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    Movies, Formula 1 and FIA, Golf playing and building golf clubs. Muscially 1970's....MC5, Iggy Pop, Dicatators, New York Dolls, Ramones, Sex Pistols, Pere Ubu, Dead Boys, Devo, Pagans, MotorHead, Tangerine Dream, GBH, Dammed, Black Flag, X, Dead Kennedys and of course the one and only Johnny Thunders may he rest with a buzz on.

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  1. Really like these guys from Greece catch them at one of these stops
  2. Like these guy cross between Hendrix..Trower.. Gallagher on a lot of weed, I mean a lot.
  3. I left ohio in 1970, my family wanted me to go to college , we couldn’t afford it so in California college was free just books so we sold or house and left ohio for Chino California were the Priwon were Timothy Leary and the mason Girls were held.. We lived across the street from the prison in a mobile home next to corn fields. We left in 1972 when my dad was killed in a motorcycle accident, we came back to ohio and the first concert I went to th fist week I was back was Rory Gallagher opening for Robin Trower at the old Clevland Agora, liked then both but wow Rory was just some kind of freaking blues punk, I saw hm after that every year until he died. my favorite “punk” blues guy. Cranked this up tonight because I had the blues, dad, mom and Rory all gone but not fror gotten. RIP. But kick ass.
  4. Little mellow tonight so going with one of favorite mellow albums Peter Green.
  5. Tonight it’s some fine aged in a non-Bph plastic bottle merlot and spinning at the workbench as I build up a new set of irons, Greece’s finest......
  6. Somehow I always follow it with the soundtrack from Bladerunner.
  7. This is my favorite Tangerine Dream album, I’ve been playing it a lot the last month.
  8. On ebay, if anyone on her wants PM or email me. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1982-Hamer-Special-with-single-pickup-/171670939784?
  9. yeah, i know wrong time of year, in no hurry, just wanted to get it out there, dont need really anything. Im also open to the 6 month same as cash with 25% down if some one wants to do that. I sold a couple guitars like that.
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