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  1. Hi Brooks. Hope the pictures shown up. Texas Toast is a small guitar company out of Denver, Colorado. They are really cool and will make whatever you can dream up. No more hearing no from Jackson and Kiesel and Jackson`s stupid Masterbuilt Charges now. I`m going with a small builder next and get exactly what I want. Thank you.
  2. Oh man, really love the one with the Floyd!!
  3. Congrats on a great deal on the Carvin. I`ve owned many of them and own 3 right now. Your 1988 is definitely neck thru and all maple construction and should be a kinda hefty. I love heavy guitars. I love the M22SD pickup, really rips! Let me know if you want to sell her. Thank you.
  4. 1986 Carvin USA DC125 1988 Carvin USA DC125 1992 Hamer USA Diablo 1990`s Dean EVO Deluxe(Czech Republic) 1990`s Dean EVO Premium(Czech Republic) 2003 Hamer USA Studio Custom 2005 Jackon USA Custom Soloist 2017 Carvin USA JB200C Nest new guitar will be a custom Texas Toast of some kind.
  5. I want one with 1 humbucker and no pickguard. Very sweet!!
  6. That`s all kinds of awesome!! I love everything about it including the Duncan Distortion. Same power as the JB but with Ceramic bite. I`d prefer crown inlays. I have a flame red 2003 studio custom with crowns and a very nice rosewood board. Mine came with 2 Duncan 59`s. I am changing out the 59 in the bridge for something hotter and more bite unless I decide to sell it. It won`t be cheap though. It plays so nice and that medium C neck is sweet.
  7. I love 1 Humbucker electric guitars and have a few, but I don`t have an Acoustic guitar. I`d like a nice one really bad. Would like a cutaway. Don`t need electronics. Any recommendations under $1K? Preferably $500 or less, because I don`t know if I`ll like it.
  8. Used USA Jackson Soloist. I`ve owned many and just have my 1 custom shop left, but they are just awesome! Hell, any used USA Jackson.
  9. I wish I had mine back. I had an 1985 or 1986 with a sunburst finish, ebony, boomers. It was awesome. Sold it many moons ago to a guy in Belgium. Good luck bro!! Find a good one.
  10. You are probably right about the limitations, but I have been playing D`Addario strings for a long time and love them. Hopefully more will carry 9.5-44`s!!
  11. I don`t play clean, so distortion tone is important to me. I try different strings and let the guitar, tone and feel speak to me. With that said, I have mostly settled on 9-42 strings on 25.5 scale guitars and 9.5-44 strings on 24.75 and 25 inch scale guitars. Mostly play D`Addario NYXL`s these days because I hate changing strings and they are bright enough. As far as tone goes, the strings matter, but I feel the pickup, amp and speakers are a bigger factor. That`s just my experience. I do have to say I wish I discovered 9.5-44 strings years ago and thank God they are popular now, many choices!!
  12. The Japan DK2M is a best buy used. I need to get one. It does seam though their prices have crept up though lately.
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