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  1. Nice rig your own self, Rob! Since I was starting from scratch on this, the price/performance or bang for buck ratio was an important consideration. Oh, I forgot, a blu-ray player with an optical out that I just use for CD's, I forget what it is. About a hunna dolla.
  2. Jef, so far I'm liking it a lot. As for a better/same/worse comparison, well that's tough to do. Upstairs I have the venerable Technics 1200 with a couple of "vintage" cartidges I swap out occasionally, a Stanton triple 6 and a Shure V-15 Type 4. But in totally different systems, who knows? On a clean pressing it seems like I'm pulling a little bit extra out of the grooves, hearing little stuff I hadn't noticed before. You gotta be happy with the Sumiko in a Pro-ject though. I strongly considered that route.
  3. Inspired by @Disturber, I thought I'd just crow a little bit too. I've been selling off a few guitars, amps, etc., doubtless there will be more, but I decided to put a umm, like, rillyrilly good sounding stereo together with some of the money. It wasn't my intent to blow the neighbors' chimneys down or rattle guitars off the racks. Nope, just blow my socks off in a relatively small space. The final piece came together today and I couldn't be more tickled. A romp through Miles Davis, Taj Mahal, live Dire Straits and the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra revealed stuff I never heard before, all while sounding cohesive and very musical. I've built and dismantled three recording studios over the years and never had a monitoring system that sounded this good. Granted, studios and listening rooms have very different requirements, but still.... The audiophile bug can bite hard and rip a significant gash in your wallet before you know it. I was determined to keep it simple and cost-effective. Hell, I already have a pretty decent home theater in the living room that fixes the go crazy part. No, this is for sitting down and just listening to music in stereo. The result is simultaneously satisfying and exciting. Hmmmm very tickled I am. All in, including stands, cabling, various accessories and a nice pair of headphones I'm into it for roughly $2K. I scored the odd refurb and closeout and that shaved some off, and I'm still looking into streaming, but basically I'm done. And most Esteemed Redhead sprang for the furniture! If anybody gives a crap, the bits include: Emotiva TA1 preamp/tuner/amp/DAC Klipsch RP600M speakers Fluance RT85 Turntable with Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge Emotiva SE8 Flex Subwoofer Pangea Stands Leftover studio cabling, mostly Sennheiser HD 600 cans. As one reviewer noted: "The only person who has to like your system is you". I do. Not planning on pix since it's just a bunch of black boxes.
  4. There was a small sign on the wall of one of the control rooms at the studio where I worked. It said "If it doesn't happen out there, it can't happen in here". Fer troof.
  5. I've been whelmed before, but not quite like this. Here's the deal. I've been playing for 65 years, playing guitar for well over 55. In that time I've amassed a stupidcrazy amount of stuff. Something like 35 fretted instruments (to include ukes, half a dozen basses, banjo, mandolin and several "special use" instruments that I bought for use in various bands, etc. etc.) a dozen or so amps, from MicroCubes on up, so many stompboxes I've lost track, raw speakers, parts, accessories and on and on a little bit of hi-fi/studio gear in there too. Most of it is decent quality and well cared for, but definitely workingman's stuff. Most of the "choice" pieces are gone to other HFC'ers or locally. If I were to put all of it into one room (most of it is already) it would effectively fill the room. But... my health is going, one finger on my left hand has gone into business for itself and, in general, any playing i can foresee doing will be to amuse myself or a teeming horde at a coffeehouse open mic. So here's the rub. How to vacate the premises and realize some cash toward a nice hi-fi system and a comfy couch without A) breaking my back B ) working at it for years and, perhaps most importantly, C) not giving half of it to the IRS. It could be viewed as a "pre-need" estate sale. Local message boards via Facetube have yielded some results, I live in a neighborhood with a number of musicians and a couple of things have gone that way. In the past, I've unloaded some stuff on the local Craigslist. What I DON'T want to do if I can help it is use Reverb unless i can get compensated for the taxes and the hassle (might explain some unrealistic prices over there) and FeeBay has become overrun with thieves and charlatans. So within the parameters of "I want this stuff gone reasonably quickly but I ain't gonna give it away", I'm open to suggestions. Bueller? Bueller? TIA
  6. Luverly! Play the snot out of it! I think I see Yoda right behind the bridge.
  7. I saw the headline and thought maybe it had been buried waaaay back in a closet all along.
  8. It may be the Canuckian equivalent of GC, but I'd guess that Long & McQuade is always worth a look-see.
  9. Which might explain why, according to the rumor mill, Fender is lowering prices and laying off employees.
  10. Hmmmm, have been casually looking for the "right" phaser and this one lost out because of size/price. Happy with what I have (JHS 3 series), but dayum, that Isley Bros. fuzz/phase hooks you right in.
  11. Been said before but why not try them all? https://www.jhspedals.info/bonsai Josh at JHS has a good "one after the other" demo too.
  12. It always seemed to me that a red or diaperburst P-90 Special was the gateway drug to Hamers, a fundamental building block for a Hamer harem. They wen't for anywhere from $500 to maybe $800 for a really really nice one. I'm not balking, just a bit surprised that even a working stiff model has gone up that much.
  13. Hers was not a well known name but during the swinging late 60's (my era, basically) her voice certainly was. The Seekers were too folkie to be rock, too rocky to be folk, they just did good songs well produced in more or less a light entertainment vein. Big hits were "Another You" and the theme from the movie "Georgy Girl". Call it vapid insipid pop. OK, but when we got the news yesterday, Most Esteemed Redhead (10 years my junior) and I both recalled the full lyrics to "Another You" https://www.theguardian.com/music/2022/aug/08/judith-durham-obituary?amp And we know we'll never find....another her.
  14. RIP, congrats on a life well lived in spite of it all.
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