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  1. If only I had an SG... then I too could play like Jack like Duane. :-) Jack makes it look so effortless
  2. Hey Chris, is that the same one during the build? Or just something lying in the driveway 😎
  3. Man That's pretty cool... and I've been looking for something Junior-ish
  4. Guilty.... 2007 (first year) Fender 52’ Hot Rod Telecaster. Hmmm, sideways...even if I rotate it on my phone first Grrrrrr. Well you guys get the idea, besides its under 7lbs and has a great acoustic voice....that's all you care about anyway ?
  5. I'm sure the Music Gallery thing is a typo, I've known those guys forever. The other pickup sets they have listed are free shipping... 60.00 is their default for guitars. The Strat guy however... ummmm
  6. Thanks for posting the isolation link, really cool. I really like the Vince Neil Exposed album! The tunes really let Steve shine, lots of solos. That line up was great live!
  7. Awesome! Rockin' I/2 stacks and Christmas trees too!
  8. Looks like It has an early G&L trem, but...with sustain block style saddles?
  9. Totally cool. 66hp @ 17,000rpm pushing a 260lb bike in 1967... Must have devistated the competition. Mark
  10. WHAT? No Sharkfin??? Any interest in a run of 358 (fender jazz teardrop) in medium? Mark ps: holoskull finish too?
  11. Piano, like this... and this... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khJaHNocYK0
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