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  1. Only looking for one more guitar, which I think will be exceedingly difficult/impossible to find. Who knows what the year will bring though :lol; - Austin
  2. Cult of Personality is in my Top 5 all time solos, but I don't think of wah at all when I think of that solo. And I would have picked Super Stupid if I was picking something by Eddie Hazel since everything about that song is awesome whereas Maggot Brain is unlistenable They absolutely got the Satriani, Vai, Slash and Hendrix picks right though. The wah-laden noodling in Carry On by CSN is one of my personal favorites, but I'm not surprised it didn't make the list - Austin
  3. None of my guitars have stock pickups; none of them have anything boutique in them though. - Austin
  4. That's an indication that it's an earlier one, correct? Probably has the through-neck bolts on the Floyd lock nut? Anyway, if it sold for 2K, that seems like a reasonable price for that. - Austin
  5. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Hamer-US-Californian-5AAAAA-Quilt-Maple-Body-27-Frets-Floyd-Duncans-w-case-/271661178710?pt=Guitar&hash=item3f40449f56
  6. I feel so ashamed. Especially since I was jamming on some KingsX earlier on 10/10. I guess KingsX is underappreciated even by those who appreciate them. - Austin.
  7. Can't argue with the list, but in terms of notable bass players who handle lead vox, I'd give the following honorable mention: Justin Currie (Del Amitri) Richard Page (Mr Mister) - Austin
  8. I've had quite a number of Hamer shredders. I think the Cali set-necks have the comfiest neck and best upper-fret access (well, other than a Virt ). However, if I was recommending one to someone who had never played any, I would say go with a mid-90's Diablo or Diablo II. Throw in a super 5-way switch and some pickups you like (if you don't like the stock ones) and you can play anything on them. - Austin
  9. Sounds about right to me, depending on the shape it's in (would have to see pics) - Austin
  10. Awesome. Pro Track and a Fast Track 1 are on the way! Anyone have a Chopper laying around? - Austin
  11. Looking for a Dimarzio Chopper or Pro Track or Satch Track in black. Or maybe something else singlecoil sized, humcancelling and lound. Anyone got anything? - Austin
  12. Surely you jest? Go to the website below and click on the Hamer Artist Ultimate link. Or perhaps you'd like to look for more Hamers in Hidden Treasures? Laughably, inexcusably horrible. http://www.lightningjoes.com/newelectrics.html
  13. Unfortunately, the law of Supply and Demand applies here. Still, it would be nice to afford another one! Is that the law that says "They who have the supply can demand whatever price they want"? In which case, that might explain why they've had that supply for so long - Austin
  14. Their website seems to have been made by a hyperactive teenager 10 years ago and, from what I have been able to discern, their pricing is ludicrous. But those are some cool looking guitars. - Austin
  15. Interestingly, I'd say that finish is very Carvin-like. - Austin
  16. That's a hell of a first post! Welcome! - Austin
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