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  1. Yeah, it looks to long, at least that angle. Tuner placement and end of HS is too large. With my inebriated eyes anyway.
  2. Ok. Overtightening with a fragile finish. Lol. I’ve seen it on other makes over the years, thin and thick finishes, even cracked headstocks. A lot happen when changing tuners, too. Even loosening.
  3. Very nice. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Cool. Hopefully they’ll get it taken care of quickly.
  5. Was the PP account the same as he listed on Reverb or did you send to a different account that wasn’t listed through the sale ad? That could screw you if you just directed money to an account not listed in the ad. I hope not! Hopefully PP will cover if it’s fraudulent. Or Reverb.
  6. I’ll be the one to say... only buy off the HFC! good luck!
  7. When was it ‘supposed’ to be delivered? Any chance at all it’s on it’s way?!? So sorry. Just saw the timeline!
  8. No brainer if you’re in the area! Great amps. Handles pedals well. But I’m a bass player. edit to ad: I bought one for my son off this board years ago. He didn’t like it. But, it’s still being used with an old band mate. That’s a fantastic price with cover and switch.
  9. One of my favorites over the years. Question to myself: Am I wrong thinking binding woulda messed up the looks and vibe? Pretty much a perfect rock n anything machine....
  10. I’ve met Tommy E. a couple times. Great guy. Very humble... (not dumble).
  11. Wish I could... I’ve lived vicariously throughout the years.
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