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    '95 P90 Special, '95 FM Special, '96 Archtop (Studio) Custom, '01 Artist Quilt Custom, '04 Korina Junior, '04/'05 Korina HB Special Custom, '96 Eclipse, and a '96 KORINA Eclipse!
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    Mostly homebrews, various Marshalls, Carvin, Fender, Roland BluesCube
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  1. You know what "restoration" means in French? Don't fuck with it.
  2. I've got all DeWalt 20V stuff, and love it. They hold up great for homeowners, hobbyists, etc. That said, all the contractors we have at work swear by the Milwaukee stuff... far less failures in the field getting beat up under harsh conditions.
  3. Ed is dead. But while alive, he was surely a legend in his own mind.
  4. And tits beats rock paper scissors!
  5. Headstock looks like a Fender Starcaster to me... 25.5"? Nice guitar! Congrats! ETA: Pic.
  6. I've never built a kit, always built mine from scratch using just a schematic. That said, a lot of people have built MoJo's kits and seem very happy with the end results. It would definitely be a great diversion for him, and I'm sure quite satisfying in the end. The 18W circuit is rude and spits nails. It inspires you to play better... Much more useable imo than the 5F1 (or whichever Champ they're offering), but simpler set up than an amp that uses neg. bias voltage. I say do it.
  7. There is nothing worse than a drunk ass woman.
  8. I saw them on their Abominog tour. Nashville, opened for Judas Priest.
  9. Embrace it. It's old and showing signs of it... I actually like honest aging and wear on a guitar, whether its nitro cracking or discoloration. We all have more wrinkles and changing center of gravities than we did when we were young and fresh, the only difference is that it's cool on guitars. 🙂
  10. WTF, you mean that wasn't real???
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