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  1. That's a good one! I always liked this one too:
  2. I went to see them, but they never showed... Seems they got lost and couldn't find the stage.
  3. "I saw [Grateful Dead] 26 times on LSD — it was the greatest band I ever saw. But I saw them straight, and it was the worst fucking band I ever heard in my life." 😂🤣😂
  4. That is badass! I bet it would have Lynch drooling!
  5. You didn't like Jimmy Crespo? I thought he did good, and I like the music from that era of Aerosmith.
  6. No, you are probably right... Razamanaz is a studio album
  7. Totally understand, I was the same way. It all started 15 years ago when I had to get a CPAP. That was a hard pill to swallow, at first.
  8. I understand the feeling, but the new HA's are pretty awesome. The streaming for music and phone calls is handy as heck, and sounds really good too. Not to mention conversations don't leave me mentally exhausted form straining to hear anymore... I love mine.
  9. I had a pair on my guitar in the late 70's, that was in the mid-west.
  10. Happened to see this and reminded me it had been a while. Incoming @Ted Martin
  11. Hope there is a better turn out on this than my truck parts that Fedex delivered to someone else's house a couple weeks ago. Fedex SUCKS!
  12. Ignorance is bliss, for sure. At least until something breaks/blows/smokes. You were lucky, no doubt about it. On the opposite end, a guy can drive himself crazy if he gets too anal.
  13. bet that one is a blast to wail on!
  14. Would something like this work? Knobs ETA: May be too 'present', with the shine
  15. I was expecting Blackstar, or something. @cmatthes nailed it.
  16. An entertaining article about the history of the song Louie Louie
  17. I bet Mark does too! TONE machine!
  18. This might come in handy, if it is indeed a U45.
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