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  1. On 11/25/2022 at 9:38 PM, The Shark said:

    Actually, no.  There really is a tangible asset here.  It does exist.  But it is like owning a piece of the statue in your local municipal park of some historical figure.  Nobody's going to find owning a share of it worth anything, if it's never really for sale.  P.T. Barnum would be proud. 

    Hell, I'm willing to sell ownership in anything I own.  I'm just not willing to sell the actual asset.   

    A little bit like the assholes selling Realestate lots on the moon... Remember that?

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  2. Rooster is an awesome cut! I've always been a 70's hard rock/80's metal guy, and I hated most 90's music. I consider AIC more hard rock versus grunge... I mean, Jerry actually plays with more than two fingers, and is a hell of a player. Other than a handful of 90's songs, the rest of it is junk IMO. A big exception is AIC and Soundgarden. Love that stuff!

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  3. On 10/4/2022 at 12:30 PM, polara said:

    Anyone else dig these? 

    Yes. I have a '96 or '97 Starfire II burst which is awesome. For some reason, the first lick that comes out of it whenever I pick it up is Stranglehold, or Cat Scratch. They had a Bluebird of the same year (both were on consignment) which I wanted to grab too, but it was gone before I could recover from the Starfire. Congrats!

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