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  1. RacerX


  2. RacerX

    Standard Appreciation Thread

    Seems to me I've held that one before ;-) Great guitar... Been a looooog time Mark
  3. RacerX

    R.I.P. Jim Marshall

    RIP "The Father of loud"
  4. Totally cool. 66hp @ 17,000rpm pushing a 260lb bike in 1967... Must have devistated the competition. Mark
  5. RacerX

    HFC Pick Orders

    WHAT? No Sharkfin??? Any interest in a run of 358 (fender jazz teardrop) in medium? Mark ps: holoskull finish too?
  6. Piano, like this... and this... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khJaHNocYK0
  7. Interesting, I had a Legend 1x12 combo and a head (both the Rock&Roll 50 model) years ago. Ran the head through a Orange 4x12. I liked them but got guff from my buddies because I didn't use Marshalls. They looked sort of boogie-ish with the cane grill and natural wood cabs (oak) and sounded Marshall-y. I remember always having the "boost" switched in since the amp thined out too much for me without it. My 1x12 combo was in NOS shape with the original cover, manual, schmatic, even the foot switch was still in the plastic baggy...and it took me a YEAR to sell it!!! NO legend love back then Mark.
  8. RacerX

    Happy Birthday CM!

    Happy birthday guys
  9. Never heard that one, and I've owned several '79 Standards myself that were perfect. Could you be thinking about the earlier neck twisting on some of the pre-3pc neck Sunbursts or issues with the early 8 and 12 string (single truss rod) basses? True it's more of a sunburst thing, but I have seen a couple really small neck standards in this # range, one I played a couple years ago had a slight twist, but played fine with no tuning issues. It was the string gauge comment that scared me, I can't play hamers with springy necks. Could just be a setup/trussrod thing, but I sure would want to test drive this one first... Hope this one turns out ok for the new owner.
  10. This is a great amp, used to be mine. Does the regular Boogie singing/sustaining gain thing that they are famous for But what REALLY knocked me out was the clean and slightly cookin' tones you can get from this amp. Very rich and thick, and I think the Imbuya (sp?) cabinet adds some snap and presence to the warmth to build a nice mix. The way the 3way EQ switch works, eq always on/eq always off/eq footswitchable. Easy to use the eq as a solo boost with the f/s. I should also mention this amp is LOUD, and nice lookin in the living room...
  11. RacerX

    here it is: Setneck Cali

    I like the raw neck feel, so I'd be tempted to leave that. I think I'd rock it just as it sits!
  12. RacerX

    Blu Ray DVD Players

    Thanks guys, I went with a Panasonic bd60. Hooked it up last night and watched SpeedRacer on BR...just killer. Really shows off the 1080p Plasma. I tried an older (2000) Dream Theater standard dvd and it was without question better that my old dvd player (which still looked pretty good). Mark.
  13. RacerX

    over-relic'ed snakeskin Chap...

    I know that guitar, I just missed it when Steve sold it as a project... tobereeno, check yer pm Mark