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  1. This is the best course for dealing with GC, makes it super easy to reject, cancel, and refund. But only makes sense if you have decent access to a GC.
  2. I know, right? Those Monkees were something else back in the day!!
  3. DaveH

    Wilkinson wrap tail ?

    The Wilky's are decent.
  4. Nice! I've always had a soft spot for SG's... I have four myself.
  5. DaveH

    Amp Buzzing

    Those electrolytic caps have a shelf life of 10-12 years, after which they will have drifted and are no longer of the advertised value. They can be 'reformed' in a controlled manner, but just turning the amp on and using it can reform them too, but in an uncontrolled manner. Looks like the one cap didn't take to the reforming too well... I'd replace all three with new if'n it were mine. Not necessary, but I'm a little over the top with a lot of things. Next time do it yourself and save some money. Just be sure to discharge the caps to ground first.
  6. DaveH

    Guitar skills implants

    Is Nigel an option? 🤣
  7. When I first saw the thread title, I thought it was going to be a Steve Haynie post. 😂 I love Glenn's stuff, awesome vocalist! JB's a monster too.
  8. DaveH

    NHC: NGD Dean USA V 1000

    Awesome, congrats! I like the beefy Dean necks!
  9. I promise, your kids are gonna love it...
  10. This one is looking a lot like Hugo was in '89. Thoughts and prayers for everyone in the path, Godspeed!
  11. DaveH


    I agree. I guess in 1986 it wasn't quite so vintage, but still...
  12. DaveH

    Do these 2 things look the same to you?

    I'd say it was there prior to shipping... you did a good job of duplicating his photo Imo. About the Epiphone... Hey, we've all done it at one time or another! 🤣
  13. DaveH

    The Beasts

    That's an odd number. You need another Ione to even it out at 12... Or maybe 2 more for a player's dozen!