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  1. Boca Raton Police Department homepage. http://www.ci.boca-raton.fl.us/police/PDWeb/index.html Under FAQ's, click on Fraud Investigator and send them an email. Good luck!
  2. In another post on TGP he said his email address was jameshenderson@bellsouth.net This chump is in Florida, if I had to guess. (I don't think they serve California) You may be able to chase him down through the bellsouth site, or (if he really is a Mesa Boogie dealer) maybe they will help you out. Arc Music of Boca is a registered Mesa dealer in Boca Raton, has a 561-prefix phone number, and has a bellsouth.net email address. I'll keep looking https://www.arcmusicofboca.com/Contact_Us.html Another little tidbit: That phone number is listed as a MetroPCS cellphone in Boca Raton Florida. Now
  3. The phone number is registered as wireless and based in Boca Raton, Florida. You can do a reverse number lookup at http://www.switchboard.com to see for yourself. Unfortunately, wireless numbers aren't published and you'd have to pay to find out who it is. You might try the police in Boca Raton, or the Sheriff's department for Palm Beach County. I'm not sure how much luck you'll have because there's a lot of criminal activity that hides down there. I've had to deal with some of it myself. I'll see what else I can track down via internet.
  4. There's someone in Canada building their retirement portfolio with Hamer shredders.
  5. Just tried powertabs for the first time. Very cool! The player is a little weak, but maybe if I adjust some settings I can make it sound better. Tabs seem pretty accurate and you can do a lot with it.
  6. http://www.myspace.com/thundernotes My band's myspace is in the sig line below.
  7. Congratulations Nick and Mrs. Nick! A happy day for all!
  8. There's a new screen name for somebody: "OFFICIANDO"
  9. I don't see the flaws in the listing, but I'm no expert on these things. Is the S/N not from the Connecticut era? I know he's WAY overpriced for an opening bid. The only red flag for me is that email thing in his listing: <h2 style="margin: 0in 0in 0pt;">EMAIL ME DIRECTLY at ahd10@yahoo.com I love answering questions…Please for security reasons and because I cannot be sure you will get your question answered due to most ebay generated emails do not get past the junk mail / spam guard</h2> Now that's a bunch of BS! For security reasons, you should NEVER email outside of the e
  10. Keep Fishin' - Weezer ...but earlier today, if you can believe it....... "Gentle on My Mind" by Glen Campbell.
  11. I kind of like the openings on the Gibson Johnny A. model. I think they're called "A-holes"
  12. Nice goin' guys! Way to be all "clicky" and stuff! Gee Eagledude, we hardly knew ya! 5 posts - 3 about how you can't post pictures and you're done. Wow. We've had trolls that stuck around longer; at least until the Troll-Patrol clique ganged up and ran them out of Dodge. It's not a pretty sight. Actually, the problem with your presumption of our aloof nature is that all of the elitist leadership is on vacation right now. Being a cold-hearted bastard takes energy and every so often, you gotta' recharge the batteries. The rest of us lemmings don't know whether to say "welcome" or just p
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