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  1. A little cruel but a pretty fair assessment. Lots of guitar playing but not much in the way of great songs. Still, I totally admire his talent and work ethic, and friends who’ve met him say he’s a really nice guy. And the last time I saw him, the two women singing backup were stellar! Wish I’d had a chance to see BCC. I’ll bet I would have loved that.
  2. Had a Soul Food, bought it as an inexpensive way to check out a little bit of what Klon-mania was/is all about. Liked it enough to upgrade to a pair of Mythical Overdrives, but the SF is a great pedal.
  3. I caught maybe 15-20 RUSH shows over the years, from 1981 to the 2015 farewell tour. That’s 34 years of great concerts! I understand Neil’s perspective when he wrote “I can’t pretend a stranger is a long awaited friend,” but that’s how the band seemed to me. Every time they’d pass through, I’d get a visit with my long awaited friends. Mourn the loss, celebrate the life, enjoy the music and writings he left us. Thanks, Neil! We’ll miss you.
  4. That’s some funny s*** right there.
  5. Gotta agree. Muse’s recordings don’t do much for me but I’ve seen them live twice and they put on a great show.
  6. I haven't been around much lately - this thread will give me a great opportunity to be as annoying as ever. Getting my pedalboards back in order is one of the tasks on my New Year's to-do list! The main board for my home studio is based around a Carl Martin Octaswitch. Newer loop switchers have a lot more features but it still gives me a lot of options. Power is Voodoo Lab PP2+ and ISO-5. Here's how I'll be wiring it up. Pre Octaswitch (since this version has no tuner output) - a new Peterson Strobostomp HD is arriving on Wednesday to replace my trusty old blue tuner Loop 1 - Boss OC-2 Octave, Lovepedal Rubber Chicken, Keeley-mod Ibanez AD-9 Loop 2 - ZVez Wah Probe (off-board) Loop 3 - space, power, and connections set aside for two OD/fuzz/distortion pedals so I can swap them in and out. No permanent resident in this slot. Loop 4 - Keeley Compresssor Pro, MXR 10-band EQ (the Blinder!!!) Loop 5 - Boss volume pedal (off-board) Loop 6 - space, power, and connections set aside for one modulation pedal. No permanent resident in this slot. Loop 7 - TC Nova Delay Loop 8 - TC Nova Reverb Post-Octaswitch - TC Ditto looper and JHS Colour Box Other options for this board include using a THD Univalve head as a tube distortion box in Loop 3, and using my rack delays and reverbs in Loops 7 and 8. I also have the Home Depot special. It's half-inch thick plywood (32" x 11.25") covered with Velcro. It's got two drawer handles to make it easy to pick up, and a bunch of felt pads on the bottom. (They're likely to be replaced by rubber feet.) I use this board for bass, or for jamming with friends, or for general weirdness. Power from a Voodoo Lab PP2+. Here are all the pedals that are not already attached to something... \ And finally, a crap-ton of old George L cable and ends to wire it all up. I have another 20 or so completed cables I can cannibalize if this pile isn't enough. That's my big pile of overkill. Hell, I'm state-of-the-art if it was 2003!!!
  7. Yeah, but that one might actually be worth shelling out the cash!
  8. These are great guitars! My 339 is an '09 with 57 Classics and dots... yours looks awesome with the block inlays! GLWTS!
  9. Hot Tuna is always a good time. Their acoustic shows are insanely good and Jorma's fingerpicking is top notch. Did you happen to notice Jack keeping time with his eyebrow? The first time I saw him do it, I thought he was just messing with me in the front row - but I've seen him enough times to think sometimes he just does that instead of tapping his foot. They may be old hippies who attract old hippies, but I'll go see them as long as they care to keep touring.
  10. Umm...I love Neil Young AND the Grateful Dead. And @Moose, we need more details. What kind of sandwich???
  11. Gotcha! I was still thinking stock pickups... I like the DDs.
  12. I like all the twists and turns... you might be missing out. Give this song two minutes and see if the groove doesn’t grab you. And I would almost swear Jeff Tweedy is channeling some early 70s solo John Lennon here....
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