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  1. I had a 1986 Blitz with the 6 on a side headstock and a Kahler Pro. I paid $475 shipped for it many years ago. Great medium C neck. Should have never sold mine. It was Blue.
  2. Angus Young by far. He was my idol as a kid. Then hit my metal stride with Jeff Hanneman of Slayer.
  3. #1 by a wide marigin was 1987 Slayer-Motorhead and Overkill. Small place and blew our heads off. What a Pit!!
  4. God Bless you Jason. I wish you good health and thank you for such a great guitar. Everytime I play it, I will think of you!!
  5. I love USA Jackson guitars and Japan Jacksons, but I wouldn`t pay over $2K for a USA bolt-on or $1K for a Japan guitar and definitely not with a Gigbag. I am talking about new guitars. Used, way-way less. I hate Fender and how they are running Jackson and their stupid Master Build charges so they are out. There prices are crazy now.
  6. Some 1993`s have the medium neck, I had a few. The later 93`s started the medium neck. It`s a crap shoot though, unless you know the seller.
  7. Nut width sounds like 1 5/8"? That would do me in right there. I love the looks though!!
  8. Also Peavey Destiny`s. Vandy like and short scale. Great guitars. More stuff I sold unfortunately. They were neck through though. Check out CMG Guitars, USA made and all of their models are 24.75" scale. https://www.cmgguitars.com/
  9. I use to own a Hamer Firebird that head a headstock repair done by BCR Greg and it was perfect. I would have never known if someone didn't tell me. Great work.
  10. I wanted to get one of them badly, but my palm doesn`t get along with those bridges. Enjoy it man!
  11. I agree, I played an early 90`s Classic and thought-How ugly are those inlays and then I played it. Played great and sounded even better!! Love the 500T. They were stock in the Explorer as well for a while.
  12. I like that guitar. Grover tuners. Were they standard on those? My Studio Custom has Schaller.
  13. Heck ya. I`d love to own one of those!! I love 1 Hum, 1 Volume guitars. I own 4. 1 Jackson, 2 Carvins and 1 Godin. Rock on.
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