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  1. P&G is a FINE ass album! One of my favorite solos is from No More Tears tho. I totally get the "parody" thing, but I still love some of the riffage on his newer stuff... I can't help being a sucker for a heavy riff... 'Fields Of Unforgiveness' immediately comes to mind.
  2. At 94, anything is a potential killer. Still sucks tho.
  3. LA Kouvaris? Damn that sucks, I hadn't heard about him passing. Found this: https://www.metal-archives.com/artists/Louie_Kouvaris/15259 Fuck.
  4. That is exactly one that I was referring to.
  5. 😂 Sorry man, I didn't mean to take anything Nuge away from you. That said, your collection is missing his best stuff.
  6. And he's so damn good at it. If you don't like his playing, that's fine... To each his own. I can only think of a couple reasons anyone would hate the Nuge, however.
  7. Man, that is sweet! Wish I was in a position to nab it... GLWS.
  8. Reverence. This is a great metal album... The singer is also involved with Riot V (formerly Riot), and is actually on the Voice with Team Blake right now. He reminds me a lot of the singer in Queensryche.
  9. I've heard that song! Unfortunately I can't recall the name or artist... sorry.
  10. I've been to the Bee3 show in Spartanburg every year for the past 25-ish years, until they moved it to NC in 2018. The shows were really good in the 90's-2000's, but the climate changed for the worse a little bit each year in my opinion... Not nearly as many deals, fewer parts, and less vintage stuff that you would consider buying. Also used to be tons of books and things, that vendor stopped coming to that show about 5 years earlier. It was still a good opportunity for a fun short trip with a couple buds until they were forced out of the venue and moved it.
  11. Exactly! Don't think that didn't come to mind!😂
  12. 😂 I saw the title and immediately assumed Billy Gibbons had some signature strings out.
  13. That is what really caught my eye about the Martin SC. That, and the neck heel/cutaway. Really, I had no clue about the Taylors.
  14. Shows how much I know... I didn't even know Taylors were bolt-on. 😐 I've got two Martins, a D15 and a GCxxxxx. I like the sounds of some of the design changes with this SC. Almost as much access as an electric.
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