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  1. Josh:  Uncovered, black/zebra 4 wire?  I can Paypal immediately.




  2. Hey Jeff

    I can't seem to get an answer I can trust from anybody around here (and I have a former builder for Santa Cruz living across the street, so...) so I'll ask you.

    If I were to send a piece to you for a refret, would you need the whole guitar?  It's a Frankenstrat I built in the early 1980's on its second paint job, yada yada.  The neck, I think, had had it's fret slots cut too narrow in the first place and the thing has had a back-bow since day one.  When I string it up with 10's, with no tension on the truss rod, it comes back to dead flat.  I played the snot out of it this way for years and years and it's due for a refret, willy-nilly.  But, would a refret, at this point, assuming a proper tang/slot relationship, fix the back bow?

    Ebony slab board, flatter than typical radius (12"??) abalone dots, brass side dots, oil finish.


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