headstock, 1 Hum, all oiled walnut, etc.
  4. Mike Learn is a true artist and a really good guy. He is good friends with the guys from Texas Toast guitars in Colorado. He is on their YouTube pretty regularly at times. My next guitar will be a new TT guitar of some kind. If you can dream it, they will build it. I can`t wait. I am thinking of something crazy right now.
  5. Not only is that guitar sweet, but that fret work is a work of art!!
  6. That was a really good one. He is funny as heck too!!
  7. Wow, that is a really cool one. Must be a special order with the MOP logo, crowns and headstock binding. I have a 2003 flame red SC and doesn`t have the headstock binding or MOP logo. Or it could be a later than 2003 one??
  8. That is so cool. I did that once as well. I would love to have many of them back, but only 1 came back that I regretted selling. My 2005 custom Jackson Soloist. It`s rare, but sometimes we get lucky!
  9. I know I haven`t owned the most Hamer guitars by far, but I can`t believe what I`ve sold in the past. Pretty dumb. At least 50 USA Hamers among as many USA Jacksons and countless others. Idiot is my middle name!
  10. Yep. Godins are fantastic quality. Who even thought of the headstocks design! Years ago, I would have passed because of that headstock, but maturity sais the guitars are way too nice for the price now!!
  11. I agree as well. Their ads suck!! Need more details and if it comes with the Hamer case. I love Special FM`s and HB`s. I`ve owned a bunch of each.
  12. That`s really tempting. I`ve owned a few Special HB`s and regret selling my 1994 in trans red. I really like the Blue!
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