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  1. πŸ˜‚ I saw the title and immediately assumed Billy Gibbons had some signature strings out.
  2. That is what really caught my eye about the Martin SC. That, and the neck heel/cutaway. Really, I had no clue about the Taylors.
  3. Shows how much I know... I didn't even know Taylors were bolt-on. 😐 I've got two Martins, a D15 and a GCxxxxx. I like the sounds of some of the design changes with this SC. Almost as much access as an electric.
  4. My biggest win for 2019: I didn't buy anything. My biggest fail for 2019: I didn't buy anything.
  5. Found another video that’s interesting:
  6. Anyone tried these? They look awesome!
  7. I don't know that I'd exactly call it "dumb... More like succumbing, maybe, but it feels sooo good! Ok, it's dumb. So are a lot of other things.
  8. Wow. The bastards are crafty... I HATE damn thieves. Glad it worked out for you.
  9. Hearing issues, tinnitus, etc do suck. We've had to take mandatory annual audiograms where I work at. Now I wear hearing aids and can opt out of that since I regularly visit an audiologist. While you can't fix hearing loss, you can make things a lot better... Hearing aids are life changing.
  10. The throat singing is cool... different for sure. They have a lot of videos up, and I'm glad I don't understand Mongolian because the lyrics are all in the same vein and get old quickly. The 'Shug Shug' video has a cool groove.
  11. As others have stated, the nut slots are crucial. I use the old strings to smooth out the slots, seems to work pretty well. Grab an end of the string in each hand and pull it taught, and use air like a file in a back and forth motion through the slot. Just don't go overboard with it. Using a #2 pencil to draw in the slot helps lube it and works good. Next look at your saddles... Make sure there are no sharp edges to catch on were the strings pass over. You could try the string/file trick on it, but the point end of a micro size rattail file works well if you find an issue. And of course the condition of the tuners is important. I try to use a minimal length of string to wrap around the posts... like 3 to 5 wraps, in single file (not crossing over. I read an interview with BB King once and he was saying he used almost all of the string to wrap on the tuner. To the point it was a big glob on the post. I guess it worked for him, but I'm not going to do it. Anyway, these are methods I've used with success. Other than that, the guitar's structure can affect things. I have a mid/late 70's SG Deluxe that goes flat if you simply rotate it to face the ground. That guitar feels and play sooo good, but you're constantly tweaking with the tuning and it drives me nuts.
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