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  1. Noyce! Noyce! I've only seen one before, back when they were new-ish. A friend bought one slightly used them brought it to be asking "wot izzit?"
  2. Just a little "for what it's worth"... Danish oil has carnauba wax emulsified into it.
  3. Ceeb and @Steve E9C6, I kind of don't know what to say other than I'm sorry for what you have to go through and kudos for accepting it as best you can. My particular killer is slow and sneaky. Sometimes I think I'd rather have it move in a definite, more predictable way. The treatment is not a cure, only a case of arrested development. It works until it doesn't. Along the way it gives me symptoms of all kinds of stuff that are the traditional bugaboos of us oldsters. But, in here, I'm the same old me. I'm beginning to get organized about selling the kids off or otherwise disposing of them so Most Esteemed Redhead doesn't have to deal with it. A particularly rare and wonderful pair I had intended to leave to a dear friend, well, he slid into home a few years ago. I ramble. Mostly what I wanted to say is: Hold on to your dignity. And your sense of humor if you can. I'm sure that you've been through a lot that certainly qualifies as undignified, demeaning, even. I know I have. Never forget that you are a whole, complete, valid human being, regardless of how other folks "out there" view you. Use humor when you can to remind others of that. You are always our Hamer-pickin' quick-witted "old friends we haven't met". I wish you a smooth road, surrounded by love.
  4. That one, or one a lot like it, was my computer desktop for years. It was my "one of these days" guitar.
  5. This one: http://www.vibramate.com/vibramate-string-spoiler.php Not a rhetorical question. I bought a Gretsch and a String Spoiler to go with it. Returned the Gretsch but still have the string spoiler still in the bubble wrap. Send me some postage and whatever you feel like over and above that and end your Bigsby re-string nightmares. Hit me here or at tomteriffic1952@woh.rr.com
  6. Boy, miss a day or two over here and you're miles behind. Done and done. Thanks, Dave!
  7. Hamer also designed in a bit of a treble boost into the tone control and the equivalent of everybody else's "full on" is at about at 9 on yer rock 'n' roll dial. That might tame a bit of the ice-pickiness.
  8. I can't answer that directly, but I had a pair of blackplates in a blackface Princeton Reverb for decades until they let their smoke out and went home to Jeebus Crispy. They took a couple of resistors with them but no other damage. That amp never sounded that good again, no mater what other kind of glass I put in it.
  9. Pretty old school way to do cybercommerce these days, but what the hell, it's kind of refreshing.
  10. Matt's a good guy and he has some great stuff. At one of the Chicago jams he and a couple of others showed up with full arsenals and the basement was like a secret guitar show. I think Matt's 3 MahStands won.
  11. A friend got a Big Briar (Moog) kit, put it together and went ooo-WEEE-ooooo a couple of times. Now it gathers dust.
  12. Yep, Setzer lost a bet... FWIW, the first guy shown, seated but raving around and looking like he has red ants on that stool? That's Eddie Peabody, the clown prince of banjo. Very good player in his day, actually. If memory serves, Rickenbacker named a solidbody electric banjo after him.
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