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  1. The LP Signature still has too many output jacks. All the cool kids in Nashville have the black Jack Casady basses. Cuz, you know, it sounds better.
  2. A powerhouse of reggae, he'll be missed. The opening cut on his live album, "Pressure Drop" is easily the most powerful bit of reggae I've ever heard.
  3. There was a Diablo warranty card in the case for my Special FM when I bought it (new) in, I think, 1994. Those two models didn't even use the same case so.... ?
  4. I've only shipped one guitar to Yerp, to Austria. It was packed to withstand a regional thermonuclear conflict in Uline's biggest guitar/bass box. It just sneaked under the USPS size limits. I took it to the PO along with the buyer's address information and had it weighed and measured to get the shipping cost on it. It just made sense, rather than putting the buyer through two international payments. It got there pretty quickly, cleared Customs promptly and all was well. No insult intended, but I kind of wish the guitar was still at Dale's. It's just up the street from my old
  5. That's a good looker. Many of the TSB's from that era had a center that turned a not-very-attractive greenish yellow and earned the finish the name "diaperburst".😝. Mine was a great player, though. I'd have kept it except that I found myself with, like 4 P90 Specials at one point.
  6. In the Marines, Gunnery Sergeant. In the Army, Staff Sergeant (SFC is 3 up, two down)
  7. A local small shop near me has a 1990 Centaura in black sparkle (not a real common finish IIRC). Generally good shape, some clearcoat checking that passes the proverbial 3 foot test and the Floyd will need set up but no big rust or anything. I nearly bought this one back in 1994 when it was NOS on another shop's wall. He has $899 on it but most likely will finagle on it. The shop is running limited scourgevirus hours, 12-4. Eric's Guitars' Etc. 937 454-6446
  8. I seem that I recall some mention of it in a recording engineer-oriented mag back at the time. The consensus was that, even though it started as some sort of high-minded "art" project, in the end it was best to just leave it out in the wilderness to die.
  9. Thought my band had finished and "retired", passed mine on to Geoff. Wrong-o bucko. Damn.....
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