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  1. Just today I found out that the robocallers actually download the govt. Do Not Call numbers list and put them into their rocket dialers because they are known good numbers.
  2. They were probably unique in that they pretty much just substituted transistors where tubes used to be (I know, it's not that simple but...). The early ones I got up close and personal with had a VERY quick response and could be loud AF. And clean clean clean. The reverb was prone to feedback in some of them. It wasn't that they didn't hold up well, it's that when something went wrong as it inevitably does, even something minor, the design of the amps made it difficult to fix and Kustom didn't make many spares. Each channel's electronics were built on to a circuit board, hand wired, and the circuit board was then attached to a motherboard inside the amp. The idea was ease of service, just pop out the circuit board of the offending channel and pop in the replacement. The motherboard contained the output section (at least on the early ones I cracked open). Trouble was, those circuit boards were damn near impossible to find even when the original Kustom was still in business. So even a minor component level boo-boo often meant a trip to the dumpster. The other thing was that the head design had basically no ventilation and that was just begging for thermal runaway from the power amp transistors. I still love 'em though. Can't help it.
  3. That much tuck 'n' roll Kustom stuff can't be wrong.
  4. I did sound for Donny & Marie at a couple of resort venues in Missouri. I was surprised at how hard the show rocked and how damn nice those two were.
  5. My old friend Jim Peterick was the organizer, writer and general motive force behind Survivor. I was around when he was writing this as well as the songs for his solo album. I used to get excited progress reports as the whole thing was coming together. I sill mentally go "cha-ching" for him. when I hear Eye of The Tiger.
  6. There's an old saying: "You can't play a sad song on a banjo". Whoever said that has obviously never heard me. Hell, when I first got a banjo I tackled the Stones' Wild Horses and Angie just to prove 'em wrong.
  7. We came out of retirement and played our last gig a couple of weeks ago. For 25 years it was the same story as you. And for 5 or 6 before that, the bass player and I had been knocking around together in the furry animal clubs. The gig went by all to quickly after a month of knocking the rust off. It was a blur. I'm told we did well. I've been playing in front of people for over 60 years and I don't think you ever get over that minute or two of "deer in the headlights". I'll miss that band. Unfortunately the bassist's health issues will probably keep him sidelined for keeps. I'm married to the drummer and we managed to defy the "never join a band with a husband and wife in it" curse. We were having too much fun for that crap. Enjoy, it's going to whiz by in a hurry.
  8. And of 4, I'm pretty sure. That's the way I've always taught it and it seems to work.
  9. Sheebus! I've got the CMatthes Tee, the polo, an employee (?) varsity jacket and employee windbreaker. The shirts probably have pit stains (a big plus for certain member, apparently). There we go. My retirement nest egg is fully funded 😉
  10. Saw them twice, the first time they were in the middle of a 3 act "guitar hero sandwich": Rory Gallagher, MJM, Robin Trower. They were all good but the Orchestra just steamrollered them, IMO. Much like Entwhistle in The Who, Laird seemed to anchor a tornado of interplay between the other 4 while still holding his own, chops-wise. Loud AF they were and I was worn out by the end of their set.
  11. Ya beat me to it! 🤣
  12. Sad to hear. Great player, and the original Mahavishnu lineup was the best, IMO.
  13. It took me years to find the perfect (for me) Tele-type. Found it in a T-51. Mine's bone stock, but YMMV, fire it up and irritate somebody!
  14. Jim Morrison being Mr Mojo Risin, it's, I think, a fair cop to question the actualfactuality of his demise. That he might somehow duck out a side door, leaving all hell to break loose behind him is not beyond the realm of possibility. But for him to manage to keep an absolutely flat profile for the rest of his days, completely under the radar, well, that's the possibility I would question. Gotta go with Occam's Razor on this.
  15. ^^^This right here! You're reaping the benefits already!
  16. I dunno.... maybe I didn't say it right? Phrase it right? Semaphore it right? I'm not quitting, never have. The band retired 5 years ago. I didn't. Two go-rounds with prostate cancer and two strokes since the band retired haven't kept me from it. Was I sitting down in the picture at the top up there? Nope. That was the last song in a one hour set, standing all the way, spitting out a blizzard of nails 😅. And I was up for a couple of hours more glad-handing and catching up with folks I hadn't seen in quite a while. Since that initial retirement 5 years ago I've played several actual "people came specifically to see me" gigs, any number of sit-ins and I stink up a couple of local open mics pretty regularly. In my further defense, on Christmas night, 2020, I was lying on a gurney in the emergency room, my left side pretty well paralyzed. My thinking went: "welp, I'm not gonna be playing any time soon, I wonder if I can still sing?" And I belted out the chorus of Tom Petty's "Won't Back Down". Came out just fine without so much as a warmup. Half a year later, here I am. I guess the thrust of all this is that I *much* prefer playing and singing with other people, especially when we're flying by the seat of our collective pants, which Spiny Norman did so well. But just because they're retired doesn't mean that I am. I just need a new set of co-conspirators. BUT... Muchos thankyous for the encouragement, exhortations and well wishes 😉
  17. Jim, sadly, no. I had to use the provided backline, which was two Orange Crush 15's that absolutely would not do clean, period, end quote. And the dirty was pretty ugly. The stage manager was super inflexible (mostly because he was in over his head) so we and the audience were kind of stuck with it. Objectively, the Eclipse sounded like a blizzard of nails. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but when you're trying to get Byrds-y widdit there's something wrong with that.
  18. I used to love those, especially if the band was good or I was playing. There's a small town not far from me that still does street fairs a couple of times a year and they're loads of fun. Another is so famous that you almost have to park in the next town over and walk a few miles. I usually take a miss on that one. Due to a geological "oops" in the form of a sinkhole, my street is now a dead end. The talk of a block party has become more intense the past few weeks and everybody knows that there are five musicians that all live within line of sight of each other on the street and several more within a couple of blocks. The last time I checked, we're all resigned to our fate as long as we don't each have to do the whole thing. Cuz, beer, brats and neighbors. Yeah, it's a dying phenomenon, but My little street is going down swinging.
  19. We just finished what will certainly be the last performance by my dippy little folk 'n' roll band, Spiny Norman. Actually the Mighty Hedgehog retired, pretty emphatically, about five years ago. But we were lured out of retirement to play a benefit for a dear friend whose cancer and its attendant bills have returned. So we got back together, knocked a LOT of rust off and did the benefit and, all things considered did reasonably well. At 70 years old, it's likely the last "band" gig I'll ever play. I know, never say never, but... Anyway almost from the time there was a need for me to use a "plugged in" guitar with the band, say for 25 years or so, there has been at least one Hamer on the stand, usually two or three. The Wyldbil Special has made an appearance, the Aircraft Carrier came out once, a korina Standard, andonandon. Today at the end, things were no different. The very last song of the very last show featured my rutstycrustytrusty Eclipse 12. It done good, we done good, our friend more than covered her bills.
  20. I first knew her as a bassist. She played a big ol' Guild solidbody that seemed to be about as big as she was.
  21. I had a CS-9 on my board for decades precisely because it was a sweet-sounding chorus without the Boss Seasick Wobble. Set properly, you didn't notice it until you turned it off. Then it was the TC Electronics SCF. Both went in a pedal purge. Nowadays it's the TC Corona chorus. More fiddly and there's some stuff I don't use, but it's a good sounding, lush when it needs to be, a bit more zingy when that's called for, good build quality too. Gets a great Dyno-my-piano chorus in stereo.
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