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  1. I first heard Metallica before they got signed, back when everybody was handing out/trading cassettes in front of the clubs in LA, hoping somebody would hear it and sign them. They got a record contract I got a song stolen ๐Ÿคจ They got a bunch heavier by the time the had a commercial release, but you could hear the essence of what they were to become.
  2. Courtesy of Disney, writers rights extend to the life of the author plus 50 years, I believe. I don't know how that applies to corporate entities.
  3. I admired Bill for running his career just the way he wanted to, made his pile and got out. One of his, a one-groove wonder called "Who Is He (And What Is He To You)?" is one of my "Damn, I'd love to get the right band together and do that" songs.
  4. It really is good stuff and allows you exercise in directions that a Gripmaster just cant. Also, you can focus on weak/problem areas much more easily. As mentioned before, I can scan some exercises and send them to you, if desired. And for very low bucks you can even get different strengths as needed.
  5. I think I heard a variation of the finish/glue thing, that it was actually the result of the glue *in the joints* off-gassing under the finish. My Phantom Custom had it in spades. FWIW, YMMV, closed course, do not attempt at home.
  6. A couple of mine started doing the same thing. KimK sent me replacements and they've been fine, but I've been wondering what to do if/when they crap out. I like the Electrosockets anyway, so....
  7. Same here. The hardest bit for me is playing bass (in any manner) and singing high harmonies. Nothing but rote muscle memory will get it done.
  8. Thanks for all the good wishes, vibes and fucks given. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I thought I'd pass along something that is some great stuff if you're trying to build hand strength. It's far more flexible and adaptable to your needs than a good ol' Gripmaster. You can just work all sorts of different parts of your hands in different ways and it'll let you know you've had a workout for sure. It's called Medline Therapy Putty. It's like very dense Silly Putty and has the same non-Newtonian fluid characteristics. The sadists at the rehab center sent me back with two little tubs of it, medium and firm and th
  9. Hah! What he sent me home with as a daily routine is much worse that what he did to me in inpatient. And I was already calling him sadistic ogre then ๐Ÿ˜„. Truth to tell, those folks couldn't have been better.
  10. Back from the hospital and several days of intensive inpatient rehab. I've got months of similarly intensive outpatient and in-home rehab ahead of me but am determined to work the fuck out of it. Very weak left side but improving daily. Yesterday I snuck a Squier Mustang (very short scale, skinny neck, cheap and easily replaceable if it got swiped) into rehab, fully expecting my heart to be broken when I tried to play it. What came out was sloppy but sort of recognizable as guitar chords and simple lines. Compared to the novocain hands I was expecting, I was thrilled. In fact the tiny ne
  11. I was impressed how drummerboy got the backward beat in the opening and then turned it around just right.
  12. I'm wagering it's the delayed government hush money. I know I had been at least daydreaming about what I'd get with it. and meanwhile a couple of consignment pieces are just hanging there.
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