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  1. I like George L just fine. Pick one and go.
  2. Looks nice... Where does the quality fall in with other manufacturers like Warmoth, etc.?
  3. I honestly do not know. North of 50, safe to say... Some awesome, some average. I definitely don't do them justice, sorry to say.
  4. The ones I've used in my Mesa Subway Rocket haven't lasted near as well as the OEM tubes. Now that was 10 years ago, maybe they are built tougher now(?). Or maybe the amp is just hell on tubes.
  5. I made an 8kW (10kW surge) setup for my house (1150 ft2). It has a LP conversion, and runs everything I really need except for a clothes dryer and central HVAC. It does run the mini split unit in my shop tho... It gives me lights, hot water, cold beer, microwave, a stove eye, fridge / freezer, and hot coffee. I was recently out of power for two days, and it used roughly half of two 100lb LP tanks (keep in mind an outage a couple years ago that lasted 5 or 6 hours, and periodic fireups / 20 min runtimes to exercise the gen is also included in that.) As stated by others, add up the power requirements of everything you intend to use at one time. Keep in mind that simply adding certain loads won't account for startup requirements which are different from running requirements... Although a 10kW portable won't start the compressor on a typical central HVAC unit (it does run the blower), it will run a small mini split or a window unit. My project came about because of past outages which lasted anywhere from 1 to 5 days, where I had to drag out a portable gen, haphazardly set it up in the elements while trying to protect it, etc. It sucks. What I have is MUCH better than that now, It is back-fed thru 2 separate breakers in two panels, and a Main to isolate from the service. I'll post pics in a bit. Disclaimer: If starting from scratch, I'd go with a standby set which can be had for $4-5k w/ATS, but if you already have a decent gen this is not a bad way to go. Remember to ground!
  6. The solution for me is iTunes, an iPhone, and a Mac mini. There are well over 600 full albums on my phone, with plenty of memory left. I wear hearing aids which are bluetooth, and had the audiologist adjust the EQ curve for music mode to my tastes... But BT ear buds would be as good or better. Works awesome! A new album and a backup are only a DL and a sync away. And, I always have my phone with me.
  7. P&G is a FINE ass album! One of my favorite solos is from No More Tears tho. I totally get the "parody" thing, but I still love some of the riffage on his newer stuff... I can't help being a sucker for a heavy riff... 'Fields Of Unforgiveness' immediately comes to mind.
  8. At 94, anything is a potential killer. Still sucks tho.
  9. LA Kouvaris? Damn that sucks, I hadn't heard about him passing. Found this: https://www.metal-archives.com/artists/Louie_Kouvaris/15259 Fuck.
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