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  1. Been digging the Origin Effects stuff lately.
  2. Yep, Called the Slide Rig I have one and it's the best compressor I've ever used. The ability to run two comps in series is more useful than you might initially think. Mine is almost always on.
  3. Come close to getting an SP6 a couple times, but the one that got away was a candy apple red RB6 with P90s, that thing was fantastic. Shoulda gabbed it when I had the chance. Congrats!
  4. Had that same guitar with P90s. Should never have let that one go.
  5. I use a compressor a lot. Used and still have a Keely two knob for years. Have an MXR and a few others. They all seem to have their own sound. Eventually I bit the bullet and got a Origin effects Slide Rig. Dual stage compressor that is very transparent and hugely useful. Spendy, but by far my favorite. Slide Rig Still like a heavy handed MXR sometimes to get "that" sound, but mostly like the transparency of the Slidrig.
  6. JES1680


    Went through this last year. Stopped at a bed chain store and left fairly shocked at the ~$10k price. We had purchased a Tuft and Needle for our guest room and everyone loves it. I ended up with two Tuft and Needle Mint matressess and two of these bases off Amazon which got very good reviews. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0794Y5W7H/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Not cheap, but about half the price of what the local chains were quoting. We love it. Comfortable and the bases are very well made.
  7. That was cool, thanks for sharing. Big fan of Cousin Kenny.
  8. Congrats, I just picked this one up recently. Thing has to be ~7lbs lightest ASAT I've ever held. Awesome guitar.
  9. Much of it depends on the guitar. In MN I run a stand alone humidifier in the winter and can keep it between 40-50%. I have a dehumidifier in the summer to keep it between 50-60%. Some guitars it affects more, I have a Tele that I'm adjusting the neck 3-4 times a year. A couple others that require twice a year, and some (mostly Gibsons) that never require an adjustment.
  10. Love these old archtops. I have a 1940 L30 great lo-fi sound and not too loud.
  11. I think Viv is a very underrated guitarist. Saw him on the Last In Line tour and was amazed. As for Ozzie, I always kind of listened to him to hear his guitar players the guy could pick em... His voice meh
  12. Late 70s Peavey Backstage 30. On the plus side there was no overdrive channel but for a kid into Kiss this pristine clean country amp did not impress. But hey Mom and Dad bought it for my birthday so who am I to complain. A Boss super overdirve helped until I saved up to buy a Peavey Special 130 which compared to the backstage sounded awesome. That's how bad the backstage was. ugggg.
  13. Great Score! These are nice, I ended up putting a G12H30 in mine. Some of the models can be very aggressive, and they all really shine at live volumes. If you get a chance try an EDT, and BTR. These are my favorites of his, course the JRT is really nice too. I don't think I will ever sell my RSA.
  14. Lollar Imperial Low winds. Barrning that a set of T-tops, but I don't know what those are going for nowdays.
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