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  1. JohnnyThunders

    What's Spinnin' ..

    Really like these guys from Greece catch them at one of these stops
  2. JohnnyThunders

    You're My Personal Nancy Spungen

    Yeah love it!
  3. Here is a description if the neck carve I got from previous owner The neck carve is hard to describe. It's a bit like a Hamer modern carve with a bit more shoulder, if you know what I mean. Comfier than my Studio but not a vintage carve by any means.
  4. https://imgur.com/gallery/Zx5dl more pics
  5. Just picked this from a fellow HFC member. Its a 1983, first I’ve ever had, usually 1980,1981 and the two I have are 1982’s. Looking for a player and this fit the bill but the issue is the neck is too big for me. I’m not giant huge but just enough to throw me off, I tried measuring with calipers which is difficult but got aroun 890 at 12 fret where my 1982 are around 860. It’s throwing me off so got to go and think I’m done buying guitar I’m just so use to my two nothing else feels right. Sorry can’t compare it too other types of guitars because this is all I’ve played for like forever. Condition is player, has dings here and there but no structural issues that I can see. Electronics all work, pickups are good. Needs strings but with my arthritis it’s too tough to do. I’m not that well versed to say if the frets are original but they are about the same height as my other guitars. Offering it with th check board case, not sure who made it picked it off eBay Year’s ago, all the latch work accept the combo which looks like someone locked it and forced it open. Sold Working on getting more pics loaded but I need a new photo hosting site.
  6. I remember pics of that one getting fixed on here along time ago. Beat just like I like them.
  7. Got it and it sounded like horrible, ordered new tubes and put in the preamp tubes and sounds great, need to put the new power tubes in n and bias. 50 watts to el34 and 6 12ax7. Has two channels with two effect loops. Has half power switch, vintage and modern switch, boost for each channel. Has a clean channel and a distortion n channel, like 70 hard rock, not fizzy. It’s all hand wired and got it for $625. His amps are like $3000 for a new one.
  8. JohnnyThunders

    What's Spinnin' ..

    Like these guy cross between Hendrix..Trower.. Gallagher on a lot of weed, I mean a lot.
  9. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1997-Hamer-Korina-Vector-Limited-Edition-29-of-72-58-Style-Flying-V/112645469817?hash=item1a3a317679:g:qFQAAOSwVqlaEGJV https://www.ebay.com/itm/Hamer-USA-Standard-Custom-59-Burst-USED-118/322836120989?hash=item4b2a88459d:g:E3kAAOSwAHBZ57G0
  10. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Used-1981-Hamer-Standard-Electric-Guitar-Refin-Sunburst/401438520614?hash=item5d7799b526:g:3xYAAOSwk-1aA2Wk
  11. JohnnyThunders

    Pedals - Neverendingrabbitthole

    My first setup was early 70s with a big muff into a traynor yba-1 with a les paul jr. thats the only pedal i ever used. Then i quit and sold everything to pay the divorce lawyer in 1986. Started up again around 2000 and just used amps straight in. Finally after couple years i got the pedal bug and went over to that other site and read everything out there got into d*a*m pedals from england talked to the captain and for my matamp he suggested s red rooster treble booster and a meathead fuzz.they were perfect. Tried a couple other treble boosters and even an orginal 70’s. Big muff. Not as good. Sold off everthing again when mom got sick but the red rooster wish i would have kept the meathead. I need a good matamp flavored stooner pedal so again did a bunch of research and the dunwich da 120 looks like the one, ordered s custom ones dince they sold out. Only other thing i want is a delay/reverb and thats it, minimal pedals. The amount if pedal manufacturer is unbelievable