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  1. Just my half-assed educated opinion, YMMV, closed course, not tested on humans... If the pedals in each loop lack a buffer, certainly. Even if there is one in there, it can't hurt. It wouldn't be surprising to see several buffers in an effects chain as many modern pedals have it built into their output circuitry.
  2. My neighbor used to be a builder for Santa Cruz. Every one that I have played has been a joy.
  3. This one, most likely, the Aircraft Carrier. Sold, of course. A close second, adjusted for inflation, would be my Taylor 710 CE, bought sometime in the 1990's. Other than a 65 SG Junior, the Taylor is probably the only guitar that ultimately paid for itself.
  4. ATM, a Vanguard and a 64 SG Junior. I've had scads, mostly Hamers. One of the "everybody needs at least one" red P-90 Specials I converted to Eclipse Firebird pickups 'cuz grab and go, not knowing what I might walk into. Oh, and noise.
  5. Dibs on this one too. Again, I'll need a little lead time to dispose of the bodies.
  6. Dibs on the N90. But I'll need a little notice so I can hide the bodies.
  7. Great googly moogly! Love it until I think about shouldering it.
  8. His voice sounds like a mix of Campbell and John Hartford. In any event it's a crapload better than anything Shatner might do the song.
  9. As a youngster in the early 60's, the world was arranged thusly: Fender = 7.25, Gibson = 12. That was it. I wasn't sophisticated enough (or good enough) to know or appreciate the difference. But when the time came for me to get my own instead of borrowing friends' guitars or jamming in their basements, the Gibsons just had gnarlier sounding pickups and I adapted to the 12" radius quickly, not even knowing what a radius was. For a long time, I loved the way a Strat looked and sounded but couldn't seem to get along with the necks very well. Today I can get along with a well set-up 7.25
  10. I got some quality time with a Schecter Stiletto Studio 8 once. Too much time had elapsed between then and my encounter with a Hamer B8 to make any sort of a comparison.
  11. Damn, those buyer premiums are ridiculous!
  12. If you do have to shim, what Murkat said about sandpaper. It was necessary on my Frankenstrat when I built it. A folded over bit of 600 grit sandpaper did the trick. The paper is already compressed and the grit gives is a little grab on the wood to keep things from shifting.
  13. What Jeff said. I did it to a whistling Pearly Gates. Did the trick.
  14. I've got the 1058's in an open back 2 x 10, a Ragin' Cajun in a Fender Super Champ XD and a Ramrod in another Super Champ XD. And a Copperhead (slightly brighter) in a Pro Junior. I like 'em all. And yeah, the biggest upgrade you can make to a small Fender is A Ragin' Cajun or Ramrod. The Ramrod might have a smidge more forward mids but the difference is very subtle. Really, in that amp, you couldn't go wrong with any of them.
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