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  1. Do two half stacks being driven thru a stereo chorus count? Talk about moving some air! Believe me, the goose bumps will come. Oh yes, they will come. Screaming deal on that cab too!
  2. Sonuvabitch! All these decades I thought that this was a 'The Godz' original! Awesome, but I gotta say I still like The Godz version better.
  3. I have to admit, at the first look of the first two pics, I did think it was a Heritage.
  4. I WAY more need to sell stuff, a lot of stuff, than to buy more. However, I have been lusting lately after a Fender Jaguar... probably a Player series. Never owned a Fender guitar, and never played a 24" scale.
  5. Hear me now and believe me later [quote]... STOP now! 😂
  6. For some, it's sort of the same thing as with firearms... It's not so much the actual piece, it's the ACQUISITION!
  7. This is one of my favs... Jackyl, in response to the 911 attacks:
  8. I'm digging this one! https://davesguitar.com/products/gibson/57-reissue-futura-10/
  9. I just wanna know, is it properly centered? 😂 I'm no expert (and I did not watch the vid OR stay in a HI Express last night), but I'm betting if you do notice an improvement that it would be oh so slight in nature... Meaning indiscernible to any one feature difference versus a normal claw.
  10. Black Star makes some great sounding amps. I love the ISF control... Its one of the most versatile controls I've ever seen on an amp. GLWS
  11. Yeah, I wouldn't send it back either. My luck would be to trade off a small chip for having my guitar gored by a fork truck.
  12. I must have missed that. Hard to believe that him being a 'business' man, and as active as he was on here years ago, that he would try to pull something. Guess you never know about some people.
  13. I see that you are one of those 'grunge' players...
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