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  1. My opinion is that ANY Stratocaster you can trade for a Hamer is a good trade! Disclaimer: I'm a humbucker guy, and as much as I tried, I can't get along with the volume control on a strat... It gets in my way no matter how hard I try.
  2. Nice Scarab! I'd love to find an example like that... Congrats!
  3. Was he a member here? RIP
  4. He's got chops for sure. How could he not, tho, being coached all his life by EVH.
  5. Some of the reviews are mentioning super strats. Decent price.
  6. Tell her she got lucky, being married to a rock star! 😂 Mad skills, dude.
  7. Do it. If you can find a USA Hamer these days for under $1k, you need to at least consider it.
  8. And a third "this". There is no better straight edge than the strings, you can easily get it perfect.
  9. Everything seems to have been said, except... Bring lots of midrange!
  10. Don't forget the 60-ish year olds. She was definitely a hottie, and aged well too. RIP.
  11. Awesome write-up as usual, Steve, thanks... Hopefully it doesn't get crapped on. And awesome set list! Where is the next show you are seeing him?
  12. These guys aren't getting any younger... Dusty sure left us suddenly, and there have been MANY others in recent years. See them while you can.
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