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  1. Love Diablos. Wish i still had my mid-90`s regular headstock one as well. My 1992 is still very awesome. As a side, I think my 2001 studio custom has a 1 piece neck. I have checked over and over for years and still can`t see 3 pieces to the neck. Maybe it was ordered that way.
  2. Hi newer Jacksons are ugly with that headstock. I would love if they would make his KE-1 again. I had one in quilt black as stupidly sold it years ago!
  3. The natural mahogany Kramer USA made one is interesting. I will wait to see the specs on that one. I wish it was just a single humbucker, but Dave must use the neck pickup.
  4. I am itching to get the 100 watt Chupucabra. It has EL34 tubes. Plexi, JCM 800 and JCM 900 type modes and much more on it. I really like the way that ones sounds. From Rock to Thrash. I tried emailing Nik, but the email bounced back and said undeliverable. Maybe I`ll try again. I had a few questions for him.
  5. That`s a nice Special FM. 1993 necks can be tricky unless you can get your hands on them. Most ere very thin, but later ones started the medium necks. I have a 2001 studio custom in trans red. Somebody local should check out that special fm and maybe try to deal with them. I`ve owned a bunch of Specials, Special FM`s and Special HB`s. My favorite was a 1994 Special FM. Wish I had it back! Down to 2 Hamer in general after owning a boat load of them. I would really love my Hamer Firebird back. that one really hurts.
  6. I played a new Aztec Gold Studio back around in the 1990`s and it was great. I should have bought it, but didn`t have the dough. Congrats on your new to you Studio!!
  7. I was eye balling those Studio 20 JCM 800`s as well. I really want a Marshall SLX 100 watt with EL34`s the most. They are like a 2203 with a 4th tube for another gain stage.
  8. Holy cow. i could have bought one of them just like that with the case and bar in mint condition in the late 90`s. Went with a buddy and he said, way overpriced, don`t pay over $300. I passed. I was stupid!!
  9. I have a Kahler Pro on my 1988 Carvin DC125 and has the deluxe fliplock nut as you see on this Scarab. they were an extra option. It`s great.
  10. They are fantastic just the way they are!
  11. I agree. Way too much Pickgaurd for sure. I`d rather have none. As for the neck thru, I love neck thru guitars. They play so nice. I love pretty much anything with just a single humbucker in the bridge.
  12. Oh crap, i want that 1 hum green Charvel!! I love that one.
  13. Oh man, a 1 hum Hamer!! I love 1 humbucker guitars.
  14. As far as Death Metal goes, there has been many styles and era`s of it and I liked the early stuff. As to who started it, not quite sure, but there is always a consensus and debate that it was either Death or Possessed. I love both band, but only Death`s first 3 albums, after that they got really strange and less thrashy/speed type death metal. As for Djent, that makes my skin crawl as much as rap does-yuck!! Can throw all of the cookie mobster death metal singers in there as well.
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