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  1. Had as amny as 5 at one time. Two all tube signature series, three hybrids and a mini amp. Still have one of the hybrids. Like Travis, I couldn't get squat for it so I keep it, use it, dig it.
  2. I've had several of the Eminence Legends. Sounded like an EVM 12L, even side by side (I had one of each in a pair of monitor wedges).
  3. The one that spent the most time on my pedalboard (decades) was an Ibanez FL-9, from the old 9 series. It was a bit subtler than the Boss, a littleless seasick sounding to my ear. Eventually it was replaced by a TC Eletronics SCF which, IMO is still the mack daddy of that sort of thing. ETA: Travis, I bought that Ibanez from Mike when he was in his first store and Dan was in a punkin seat.
  4. Had a goldtop Newport Pro. Based on its design and specs I was all set to make it my go-to, do-all guitar. It left me flat, though. Mine had the Seths, couldn't hang with the PhatCats due to noise issues. I wanted so badly to love that guitar....
  5. I've always used D'Addarios of a couple of different formulations, but almost always 9-42's. The warranty cards on the earlier Hamers always mentioned using 9's. I don't know when (or if) that changed, but it's what has been the most comfortable and responsive for me.
  6. If you get back this way, give me a shout and we'll wind some stuff up and irritate somebody.
  7. Thanks, Ed. I was thinking it was yours but couldn't remember for sure. Yep, it's got the mojo.
  8. I gotta give a huge yuuuge thanks to Mr. Toad and Tommy for making this all happen. I couldn't be more thrilled to see it come back home! Just as importantly, it got used in the way that it ought to be, with lotsa checkerboard involved. Oh, Tommy, there's just one eensy problem... Now that it has been run through a big kid Mesa head and Marshall cab, I'm probably gonna get a lot of grief when it goes through Marshall, Vox and Fender combos. BTW, you guys really have the look! P.S. HFC RoXoRz
  9. Those Temple boards are really the shiznit.
  10. Love the Hellecasters but I have to listen to them when I'm in a particularly good mood. If I don't, perfectly innocent, perfectly good guitars find themselves in pieces in the fireplace.
  11. A big +1 for Geoff Hartwell's DVD. I fooled around with slide but didn't really grasp the basic mechanics until I got that. Now I understand them even if I don't get them right half the time General stuff: Standard, open G and open D are where I usually live, with open G getting most of the time. I use a piece of bronze (not brass) tubing that is a cut-off from a pipe made for the innards of an Apache attack helicopter. That don't mean shit but it's sort of the technological opposite of a cut off wine bottle. It just happens to fit my third finger perfectly and has just the right mass. I went through a drawerful of glass and brass slides before that. I use my third finger, don't know why but it allows me to damp in front of and behind the slide and grab the extra note here and there. I typically will keep a guitar around with a smidge higher action and one gauge heavier strings than I typically use. Cuts down on fret rattle and makes things a little livelier tone-wise. Over to you, Chet.
  12. I do play bass a fair amount and I do covet this one! Beautiful!
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