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  1. My first DP album was 'Machine Head', followed by 'Burn'. That 'Made In Japan' just begs for 4:20... Screw you Ting, posting pics like in that other thread. I'm jealous. Random hair sampling really screws things up round here. Sigh. Priorities, ya know.
  2. That is cheap. C'mon man, we all know you use $100 bills in your walls for insulation!
  3. Hmmm.... https://reverb.com/item/13670664-hamer-newport-pro
  4. Well there ya go fasteddie, sounds right up your alley. Go and catch ya some spinning drop-kicks... Who knows, you might even get a pic or two out of the deal.
  5. The pedal steel effect at 5:15 was beautiful! All around awesome playing, real talent.
  6. Forget the bridge and pups, the fret markers are off center.
  7. Congrats! Waiting sucks. "NAD"(s). 😂
  8. You should see Yngwie Malmsteen. The relentless barrages of 64th notes, and drop-spin-kicks of pics into the audience will bore the hell out of you. Saw him with G3 almost 20 years ago, and I've never been prouder to see a time slot end. With the possible exception of a 25+ minute jam-band version of 'I'm your Captain' by Mark Farner in 2000. God that was excruciating.
  9. Are those made in Nantucket?
  10. Unobtainium in the fact that only rich collectors can afford them, not players
  11. Very nice, congrats! I love koa. Correct me if I’m wrong... those are not 24.75” scale(?).
  12. Because it wouldn't get you to the parties and gigs.
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