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  1. tomteriffic

    Hameritis?? To buy or not to buy

    Yep, a 98 Phantom Custom. Had it bad. A water-thin superglue job only partially cured it.
  2. Dan's amps were top notch and he really sweat bullets over the design and performance. If you like the sound of EL-84's breathing hard, this is for you.
  3. Me too. The perfect (for me) Tele-type. Hey Gene, whatcha rockin' in the bridge on that?
  4. tomteriffic

    Storing extra pickups

    I keep mine either in plastic (Duncan) boxes or wrapped in tissue paper in a cardboard box. They're all in a wire basket/bin, nothing gets any closer than about 1/4" to any metal. No problems that I'm aware of. HOWEVER: Most Esteemed Redhead is under orders to move or put away any guitars I may have out on stands if there's going to be a vacuum cleaner running anywhere near there. I'm under the same orders. Don't ask me how I know. It's too painful.
  5. tomteriffic

    Best clean sound.

    And "best" is pretty subjective, but if we're talking Chris Isaak clean, here's a pretty good way to check it. Select your amp, turn it up pretty good. If it's a Fender, someplace a little above 4. Fenders were designed for maximum clean output at around 4 on the loud knob. Play your favorite Isaak bit. My personal test is the signature lick from Folsom Prison Blues. A really great clean amp will spit out those E string notes like a firehose. Fast, immediate, punch you in the chest lows with a lot of snap and a fast attack. It takes an exceptionally good power supply to deliver the full dynamics of something like that without compression or distortion. The very best clean sounds I've ever heard were: 1) a 1964 Fender Pro (no reverb, the only year they were a piggyback model) driving a single JBL 15 at a manager-friendly club volume. It was being pushed by a fingerpicked 335 whose human had a seriously strong right hand. 2) Whatever Mark Farner was using in Grand Funk in the early days (West?). He had to get beyond the threshold of pain before that thing would start breaking up.
  6. Thought Ed was a goner after this one:
  7. Everybody needs a red P-90 Special. Get yours here.
  8. tomteriffic

    Satin finish thoughts?

    By hand? Wheel?
  9. tomteriffic

    My Shishkov DC Custom & Gravelin pickups demo

    Composition, playing, recording, videography and, of course the guitar itself. All nothing but first-rate and I'll second/third kudos for using less gain to show off the sound of the pickups. In short, jeez-o fu$%king chrispy!
  10. tomteriffic

    Satin finish thoughts?

    Back when satin finishes started to become a thing, I seem to recall a way of taking a satin body and turning it shiny without wrecking it. Anybody recall what that was?
  11. tomteriffic

    In memory of Steve Ripley

    Liked the record (OK, I was in the minority) and admired his engineering.
  12. Well done, and a bunch of column inches by way of a plug to boot1
  13. I wish they had the bigger radius fingerboard. I'd probably have several by now.
  14. tomteriffic

    New tune from Brian May

    Been following this for a while. Brian is actually on the mission team and not just as the guest celebrity rockstar/astrophysicist. Really digging that classic Brian May tone. One question. I know I've heard the name Ultima Thule before. Wasn't that a place name used in some sci-fi novel back when?
  15. tomteriffic

    The Longest Night Of The Year

    Dave's had sold some way cool stuff in the past few days, I wondered which one it was. Great Score!!