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  1. I have a gizmo that is very similar but lacks that 45 degree position. But it does have stair climber rails. Used only in extreme cases, though. I either put casters on it or pile a bunch of stuff on a lighter duty two-wheeler. Were I to do it from scratch I'd get a Rock 'n' Roller.
  2. tomteriffic

    Now I know how you guys feel!

    I've gotten a couple of those "heard your music you're awesome" e-mails from so-called program directors. They obviously haven't heard me, but I haven't quite figured out a way to screw with them yet. A lot of what has come out musically in the past couple of decades has gone right past me. I've kept an ear on SNL and Austin City Limits because maybe once a season I'd get put on to something I thought was cool, although it was usually waaaay away from mainstream. Oh, I remember the Arcade Fire segment on Austin City Limits and thinking the exact same thing: "There is absolutely nothing I like about this band, whyinthehell do they even exist?" My band avoided irrelevance for that period of time by doing some evergreen 60's and 70's singer-songwriter stuff, but our real stock in trade was the off the beaten path, quirky, "stuff we like and you might too if you give it a chance". Kept us going for over 20 years. In the process we stumbled on a new genre/pigeonhole that works for a lot of ages. They call it Americana, but it really spans from way back in the sticks Appalachia to "pedal to the metal" punk. I/we tend to lean toward the louder end of all that and I've been finding myself sharing the stage and mutual admiration with people less than half my age right on out to folks my age and older. Sometimes the kids are flummoxed when I pull out something from "my" generation, but are least respectful/interested. And i have to say it cuts both way. I ramble, therefore I stop.
  3. tomteriffic

    Any play lap steel?

    ^^^ Dayum!! That's a nice 'un.
  4. Wow, I know that asking ain't getting, but it looks like I might have let that one go too cheap. Hated to let it go at all. AFAIK, this was the first Hamer with the more coppery goldtop color. For whatever it's worth, if you're thinking about it, this one rips. First time I strapped it on it wanted to take me to Texas, Chicago and LA all at once.
  5. tomteriffic

    Was there a wraptail P90 Studio?

    That divot was never a problem for me. I don't play that far up the neck.
  6. tomteriffic

    Was there a wraptail P90 Studio?

    It's in good hands, having been around to a couple of owners since me. I have dibs on it when another member is finished using it in his Cheap Trick tribute band. Boy, that was a nightmare, wasn't it?
  7. tomteriffic

    Samick or Peerless Part II: A Review

    I found myself in the same situation and thanks for the half-sentence about the D'Angelicos. I was tempted. I was looking for an inexpensive thinline as a side ride myself. What wound up scratching the itch for me was an Epiphone 335 Pro Ltd.(I forget the full designation, but that's close). It popped up on a Musician's Friend SOTD for cheaper than I've seen if before or since. When it arrived the packaging was surprisingly good. So I took it out and... I was shocked. Shocked I tell you. Not a finish blip or wonky binding. Nary a bit of fret sprout and the setup and intonation were reasonably straight from the factory, although I did treat it to a spa day just to get those adjustments just so. In all, I was very pleasantly surprised. I'm old. I've had 335's, 345's Casinos, 330's, pretty much the gamut. In terms of tone, this thing gave up nothing to those. Don't know what the pickups are and pretty much don't care. They're fine and through the Marshall, get pretty darn close to the Clapton 335 though a plexi kind of bark. Same goes for the neck size and taper. In all, there's a helluva lot to like here. Downside? Only one. This thing has coil taps that are pretty much tits on a boar as far as I'm concerned. No big. But the volume controls (full-size pots!!) need treble bypass caps. I'm having a hard time finding somebody I can trust that can yank the electronics through the f-hole and put them in. The coil tap switches on the back of the pots don't make it any easier. The only other niggle is the strap button on the back at the base of the neck. That makes the guitar want to flop forward, but it's pretty much baked into the thinline design. I wind up playing it kind of sidesaddle (shifted around to my right side), like I did on these things when I was a kid. The classic looks, tone and playability are all there. This thing came up aces when I was expecting a lot less.
  8. tomteriffic

    Now I know how you guys feel!

    Beat me to it! 😀
  9. Before I even opened the thread this was going to be my answer. Tossup between that and a Virt.
  10. tomteriffic

    Overhead mic "stands"

    Clever! Swing-away by the looks of them. They must have a helluvan anchor to the wall to have that much weight cantilevered out like that.
  11. tomteriffic

    Favorite EL84 tubes?

    I seem to have a pile of EL-84 amps. The Pro Jr. came with a Mullard and something else exotic, I forget what. Sounds killer with an Eminence Copperhead (like a Ragin' Cajun with a little more top). The modded Classic 30 is rough on power tubes and it has a full load of JJ's which seem to hold up well. Don't laugh on this next one. it's an original white Crate Vintage Club 30. All tube (except the reverb recovery) all Class A, tough as hell and sounds great. I usually just dime the clean channel, set the tone controls to suit me and clean to a nice smooth crunch is right there in the guitar's volume knob. Pretty loud, though. Eons ago, GP did a review and noted that it seemed to like cheap tubes. At the time, your tube choices were Sovtek and Groove Tubes. I filled it fulla Sovteks sometime in the 80's and threw it into vans and onto bar stages for years. I dusted it off recently and it still sounds great. Go figure. I know I've got something else around here but insufficient coffee at the moment.
  12. Thought it might be sun faded.
  13. Whoa! Wonder what's with the second phone number?
  14. tomteriffic

    Speaking of missing members

    Well, speak of the devil. Hiya!