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  1. Big fan of both models... but if I could only have one I'd probably go with the Studio Custom. Luckily I don't have to make such decisions.
  2. I liked the anecdote about Neil’s memorial service when Stewart Copeland (IIRC) told all the famous drummers in attendance “we’ve all had fans come up to tell us “”You’re my second-favorite drummer!””
  3. How about a slight shift... a sporting event that I passed up and shouldn’t have! Early 90s, I was living in Austin but was doing some video production work in Dallas. A guy I was working with had an extra ticket to the Rangers game that night and offered it to me. I told him thanks but I was meeting up with some friends I hadn’t seen in a while. Which I did... When we got to the client’s office the next morning, the guy who offered me the ticket started telling me all about this brawl on the diamond the night before. Baseball fans will remember the night Robin Ventura char
  4. Supercool!!! I was looking for about 30 feet but I could certainly buy more. Please get me a quote for 30 feet, and for however much he’s got left on the spool. If he’s blowing it out, it might be a win/win. Thanks for your help!
  5. I know other brands of solderless cable have become popular but over the years I’ve accumulated a crapload of George L plugs and a super-crapload of short cable scraps. But... I need two lengths of cable in the 10-15 foot range. Anybody have some unloved .155 George L cable hanging around? If you bought it for a pedalboard, I can easily trade you much more than that length, just in smaller segments. (Seriously, I could do 10 boards with all the pieces I have.) Or I can swap you some plugs or pre-make you a few patch cables. I went to the George L website and had a case of sti
  6. GLWTS! I was just putting my Talladega through its paces yesterday. Very cool guitars!
  7. I have one of these 90th anniversary Celestions in an open-back Mojotone cabinet. It sounds great, like a classic Celestion should. (I’m using that cab with a 17 watt Fulton-Webb head.) https://celestion.com/product/143/g1235xc/ Thought I was an alnico speaker guy until I found out this model has a ceramic magnet in it. I really like this speaker! Just FYI, here’s the cab it’s installed in. https://www.mojotone.com/Cabinets_x/Cabinets_xx/British-18-Watt-Style-Guitar-Amplifier-1x12-Speaker-Extension-Cabinet You should ask the Mojotone folks if this speaker would be a go
  8. Sorry you Heritage guys have lost your board. That must really suck... But welcome here! I've only owned one Heritage, a mid-90s H-150 CM. It's the only guitar I've bought, sold and bought again. Same guitar, bought it back from the guy I sold it to. I ended up selling it again to buy another Hamer. (Wouldn't rule out buying it a third time...)
  9. I'm out. Put a Rickenbacker bass in layaway 3 weeks ago! Of course, I know better than entering the challenge anyway... good luck to the rest of you. Hope I find the great deals you guys pass on. (Hee hee!!!)
  10. Forgot to add a bunch of cool pedals... I put together a "mad scientist" pedalboard that would be pretty impractical for anyone who actually had to haul it around and gig with it. The coolest was a Z. Vex (Vexter) Wah Probe. Great sounding wah and the lack of a physical mechanism makes it a lot of fun to use. Have really enjoyed that pedal.
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