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    '95 P90 Special, '95 FM Special, '96 Archtop (Studio) Custom, '01 Artist Quilt Custom, '04 Korina Junior, '04/'05 Korina HB Special Custom, '96 Eclipse, and a '96 KORINA Eclipse!
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    Mostly homebrews, various Marshalls, Carvin, Fender, Roland BluesCube
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  1. I'm NOT an expert, and I've never stayed at a Holiday Inn Express... the thought occurred to me that taping off the exposed area and subjecting it to UV *might* help blend it(?). Anyone ever tried anything like that, or maybe there is an easier/better way.
  2. Ed, I love those too. Sooo rock n roll! I still own a '61 Fender Concert that the original owner had tuck/rolled in metal flake blue. Its the first amp I owned, as a 12 year old. A kid at school knew I wanted an amp and told me his uncle had one for sale. $50! Got my dad to take me over there, and I was counting the ones and quarters from my little cash box, sure that I could cover it. I got to $46 and there was precious little change left, his wife stopped me and said "that's good". I will have to try to take the covering off without damaging so I can go through it and replace E caps, and whatever else it needs. Definitely needs a 3 conductor cord/plug... I got tingled on that thing so many times! I've seen them in pics of Tommy Bolin's backline too, although I don't know if he was the one using them. I thought the Kustoms could be had in tubes, but the solid state was definitely prevalent to the best of my knowledge. Of course, I could be wrong. ETA: The 'uncle' also had a guitar for sale... $25. I didn't even ask to see it because a) I was broke, and b) I already had a guitar... a cheap $35 Kingston/Teisco/Audition/whatever (no name on it), that my parents had bought me for Christmas after incessant begging. Second hand, too. Anyway, it still haunts me to this day what the 'uncle's' guitar was... Probably a '62 Strat or something. 😂
  3. Hey if it’s good enough for Paul Gilbert, how can I judge? Seriously, after I saw this video I started checking out some songs off this album, and they are rocking! I was a kid when it came out and I remember hearing ‘Crazy Horses’ and Lazy River’ on AM radio, but wasn’t paying much attention. This guy is spot on.
  4. Agreed. And while the pointy type choice doesn't fit the music style, the Jackson design fits her tapping style.
  5. What a messed up, painful way to go. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/kansas-violinist-frontman-robby-steinhardt-165510449.html
  6. Uh... Your title said "guitars". Ok, I went back and reread before posting, and did see 'Hamer' mentioned once. So I'll take an Electraglide.
  7. Four I don't have. 😂 Seriously, 1) 61 SG 2) Korina Vector 3) Korina Junior 4) Studio All of these, I have (but the SG is a 96 RI).
  8. And on the back side put 'Embrace the Clam'. 😂
  9. Hopefully one of those 'turned loose' pythons doesn't find the pool in your back yard.
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