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  1. I love Gotoh tuners. Maybe their Trems are just as smooth!!
  2. 40% price increase is ridiculous. Unfortunately they make the Floyd Rose. Bring production back to the US. I would think we could make it here cheaper? Isn`t Schaller just licensed to make it for Floyd Rose?
  3. I love everything about it except the Trem. I`d be tempted to lock it down or Floyd or Kahler Pro it!!
  4. I use to have a red Hamer FB years ago and sold it. Stupid is my middle name!!
  5. If it doesn't have to be a Hamer case. I`ve used Gator Extreme cases for crazy shaped guitars. They fit explorer, star, z, ml style guitars and others. Sweetwater $99 shipped.
  6. Carvin regular profile necks are the thickness of a Charvel, but a modified c shape instead of more of a D on a Charvel. I like the Carvin neck profile a lot.
  7. I find I prefer the Diablo much more than the Cali. The Cali necks are way too thin for me. The Diablos have a solid medium thick neck. Both great guitars though!!
  8. Here in PA, we lost the Chestnut trees, now the Ash trees and now losing Hemlock trees!!
  9. Pics would be great. They are a really cool color.
  10. 1992`s have the thin neck. 1993`s have thin and medium necks. They switched to medium necks sometime into 1993. I`ve owned a bunch of both and prefer the medium necks.
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