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    Natural Sunburst 0069 '77, Standard 0117 '78, Sunburst 0105 '78, Prototype I '81, 3 T-51 in different versions, T-62, Archtop Artist '96, Newport Pro '99, Newport Korina '02, Monaco III '05, Studio Custom Redwood #19 '06
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    Rivera Clubster 45, Valvetech 2X12 Valvetech Hayseed, Microcube
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    total overkill.

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    Raising my three daughters - done !
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  1. belgian

    Newport Pups

  2. Vox ac30 -happens I have a Valvetech Hayseed - AC30 1964 clone.
  3. belgian

    List all the Hamer models you have owned

    I have a bunch of Newports. 5 of those.
  4. belgian

    How did you get to the HFC?

    My profile says I joined December 31th 1969. I don’t remember anything from that day...
  5. belgian

    How'd you get into Hamer?

    1999.. I was looking to buy a ES335. Went to a local music store - tried several. None were satisfying, but they had a 96 Artist on the wall - tried that one and it felt like it was made for me. Bought it for a discounted price because they had it for several years and it showed some hameritis. Never heard of Hamer as a brand before. Wrote a letter to the factory to ask for some more info and got a extensive reply with catalogs. They also asked if I knew something about distributers over here. I brought them in contact with a guy in Belgium who effectively started distributing them over here.
  6. And some more €. Where were the times when the Dollar was 1.60 to the Euro and customs didn’t cared. I had at least 2 guitars shipped from the States with no custom fees. They didn’t had a clue that a Hamer was worth anything.
  7. belgian

    Is this Sunburst legit?

    Great score - you have the wood almost for free.
  8. belgian

    Black Dub

    It’s Chris not Keith. Born and raised in Belgium.
  9. Love Skylark - in fact looking forward to hang there in a couple of weeks.
  10. belgian


  11. Wondering how many Filtertrons and 90's were build.