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    '95 P90 Special, '95 FM Special, '96 Archtop (Studio) Custom, '01 Artist Quilt Custom, '04 Korina Junior, '04/'05 Korina HB Special Custom, '96 Eclipse, and a '96 KORINA Eclipse!
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  1. DaveH

    Switching to Mac?

    You will fall in love with the trackpad! PC's seem so cumbersome in comparisons, and you will not miss having a mouse once you get a feel for the TP. Going to be a great system, congrats!
  2. The neck... is it a fat profile, or pencil-thin?
  3. DaveH

    Switching to Mac?

    Partook a bit too much, eh? 😀 Hey man, it’s called the “Ask the HFC Experts”... range of topics = pretty much anything someone needs help or advice with.
  4. DaveH

    What's the Hamer of... snow blowers

    If'n this were my situation, I'd be happy to have the ole Toro back to kicking ass (in front of a 17 year old), and MY ass would be on the couch with a toddy!
  5. I used to listen to them quite a bit back in the day. Saw them open for Judas Priest in 1981, and then again years later.
  6. This one is an odd ball, but if you can find a Paia Hyperflange/Chorus, it is an awesome effect. Only problem is, it was a kit from the early/mid 80's, and its rack mount only. It was based on the SAD1024 chip which is obsolete, but they sounded awesome.
  7. DaveH

    K.K. Downing Auction

    Thanks for that, he said... nearly 6 hours and many videos of theirs later. 🤣
  8. DaveH

    What's Spinnin' ..

    Lynch / Pinnick good to see the J Frogg out again
  9. DaveH

    Impending NGD-Hamer Content

    Yep, ya gotta have options for church! 🤣
  10. You made me think of this: 🤣 This fire sucks (all do)... Seems to be more people dying in this one than most. In 1982 I lost everything but the clothes on my back and my guitar and amp that my girlfriend ran back in to save. Bless her heart, but not a good move. She could have lost everything and I would have had to live with it. My heart goes out to all those who have been affected.
  11. This is the best course for dealing with GC, makes it super easy to reject, cancel, and refund. But only makes sense if you have decent access to a GC.
  12. I know, right? Those Monkees were something else back in the day!!
  13. DaveH

    Wilkinson wrap tail ?

    The Wilky's are decent.