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  1. +1 on Steve Walsh. I clicked into this thread to make sure he was included. Happy to see my contribution is thoroughly redundant!
  2. Kurt L

    NGD 08 Talladega Pro

    Congrats on the Talladega Pro. Hope you have many happy years with it.! I really enjoy my Talladega, but have never had a chance to play a Pro. Please post more once you’ve spent some time with it. I’ll be interested to see what you think.
  3. Shredders don’t usually make me jealous. Usually... Looks awesome, hope you enjoy it for many years to come!!!
  4. Caught and Released 1) 4-digit Standard (0335) 2) Eclipse (Koa) 3) '79 Sunburst 4) '81 Vector 5) BCR Junior 6) Daytona 7) Monaco III 😎Monaco Elite 9) Steve Stevens (hot pink!) 10) '93 Special FM Currently Own 11) Newport Pro Custom 12) Talladega 13) '05 Studio Custom 14) '96 Studio Custom 15) Studio Custom Goldtop (P-90s) 16) Vanguard 17) Artist Custom Edited Because I Forgot About 18) T-51
  5. Yup! Ironically, I moved it on to a new home last Friday, the same day you posted this. And the new owner texted several times to tell me how much he likes it!
  6. Happy New Bass Day! I’ve got a Casady bass as well, lots of good tones... My only caveat is that it’s huge!!! Biggest neck I’ve ever played, no way I can play it for extended periods. I’ve seen Jack Casady from the front row 3 times, no doubt those basses can sound really good! Of course, he’d sound great on anything.
  7. Kurt L

    Saw The Dixie Dregs Last Night

    Glad you enjoyed the show. A good friend if mine was there but I haven’t heard his review yet... sounds like a great night.
  8. Nice guitar!!! And welcome to the HFC!
  9. Kurt L

    Slatwall Hangers,,,, any preferences?

    Looks great! I’d show your pics to Mrs. L but then she’d want me to clean my room.
  10. Kurt L

    Stoopid music stories

    In high school, my band had a “big gig” in the cafeteria for some fall festival kind of thing. I had to play acoustic for one song so I sat down and put a mic in front of the sound hole. The song ended with me popping a couple of harmonics. Of course, I missed the last one, and the mic was right there to catch me say “Aw, shit!” That, of course, was the most popular moment of our show. I never got in any trouble, though our grade level principal talked to me about it. I was just like “It just came out.” I think he was trying not to laugh. More high school fun - I accidentally unplugged my guitar during a performance by our jazz choir, leading to a guitar-less intro to “25 or 6 to 4.” Good times.
  11. Kurt L

    Melancholy P-90 Goodness.

    I, too, love that song... I’ll see your Cortez and raise ‘ya a Powderfinger.
  12. Kurt L

    Headstock Shapes

    The only Hamer headstock I thought was ugly was on an ‘81 Vector. But what do I know? I had a Heritage and the headstock didn’t bother me at all.
  13. I just traded away my Albert Lee HH, but kept my Albert Lee SSS. I can’t see how you would regret getting one, seeing how you already like the body shape and neck.
  14. Kurt L

    CarMax Ad Guitar

    Now Michael Angelo can use his feet, too!!!
  15. Kurt L

    NAD - Friedman Smallbox

    You still in Austin? I’m up in Cedar Park. Let’s go grab a beer!