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  1. you dawg. I covet, nay LUST after this guitar!
  2. He sure has been around forever(and has been using Tele types almost as long), but for whatever reason I never listened to him when he hit the scene. Just never got my paws on one of his tapes. Hearing him now, I dig his voice (kinda like Chris Cornell at times). Ahh the early 90s!
  3. I love figured wood, but that isn't a make or break for me. I'm glad that the two Hamers with figured tops also sound amazing. Heck, my maple Cali is hand down the best sounding guitar I own. ETA: I understand the "unecessarily fancy / it's just a tool" aspect, BUT I also view guitars as at least to some degree art. When I think of artisans producing an instrument, I don't just think "it's a tool", I think that they are pouring some of their soul into those pieces of wood and meta to create something that is more than just the sum of those pieces...but that's just me.
  4. Get a Whammy pedal...guaranteed to make him throw shit at you
  5. Unless you need to do some pull-up bends for the hair band, block the Floyd and it'll behave itself better in your country gigs. Or use one of the trem tools which lets you switch it easily between gigs.
  6. If you are using the carriage house to store your many guitars then, you sir, are to be envied above all others,,, Hahaha, I wish! Eventually they'll move out there(once the interior is fully finished). For starters I'll get a desk so I can work outside the house, but the rest of it will be a photo studio for the wife. It's good to be queen
  7. You guys are amateurs...I'm buying a carriage house! And hopefully one new guitar this year!
  8. Moved to Virginia from Boulder County 2 years ago....still miss it daily.
  9. I missed my chance to see Bill when he came through VA before (had too much going on), but would be up for it if he swings through!
  10. Wife got me an arch top acoustic with f-holes in a lovely sunburst...mandolin that is! Sure didn't expect that!
  11. Easy enough to find online, but you pay a stupid shipping price for a single rod...and yes, I have one sitting right here. I have two rebuilds/refins I'm working on already, so I won't be buying it. But this one would NOT be a difficult project, assuming there's no structural damage to the neck.
  12. In all honesty I'd consider getting her just to restore her. The stupidly placed tuner buttons are an easy fix, as are the f'd up controls.
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