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  1. Interesting comments...... I am wondering why it is/was so difficult to measure the inside lower bout width of the case and confirm that it is indeed 14" wide. To me, it didn't seem like a complicated request. I realize that my Hamer knowledge is not anywhere close to the experts who are regular contributors on this site. That being said, I was just trying to be positive that it was a Newport sized case and not a Studio case. My apologies for my ignorance..... Tim.
  2. Boomerang, Did you get a chance to get a few measurements on the case? Inside, lower bout. Inside, upper bout. Body length. Measurements such as these for a es336..... Tim.
  3. Boomerang, No rush, let me know when you get home..... Hbom, Is the $1000 correct or do you have a sticky "0" key? I find it hard to believe that a case is worth the price of a nice guitar.... How much without the case candy? Tim.
  4. I'm still looking for a Newport case..... Thanks, Tim.
  5. Boomerang~Junkie, Just to be 100% sure, does the case measure 14" at the lower bout and 10 1/4" +/- at the upper bout? It was built specifically for a Newport Pro, correct? Out of curiosity, is Peter gtrdaddy? I've been a member here for quite a while, had a few Hamers and finally found one with a 1 11/16" nut width and a nice full profile to fit my big hands.... All of the previous Hamers I've had came with 1 5/8" nut widths (Studio, Studio Custom and a Mirage ll) and the necks were just a bit small for my comfort zone. I now have a "keeper"...... Tim.
  6. gtrdaddy, I am aware of this. All things considered, it's still a bit of nice amount of cash..... You never know, maybe down the road I'll have some extra $$$$..... At least I know Boomerang has one, for now..... Thanks again, to everyone, for all the input.....
  7. Thanks for the replies and photos. Boomerang, that's a real nice case but a bit more than I was hoping to spend...... currypowder, that looks like a very snug, but acceptable fit. any weird pressure points outside of the top horn at the strap button? it looks like you had some kind of strap lock on there, correct? it looks like the contours are fairly similar. Thanks again.
  8. Hey thanks. It looks to be in excellent shape. 14” lower bout? Can you give me some of the other measurements? If you could double check which guitars it was designed for, that would be great. Did you use it for a Newport or? Thanks for any information and for reaching out. Tim.
  9. Thanks for your input.... It sounds like you might have sold the Newport.... If not, could you take a photo of the guitar in the case and send it to me? I live on an island and don't have easy access to a music shop. Thanks, Tim.
  10. I'm looking for a good quality, nice fitting case for a 2002 Hamer Newport Pro. Any suggestions on a case that will work? Thanks for your reply, Tim.
  11. I see that some in Seattle, where I am, has got a 13" lower bout case for sale..... I need one with a 14"lower bout measurement for a Newport..... Anyone? Thanks, Tim.
  12. Hello, As the title says, I'm looking for a case to fit a 2002 Newport Pro guitar. The body shape and dimensions make finding a nice snug, proper fitting case a bit of a challenge. That being said, I would appreciate a heads-ups if anyone might know of one. Or, if anyone can suggest a quality, after market case that would fit the Newport, that would be great. Thanks, Tim.
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