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  1. 23 hours ago, Dutchman said:

    This just happened Wednesday night. Throw together band no rehearsal just winging it. The vocalist/acoustic guitar player capo’d almost every song and would use the “normal” name uncapo’d for the song structure. The bass player and I did a lot of signaling back and forth as to what key he was playing in!! I couldn’t see him but the bass player could. Quite a challenge, but turned out ok, crowd didn’t notice and his voice was awesome!! But for those whom capo it’s really helpful to know what key the resulting capo position puts the song in. Lol!!

    I used to back up a fellow, always off the cuff, who would do the exact same thing.  Fortunately I could see his left hand (usually).  However, to him, "in tune" meant that his guitar was in tune with itself, not necessarily in tune with anything else.  I started bringing a fretless bass to those deals.

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  2. 2 hours ago, it's me HHB said:

    As a theater music director you find many many people fall into the flat keys as their natural vocal range. E A are uncommon compared to Ab Db Eb and F. I often wonder if this is why its so hard to find a wailing male rock singer

    This oftentimes happens with my wife.  I bought an Ovation longneck that has a longer scale and is intended to be tuned to D.  Solved a lot of problems for us.

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  3. On 11/29/2019 at 4:19 PM, Hamer95USA said:

      I wasn't sure if I wanted to drop $1K plus on either a Hamer Eclipse or a Newport guitar, so I bought this '90s Yamaha Pacifica 303-12 12 string electric guitar from Guitar Center used website to mess around with earlier this year.


    Had that same guitar in trans blue.  I put in some moderate output rail pickups in it, just for the humbucking effect.  Other than that I kept it stock.  The only gripe I had was that the headstock shape made it hard to tune the G's.  Had it until the right Eclipse 12 showed up and I still know where it is.  John, if you find one in good shape, I'd pick it up without reservation.



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  4. 23 hours ago, Jakeboy said:

    If I get called up I go and make whatever song it is my own. They have to make me leave. This ensures they don’t do it again! ;)
    Only thing worse is a fing harp player.

    Harp players... There's only one I'll let up with me because I've known him since he was a little kid, overblowing on everything.  His old man is quite the jazz/blues guy and knocked him down a peg or three.  Now he's a pleasure to jam with.


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  5. 34 minutes ago, Jakeboy said:

    How does it sound with your Ric, TT?

    Haven't had a Ric in decades, but it sounds terrific with the Eclipse 12,  super clean and chimey to gritty and full.  We used to do a segue between "Feel A Whole Lot Better" a-la Byrds/Petty to the tail end of "Won't Get Fooled Again" and I could just wind up the wick on the guitar, lean into it and get that edgy gritch quite easily.  It feels good and has just a little sag when the master is wound up.  The single tone control is adequate to the purpose, set it and forget it.  With the input wound up, it has a pleasing furry sort of noise to it, strongly reminiscent of what an amp with EL-84's (of which I have several) does.  It has a "deep" switch on the back that I've never turned off, for what that's worth. YMMV.

    FWIW, It mostly gets run though a Sourmash 2 x 10 cabinet, semi-open back, loaded with Eminence Legends, wired for 4 ohms.  At 4 ohms it's plenty loud, easy to hang with a band as long as nobody has ego problems. :D

    PS: A techno-geek acquaintance explained that the NuTube is really a vacuum tube, just in a different physical configuration.  In short, this thing is a great deal and with so many variants, you can just pick your style and go.

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  6. Quite a number of times over the years.  The times I've been suckered in, I can typically acquit myself reasonably well and get the hell offa there.  Lately, though, there's a young phenom friend of mine who will occasionally invite me up.  The guy is a terrifying player, no matter the genre and he has the musical equivalent of a photographic memory.  The first time he did that was about 10 years ago when he was on a bluegrass kick.  He hands me this log of a Martin and I spend the first two verses and choruses figuring out howinthehell to get my hand around the neck.  Then he gives me "the nod".  Fortunately I was waaaay down in the mix.  I know a fair number of bluegrass tunes but never was the Mark O'Connor type be even the most remote stretch.  Chord banger at the most.  As the years have gone on he's gotten less terrifying (to me, anyway) and it's a lot of fun hanging it out on the edge.  But it always seems like he's throwing me one kind of curve or another.

    The most recent was when I was taking delivery of an oddball cigar box guitar.  Most of these are a three-string proposition and I'd ordered this one as a four-string, not having the first clue as to how to tune it, much less play it.  I figured I'd take it home and woodshed with it. Helluvit was, my friend didn't have a clue either, when it came to 4-strings.

    Forward to about 8:30




  7. An acquaintance of mine has one.  (SC55?) It seems to be pretty snappy sounding overall and quite versatile.  His current band veers from lounge jazz to pretty hard blues and it seems to fit in pretty well whatever they tackle.  A local store had a couple but they disappeared before I had a chance to take them for a spin.

  8. On 11/19/2019 at 1:27 PM, MCChris said:

    "For the encore, Seger brought on another musician who he introduced as his new guitar player."

    Was this Tom Neme, I wonder? He was my first guitar teacher. He was brought in to be Seger's equal in the band for the Noah album, but that didn't end well. The rest, as they say , is history.


    I'm pretty sure this was the first Seger album I got.  I'm also pretty sure that, given my financial straits at the time, it was a cut-out.  The liner notes were all about Tom Neme, who apparently was the second coming of Christ.  There were a couple of tunes I liked, I recall but most of the record was dreck.



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