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  1. My #1 Hamer has been a '92 Special FM which I bought new in 1993. Still my ol' reliable go-to humbuckered axe. My go-to single-coil guitar is a Frankenstrat that I built in the early 1980's. It has the special non-suck EMG's in what became known as the DG-20 configuration (10 or 15 years before they called it that) and a Kahler. It's been my go-to for over 20 years. My first-shot studio guitar is a 1982 Martin E-28, one of 100 built, the first one offered for sale, as opposed to being a catalong/employee piece. All mahogany neck-thru with Duncans and active tone controls. I just stuck the pic of Bubbles The Frankenstrat in to see if it worked.
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