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  1. Carmie and I will be at 4321 for the weekend!!! Will there be other out-of-town visitors???
  2. We are planning to come out to 4321 for the October 20 event! Finally we don't have some conflict on the day of the gathering. I'm really looking forward to catching up with our Minneapolis friends. Bruce, thanks for hosting a 4321 event again. We have missed too many recently and hope this will break that bad pattern.
  3. Bruce, Carmie and I would love to celebrate at the 4321 club with you. Unfortunately, (again!!!!) we are going to be on our first road trip in ages on that weekend and we have our niece's wedding on the following one (June 23rd). Personally, I'd rather be at your party than the wedding, but I don't think Carmie's family would approve... If you end up choosing the weekend of the 29th, we would love to be there, but obviously you have to do what works for you and everyone else. Happy Anniversary!!! George
  4. I'm glad the 4321 Jam was a success as always!!! We will make it to one of the next events!
  5. Carmie and I are so sorry to miss another gathering. We hope you guys have a fantastic time, as usual!!!
  6. gfc55


  7. gfc55

    Introducing Shishkov Guitars, USA

    I was thinking the same thing! That was a Hamer I never ordered and wished I had. Maybe I should try a quote... Hmmm!
  8. Thanks for sharing your beautiful Standard. The Hamer builders created great instruments right to the end.
  9. Shall I reserve your suite? Rooms are going fast folks! Yes, please!!! We love the hospitality of the 4321 Club and its most excellent host Bruce!
  10. Carmie and I are overdue for a trip to 4321. That weekend is open and it would be great to visit again! "Celebrities" ready to travel!!!
  11. gfc55


    I got my copy from Amazon yesterday. The book looks great, and what I've read so far is really well done. It made me realize that so many people from the early years of Hamer Guitars are people that I met during the late 70's when I was exploring the cool music stores in the near-North Chicago suburbs. The funny reminder was that Paul Hamer's wife, Sis, was the person who cut my hair years ago. I recall her talking about her husband's new guitar company in Palatine! I didn't even remember that detail until I read the book! Steve, I have some cool Hamer basses for your follow up book!
  12. I'd love to join this Jam, but going further North during the coldest days of Winter isn't going to happen.
  13. gfc55

    Brooks in accident

    Take care and feel better soon, Brooks. I'm just about to go out for a ride right now, so I feel your pain. Cars are a real challenge to motorcycles out there!
  14. Carmie (ctrixie) and I are IN!!! Awesome!
  15. gfc55

    Attention HFC'ers!

    Blocking out those dates now....